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  2. What camera did you use with this lens?
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  4. Part of it is sequential, part of it is alpha-numeric: https://fujifilm-x.com/en-us/exposure-center/understanding-file-numbers-and-folders/ I do not have a X-T2, so I cannot answer your question, but as I recall you have various backup options you set for the two slots that affect what happens. Someone over in the X-T2 forum should be able to help you.
  5. Hello. I received XF 18mm f1.4 today. It feels like at least one of the elements inside is loose. When I flip the lens 90 degrees I can hear it drop back. But once I turn the camera on I don’t see this behavior. Is this normal? If yes, I like to learn what’s causing it. Thank you.
  6. So if I create this folder, will it be mirrored on the second SD back up?
  7. It does have this option, bit of a faff though, having to enter a five digit name. It would be simpler if it just did it with sequential naming.
  8. Which camera body are you referring to? Most of them have a menu option to create new folders and choose between folders for storing images. This is for the X-T4, but it works the same for many other bodies: https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en-int/manual/x-t4/menu_setup/save_data_set-up/index.html
  9. I came to Fuji from Sony. I had used Lightroom for a good few years. However, I found LR a bit sluggish and lacklustre when it came to RAF files. After much research I have switched to Capture one. For a beginner, the free version will be fine, it only lacks layers. I have also discovered DXO PureRaw2 which does a remarkable job on preparing files.
  10. Disappointed that you cannot set this camera to creat a new folder every day, as you can on Sony. It would be great if there was a ‘Create me folder’ in the menu somewhere.
  11. For what it is worth, a L-bracket can lift the body up enough to let you use many of the 'wide' lens with those older tripod heads. Ones built for the X-Tmn line let you get to the battery/card and side connectors without hassles. The ones for the X-T10 work on the X-T20 and the X-T30 as well, they are pretty much interchangeable. Or switch to basic Arca-Swiss plated ball heads. These can be svelte enough for just about all lenses. And work with L-brackets. The 1/4-20 thread is an industry standard, so if your old head unscrews from the legs, you can put the new head on non-proprietary legs.
  12. Wouldn't it make more sense for you to look for a simple spacer so that you get more distance between the tripod plate and the camera?
  13. My XT-30 won't sit on my old Bogen Manfrotto tripod with some lenses. I just got a very fun Lensbaby Obscura and the head is quite a few millimeters too wide for the camera to sit on it without the lens prying it up, no matter which way I point it. My 50 mm f/1.0 will fit but only in some orientations. I never notice tripod head dimensions in ads. And I don't especially want to commit to some proprietary mount system (even if it does fit, which I sometimes hear they won't do). How to shop for tripods with small head dimensions? Note, the threads in all cases I'm thinking of are 1/4-20, it's the dimensions of the flat mounting surfaces that are the issue. Thanks!!
  14. Hey guys, Just got an X-T4 recently. Amazing camera. I'm looking to get a SmallRig kit and build it up over time. Initially, I'd like to have a follow focus setup, along with something to stack filters. For the filters, I was looking at the SmallRig Mini Matte box. I believe there is a model with room for two 4 x 5.65 filters. The problem is, individual 4 x 5.65 filters seem to be very expensive. I have three lenses, all Fuji: 23mm 1.4, 35mm 1.4, and the 56mm 1.2. Any advice on the easiest and most cost efficient way to use both of these filters for all lenses would be much appreciated. Should I just bite the bullet, get the matte box, then pay for maybe two ND filters, and the Black Pro-Mist? Or, is using step-up rings, and then just using the matte box to avoid glare a simpler way to go. A system that combines a variable ND and a single Black Pro-Mist would be ideal. Sorry if these are noob questions. I mainly shoot with a Mavic 2 Pro drone, where the ND filters are simply clicked on and off to the drone's lens. Cheers, Max
  15. Last week
  16. I was a Canon user for 42 years before I switched to Fujifilm. I have several Canon FD lenses that I use. 50 f1.4, 85 f1.2L, 200 f2.8 IF, 400 f4.5 IF, 500mm f8 mirror. Bought cheap adapters for all and they work swell. I personally have found using them without focusing aids works better for me. The X-Trans focus peaking is just weird. Used the 200 f2.8 last week to shoot through a door into a courtroom and used it today covering budget meetings at the Oklahoma Capitol to get close ups of people in the meetings. Really, really, really would like to get the 500 f4.5L as I had that back in the day and it was awesome glass. But, since Fujifilm is introducing a 150-600 lens May 31, I'll spend my money on that instead.
  17. Yes. This is how bad it works. Fuji ... really. Why don't you fix this?
  18. Hi My Fuji XT3 camera loose WIFI connection very easily with live view shooting. I cant even continue take photos when with 3 - 4m of distance. It's not stable at all. My old camera Nikon D750 has absolutely no problem with even longer distance - just works. XT3 also loose connection (but more rare) when I'm right by XT3 with full wifi signal. So there is issue with Fuji support of this connection protocol or this shity app. Sometimes even Camera stuck and the only way to bring it to work is remove battery. That ridiculous. The most frustrating is that after lost connection there is no way to reconnect. Then I have to turn camera off and reload all procedure. And again, and again ... As workaround I resigned from live view and taking photos with bluetooth remote release, but it's obviously not a solution. Any Idea why Fuji works so bad with this? I tested it on two smatphones LG G6. How to fix it? Help please. Lukas
  19. Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately that didn't work.
  20. Having been a photography enthusiast for over 50 years I have recently become acutely aware of: 1. How much DSLR kit I have amassed 2. How few photographs I've taken recently. So I've decided to get back to basics, and I've bought an X100V with a WCL-X100II. (And yes I was amazed to actually find one in stock!) So that is going to replace a 5DMkIII and 8 lenses, mostly F2.8 so there's some honking big lumps of glass I won't be carrying around any more. The Fuji in the hand is worth 8 in the bag? Loving the X100V controls. The control logic is exactly the same as an Olympus rangefinder camera I used in my student days. I would change only 2 things with the X100V - more eye relief on the viewfinder so I can see the full frame with my glasses on - and a 28mm fixed lens - but the WCL takes care of that! Speaking of the WCL - I have the mk II version so the camera is supposed to detect when an extender is fitted. Is there any way to tell that the camera has spotted the extender? Cheers, Bob Menzies (Not the Aussie ex PM)
  21. Hello, I bought GFX100s last month and was looking forward to use it for seascape long exposure photography. I was glad to note that now we can have shutter open till 60 minutes. However, it is not as it seems. In shutter speed priority you can select -from 30 seconds, 1/2/3/4/5....till 60 minutes. but then aperture remains at 4 or lower. So if you want aperture to be 8 or 11 or anything other than 4 then we need to go to manual shooting. Unfortunately in manual shooting, it permits to shoot in 1/2/4/8/16/32/60 minutes....it doubles up every time you rotate dial, meaning you cannot set on 3//5/6/7/9/10....minutes. If you you want to shoot at 3 minutes then u set exposure to 4 minutes and you can see countdown on LCD screen and when it reaches 3 minute, you need to manually stop the exposure. Or you can use remote to click the photo and keep an eye till each reaches desire minutes and manually stop the exposure. I am really surprised that Fuji is not giving full control of exposure in manual mode. Unfortunately, third party intervalometer doesnt work with GFX 100s. So if you are taking 10 minutes exposure, you need to set it on 15/16 minutes and wait it till it reaches 10 minutes and manually shut down exposure. So you end up staring to your screen all the time. in other cameras with third party intervalometer, you can program as you like. I would appreciate guidance in this matter.
  22. ● Is the X-S10 in M mode ? ● Have you turned the command dial up to the Bulb position? Actually, everything you need to know is in the operating instructions: https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en-int/manual/x-s10/taking_photo/shooting_mode/#manual Here is something about the M mode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24BXoGerDFI
  23. Welcome to our forum. Perhaps you are using the electronic shutter and the bulb mode only works only with the mechanical shutter. But I must admit that I'm only guessing since I don't use bulb very often.
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