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  1. Peter the camera has no problem focusing in very low light, its rated to -3ev and the below is just that in the church and -4.5 outdoor,, hand-held, s-af ,use s-af and use the joy stick or increase the af box slightly from the smallest if required.
  2. If you use the ovf and the zone af, largest box, you can see the bird in its environment, you have 2 ovf settings too, the largest helps to magnify the view a bit better but the box you are now focusing with, packed with 49 pdaf, is smallish but perfect as a calibrated target box, no evf lag, and unlike a zoomed in lens you can see the world around you too, bit like shooting both eyes open! I need to do more shooting and have found a location for red kites, so should be able to practice some more, hopefully with the 100-400 next time
  3. I have my eyes set on the 100-400 and possibly the 50-140 too and 1.4x, which in hindsight I wish I'd purchased instead of the 50-200 but the 50-200 did give great results and covers the 70-300 focal range well and fairly fast and is quite light too.
  4. I can't believe you had problems with the xpro2 af, for most things s-af and small point works 99/100, for others maybe twitchy you have zone-af and c-af, use the pd-af to track your subject, x-pro2 has excellent af already, I will be surprised if they can make it muh better for pure evf and that is probably where the xpro2 has a real advantage as the ovf acts like a calibrated red dot sight, The last two in this series are start of the next sequence and a mid shot, I was able to consistantly track a 30-40mph owl at 8fps for 3sec bursts to capture 21 frames with close to 100% keepers with the 55-200. This was a captive bird, but it proves the point I hope.
  5. I'll be very pleased if the x-t2 is that much better than the x-pro2, with ovf it really is like using a calibrated red dot sight The x-pro2 for focus tracking is excellent,
  6. What do you intend to do? 4k? are you ready for the enormous files sizes and only 24/25/30p? If its for normal viewing would 1080p be sufficient, if so consider consider virtualdub for initial tweaks and then filmconvert for grading, you can join the clips and add fades in lots of packages after that including free packages like gopro studio
  7. Irident possibly has the same smearing as LR, here's an example. https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/58228714
  8. I have tried RT, extensively, it's good but it doesn't appear to have the sharpening ability of this, equally lightzone, very peculiar workflow, I had discovered that dcraw was the core to this success and systematically I have been trying everything. I don't know why but the dcraw implementation within easyhdr is something else. Keep trying, you won't be able to look at anything else unless its' been through easyhdr soon
  9. If you have tried the plug-in and have some issues with exposure for shadow pulls the new version fixes that; these are the 5 stop pulls equivalent, same exposure basically and shutter but dpr uses iso100 for sony/nikon and iso200 for x-pro2, would of been nice to see iso100 too for x-pro2 although it is probably worse, nice to know, will do my own tests now we have proper demosaic! https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/58227583
  10. Hi, Not a scam, If you want to give it a try and communicate through here the software is easyhdr3, You will need to discover how to use it in detail yourselves, am beta testing a new version, will be available soon as a formal release, which provides some exposure bias at start-up, cool. If you have LR, use the plug-in, it's easier to see the results back in LR. Couple of points. Export to easyhdr3 http://www.easyhdr.com/download/ mac or win, use demo initially! From LR, export originals for manual edit with easyhdr, easy hdr boots and loads the raw file (it finds it auto) Easyhdr screen, convert to sRGB, white balance as shot, noise filtering off(no tick) other options recover highlights, tick Press ok, bottom right New intermediate screen, ldr enhancement, lens correction, tick auto, noise filtering off or minium (use min for first tests), can be used later to taste, 360degree tick. press ldr enhancement, lens can't be determined, (more on that later, you can go back and apply some lens profiles for fuji manually but we need more.) press ok The default profile will come up, you may like it! for first tests though click neutral on the left panel. You can do many things in this window from curves to toning to gamma to sat. For now apply some pre-sharpening for first tests, around 0.1-0.20 or even zero, you will be able to sharpen in LR properly now anyway. Save as, tiff/jpg, jpg only in demo., prefix the file with edit or whatever, press save and the tiff/jpg options come up. After you save you will be asked if you want to return to LR, press yes, the image appears in the catalogue! You now have a flattish file for playing with further in LR. You can sharpen further as you would a std bayer file, already the improved image without smear and worms should be apparent, you can add more sharpening, nr to taste, exposure etc etc. Some issues, if the profile for the lens isn't available you need to use the manual correction in lr, usually 20 or so does it on vignette if its apparent, and sometime the distortion too. There are so many variables and an extra tab for usm/nr in easy hdr you can explore. Let me know your thoughts, but I can't look at most raw LR images anymore without the easyhdr demosaic, it is very addictive!
  11. No, it wasn't on purpose, wanted to see how people reacted and could see what I could see, but its definitely a game changer for landscape and where you need more detail. I am trying a beta version of the s/w with a slight tweak at start-up that solves a slight issue with exposure but I think every fuji x-pro2 user will want to try this and the discovery is bang on time for the x-t2 launch. Will come with more samples and the big reveal of the programme very soon.
  12. I have found a new plug-in to LR that rivals irident, if you have any raw samples you want me to demonstrate with drop a link here.
  13. I have discovered a little know programme in these circles that I have been stress testing from the developer before going public for a few weeks. Unfortunately dpr does not have a sense of humour and didn't like the teaser!! https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/58194503 The detail extraction is beyond irident in my opinion. Interested to hear more, stay tuned, I hope you guys are less cynical than many on dpr
  14. Have you seen what people can do with the xpro2, to say it isn't capable of fast action, something wrong? Use this as a guide! http://www.mirrorlessons.com/2016/04/06/fujifilm-100-400mm-review/ http://www.mirrorlessons.com/2016/03/30/fuji-x-pro2-ovf-birds-in-flight/
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