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  3. The message shows up depending on the iPad model and iPadOS version you are using, based upon the way you may or may not have set up your security settings. Here are a couple of articles that may help (or, at least, I hope not cause more confusion): https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208857 https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/ipad/ipad75b7b23f/ipados p.s. Welcome to the forum.
  4. Card reader maybe - when you check in Files do you see something called "Untitled" at the bottom of the Locations sections on the left hand side of the screen? (By the way I never get a message saying an accessory is connected when I attach my card reader to the iPad)
  5. I have a different card reader for my laptop because the laptop is not a Mac. I have no difficulty opening photos on the laptop. When I plug in the card reader, that I purchased for the iPad, I see a message that an accessory is connected. However, I am unable to find the card reader when I check in Files. Perhaps this is an issue with the card reader & not the SD card. Or maybe it is an issue with an older user that isn't very tech savvy. I had hoped to be able to preview & sort photos while traveling and without packing my laptop.
  6. Hmm - yes you're right - very quiet but something there - I've no idea - tried turning everything off and its still there (This was on the X-H2S so its not limited to the X-T5)
  7. Thanks Mate. I appreciate your help. Davy.
  8. Yesterday
  9. I too found the perfect bag just today after 40+ years of photography and possibly 20+ bags. Tenba Axis 16L. I can hold my 3Legged Thing tripod on the back on molle in the center or inside and still have room for an X-T5 and 3 lenses. Narrow, swings around like a Lowepro Flipside so not putting it on the ground to swap lenses (I'm a Prime shooter and that's crucial) Looks cool too (multi-cam black) Happy as a clam.
  10. I removed the lens and the sound is heard from the body. PreAF is disabled. Stabilization is turned off. Only electronic shutter is ON. The sound can still be heard. It is quiet, I have to put my ear to the body to hear it. It is somewhat similar to the sound of a freely rotating bicycle wheel. Like a noise from its bearings.
  11. Is the sound coming from the camera or the lens? Does the lens have OIS? The most likely thing is that you have pre AF turned on and its trying to focus all the time. You can tell by turning off both IS (in the shooting menu or switch on lens) and Pre AF (in the AF menu) and see if the noise goes away. Then turn back on IS and Pre AF one at a time and see when the noise starts.
  12. If the card has been formatted in a FujiFilm camera then the format should be fine for the iPad. Did you use the same card reader with both laptop and iPad? Is the laptop a Mac and how did you read the files on the laptop. How do you know the iPad doesn't recognize the SD card?
  13. Probably IBIS (image stabilization).
  14. It is not on the list of lenses that can resolve the 40mpx sensor provided at Fuji Rumors but there is controversy about it being up to date as it is a newer lens brought out about the same time. Have asked and searched for the answer myself to no avail. Bought the lens anyway a few weeks ago and am tickled silly with it. Its a fabulous and sharp lens IMO and so useful with its macro and ability to focus almost any distance. Hopefully you will find yours to be the same.
  15. I have just bought a Tamron 18-300mm F/3.5-6.3 Di III-A VC VXD B061 lens to use alongside my Fujifilm 16-80mm F4 Kit Lens. I am finding that while image stabilisation seems to be similar for still images at equivalent focal lengths this is not the case when recording movies, where the Tamron lens shows noticeable 'shake' compared to the Fujifilm lens at equivalent focal lengths. I have set image stabilisation on the X-T5 to IBIS/OIS. I am on latest X-T5 firmware 2.03. I have notified Tamron but meanwhile would appreciate any thoughts, advice or experiences on image stabilisation using non-Fujifilm lenses with X-T5. By the way, I am very happy with image quality of the Tamron lens from the tests I have done so far. It's not professional quality of course, but neither am I and it saves carrying multiple lenses around when out and about.
  16. I purchased a SD card reader to use with my iPad when traveling so that I don't need to bring my laptop. My iPad doesn't recognize the SD card so I'm wondering if the card format type is the issue. I have no problem seeing the files on my laptop. As a relative newbie I would appreciate help with this issue. Thanks, Kathy
  17. Last week
  18. I was laying in bed and heard a hooting outside my window and was able to get a shot of this guy. The conditions were terrible, 1am, overcast and starting to rain so it was extremally dark. 400mm, ISO 12800, f5.6 SS 1.5s and heavily processed. All I could make out was a dark shadow in the branches once my eyes adjusted. The wind was also picking up so I couldn't lower the shutter speed anymore to drop the ISO. I had to use manual focus and kept firing off shots slowing adjusting the focus each time time until it seemed in focus. The photo is is obviously horrible but it's fun finally having some reach and very cool this owl showed up just after getting the lens. I think I'm going to have to build some owl boxes and put them up around the property. I also need to learn to navigate through the settings in the dark.
  19. Have you done all of these: - Set the Drive dial on top of the camera to Bracketing (BKT) - In the Shooting Menu => Drive Setting => Bkt Setting => Choose the three film simulations you want to use and (most important) - In the Shooting Menu => Drive Setting => Bkt Setting => Bkt Select : Choose Film Simulation
  20. You have Clarity in the Image Quality menu set to something other than zero
  21. I use back button focusing on X-T5 but only lock AF using Switch option. I have set both AF ON and AEL buttons to AF ON because I kept pressing the wrong button accidentally and I let the camera take care of AE Lock when shutter half-pressed. BTW I think Fujifilm could do also do a better job of locating the other Fn buttons particularly the one next to the shutter button as it is really difficult to get to. I;d prefer them all in a vertical line on the front so can easily feel which one I'm pressing!
  22. Can anyone provide me with the answer. I am new to fujifilm camera. I am using the XT4 and in single shot mode, everytime, I take a shot, the Lcd screen will display "storing" and I have to wait for the message to disappear before I can take the next shot! Is there a way to turn this off.
  23. Hi, Is the XF 30mm F2.8 Macro lens suitable for use with the X-T4. IE quality of shots? Cheers, Davy.
  24. Hi, I'm a new user of an xt2. I'd like to use it with film simulation bracketing for the possibility to have colours and b&w versione off the same image. Unfortunately I'm not able to do it: if the main film simulation is set to a colour film then all the three images will be colour as well regardless which film simulation bracketing I have chosen. And the opposite is true: if I have a b&w simulation as default, the bracketing images will be all in b&w. This seems weird to me. I maybe missing something here? Thank you
  25. I have had recurring and now persistent problems with the "turn off camera and turn on again" error. It appears to be solely with my Fuji 55-200 lens. No amount of contact cleaning, lens tipping up, mounting and remounting, battery removal, or other "fixes" I've seen in the past have worked. Sent it in to Fuji, who said the lens assembly needed to be replaced at a cost approximately the same as buying a replacement used lens. After coming back from the Fuji estimate - but without having had any repair work done (didn't want to pay $300-$400) - the lens worked again, but only for a few shots, then the error again. If the only real "solution" is for Fuji or retailers to replace the lens or replace major components at significant expense, then there is a serious problem with their quality control, lens durability, or lens design. My lens is no longer under warranty, so my 55-200 is now an expensive paperweight.
  26. Capture One : "Image" - "Change Capture Time".
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