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  1. My X-Pro2 isn't giving me the option to switch between Jpeg to RAW/Jpeg, within 'image quality' I'm just given 'Normal' and 'Fine'. Can anyone help? thanks :)
  2. Hi all, I'm new both to the Fuji X cameras (but not Fuji film/chrome!) and after 2 days of reading, setting up, and doing field tests, am at the point of managing & viewing image files. I have hit 3 roadblocks which I don't see directly addressed via online search or forum search (so far, anyway). Any advice/suggestions appreciated, and I know full well everyone's work flow, software/hardware, and personal context vary widely. Apologies for greedily asking 3 questions, hoping one or more yields something useful for my situation. Thank you in advance. #1 - Exif/file info with reference to
  3. Hello dear fellow Fuji-x community, I'm a happy X-pro2 user, that's no doubt. Unfortunately I would like to refer a problem I have with capture one. After about 2 months of shared mailed with the customer service of C1, it appears that the raw files lens distortions of the X-pro2 can't be corrected for now. I also have to state that in the meantime they released 2 updates (9.1.2 and 9.2). Until now they stated that the problem was more complicated than expected and requested my patience. Somebody has the same problem I have ? to be honest I doubt it's a difficult problem to solve, and I begi
  4. I for one hope Fuji keeps improving their video quality. This got me thinking, canon has the popular hack of Magic Lantern which enables full 14bit raw recording (albeit at lower realities and for limited time). However Fuji raw files are massive, but their jpegs rule. I wonder if Fuji has considered implemented a similar approach (ie 1080p jpegs at 24fps, or higher resolution and frame rates). And then maybe a incamera to stitch them together for people who want it right then. This is probably very niche, but Fuji doesn't have any video line to protect like most of the other comp
  5. A couple of days ago, Adobe released Lightroom Mobile for IOS 2.4. Big new feature is a technology preview that allows for importing, organizing, reviewing and editing of RAW-images, including RAF from the Fuji-cameras. And the really great feature is that all the photos you add to lightroom mobile will be uploaded to Creative Cloud and automatically added to your "Lightroom Desktop". I think this can be the start of a very efficient workflow when travelling light. What do you think? If anyone is interested in more details, I've written a short post about my experience so far.
  6. Hi All, I spent the last couple weeks throwing tough files (Fuji X-Trans 24MP, Sony 42MP) at the Luminar Jupiter update that was officially released yesterday (12 April) Skylum gave me an advance copy to do the testing so I wrote a review of this new release of Luminar, which I just posted on my blog and was also picked up by PetaPixel. I did my testing on an averagely equipped laptop and a fast desktop, both Macs. I have been hearing that Windows users aren't seeing speed increases as dramatic as on Mac platform. In case you saw Skylum's charts in their marketing, they make it look faster t
  7. Hello, My RAW files are not being recognized in Lightroom Classic - I've updated it to the latest version but only the jpegs are being recognized. Am I missing something? When I go to import a download (I generally shoot in Acros B/W jpeg + RAW) the RAW files get rejected as not importable? Thank you, Anthony
  8. When shooting fine RAW with simulation set to b/w options the RAW file is in full colour. I want to be able to convert a RAW b/w image via Adobe Raw without converting from colour to greyscale first. Am I missing something here? Am I stuck with just the jpeg in say Acros? Regards, NeilC
  9. I just switched from X-T1 to X-T2 and I'm wondering if the lossless raw captures images in 14 bit. Based on this post, lossless is 12 bit https://alikgriffin.com/uncompressed-vs-lossless-fujifilm-x-t2/ I can't find the official information from Fuji
  10. I was shooting indoors with my Fuji X-T1 and 18-135 lens, no flash. I was bracketing and shooting Raw plus normal jpeg. I took about 300 pictures of a children's play, but when I got home, approximately 1/3 of the raw files were not generated in the middle of the shoot. The jpegs were ok, and the raw files which were on the card were fine. I can't imagine what would have caused this, but I am left with no confidence in the camera. Should it be sent off for repair?
  11. I have discovered a little know programme in these circles that I have been stress testing from the developer before going public for a few weeks. Unfortunately dpr does not have a sense of humour and didn't like the teaser!! https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/58194503 The detail extraction is beyond irident in my opinion. Interested to hear more, stay tuned, I hope you guys are less cynical than many on dpr
  12. Hello Fufi X Forum users, After years of Canon dslr use I've made the switch to Mirrorless and Fuji (X-Pro 2) so like many others I have a sharpish learning curve to tackle. Here's a pretty basic enquiry that I hope someone can help me with to set me on my way : Can anyone tell me whether Fuji has its own proprietary software: 1) for Downloading images from camera to Mac (equivalent to EOS Utility) and 2) for initial processing of RAW files (equvalent to Digital Photo Professional). If not, any pointers / advice on this would be very welcome. Many Thanks
  13. Hi there! I'm new to fuji and this is my first post after reading for some weeks in this forum. My brand new xt2 has arrived and is going to replace my broken pentax k5. I am very interested in mobile raw processing workflows, since iOS 10 and the newest lightroom mobile seemed to make a bis step in the right direction. I was following the tutorial of Elia Locardi on Petapixel, and I think I would be happy with this workflow (and even consider to buy an iPad pro), if it would work! http://petapixel.com/2016/09/01/pro-photographers-raw-workflow-lightroom-mobile/ But there is
  14. Hey guys, after importing the first images to Lightroom (on a Mac running 10.11.2) after the update I noticed a weird behaviour: All RAW images are cropped to 16:9 after import. Changing the crop ratio to "Original" instead of "As Shot" fixes things. It's a small annoyance as it can quickly be fixed for all images but still it is kind of stupid. Has anyone else had that problem? The only thing I could find about it was this post on DPR: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3966021
  15. Hello all, RAW doesn't seem to be an available option on my XT-1 while I'm in using full manual settings ('fine' & 'normal' are the only options avail to me). Here are my camera settings: White Balance: 'Shady' (why isn't there a 'flash' setting??); ISO: L (because I'm doing studio portraiture - working with strobes); Speed: 125; Mode: 'S' (single frame). I'm sure there's something simple I am missing here. Appreciate everyone's sage advice to make me a better photographer!
  16. Hi, New to the forum and new to Fuji! I have recently purchased an XT10 which, after only a couple of outings i am really happy with. It was (and still is) a steep learning curve after shooting Nikon for the last 15 years, but in general really happy with the XT10. One question i do have and i just cannot get my head around is working with RAW files. I am currently running Photoshop CS4 and i have downloaded the Adobe DNG converter. When i go to open a RAF file, they are all greyed out and i just cannot open them. Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone know of a wo
  17. Last Saturday, I took part in a marketing event jointly hosted by a local camera shop and Fujifilm Hong Kong. I had chance to try out X-Pro2 with XF100-400. It seems that RAW offers much more detail than JPG (NR-4). X-Pro2, XF100-400 @ISO 3200, f/5.6, 1/80, 400mm Provia, AWB, NR-4, Sharp+1, Shadow-1 LR 2015.4: Exposure + 1.0, Highlights - 20, Shadows + 20, Whites + 20 No further sharpening in LR. As I'm a newbie here, I'm not allowed to post photos. Comparison shots are available here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fujimike/albums/72157661789327693 Before trying out X-Pro2, I com
  18. Here's a comparison test between two CFA with new Adobe method. Sorry, written in hungarian, but click to pictures bravely And a previous test: old Adobe X-Trans method vs new one.
  19. I have a question that hopefully somebody can answer. When I shoot in the square format, 1:1 I can only shoot raw if I shoot raw + fine, or raw + normal, etc. I cannot shoot square and "only" raw. Is this an oddity of the Fuji XT1 or is it operator error? Any thoughts?
  20. I would like to get to the bottom of the issue with opening RAW files out of Lightroom into Photoshop. Sometimes I get a message saying something like "Unable to use the Camera Raw plug-in. It is not compatible with this version of Photoshop." Sometimes I get no message, and Photoshop opens but loads no image. I'm on a Mac, and I've tried v6.7, 8.8 and 9.3 of the ACR plugin in the folders under /Library/Application support/Adobe/Plug-ins/... Has anyone here had a similar experience, or know of a fix? Ian. --
  21. About a year ago I sold all my Canon gear and bought an X100S. I started off shooting in both RAW and JPG, as was my custom with my Canon. I quickly discovered that the JPGs looked as good or better than the raw files, at least when viewed in Lightroom, so I turned to shooting in JPG exclusively. I never changed any of the JPG settings. Now I have acquired an X-T1 with a 18-55mm and a 14mm. I plan to use both cameras but for different situations. I started off shooting just JPG on the X-T1, as was my new habit , but I found that the images didn't seem as sharp as the ones I am getting from th
  22. One of the frustrating things at the moment with the X-T1 is the Multiple Exposure feature. Great that it has it, but you can only use 2 images, it outputs as JPEG, and there is little control of the blending. It would be a great Kaizen feature for Firmware 5 to have: 1) up to 5 or 7 images (some manufacturers do 9) 2) Output as Raw 3) Blend control No idea how you submit features for consideration, but I have tried a few tweets. What is slightly frustrating is that the X-E1 had Raw output, but the flagship model doesn't. I guess too that this isn't restricted to the X-T1 as
  23. I'm a new X-T20 user . I found a most bookmarked thread in a forum suggesting picture profile settings inorder to gain rough RAW preview to facilitate ETTR. There was a reply saying this can be simply achieved by turning off the "picture preview effect" under display settings . But there was also a counter message saying it wouldn't work and it said to use your desired simulation (with settings if you want). do a test (by increasing) and find out the safe +EV range you can recover. I usually use exposure preview off with highlight clipping alert in order achieve ETTR. But some time
  24. I have a Lightroom subscription and have been ysing it for a while now, however the RAF didn’t seem very good, certainly no where as good as jpegs..then i tried to use enhance details and found almost no difference and in some cases a much smoother image as if it got compressed...i shifted to capture one pro 12 and that thing doesn’t even recognize any photos on my laptop when i try to import...can someone please help me, I’m feeling hopeless 🤕
  25. Hello Everyone, I just picked up an XT2 and this is my first Fuji camera, really excited about using it. I've been watching a lot of youtube videos and reading forum post to familiarize myself with the camera and its settings. I am very impressed by the film simulations but really confused on how to use them in conjunction with RAW files. I was under the impression that if I shoot RAW+JPEG(Fine/Norma) with a film simulation selected (e.g. Chrome). Simulation is applied to JPEG only and RAW file is pure raw without any processing that I can edit however I want in post processing. But I to
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