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  2. Black Friday has now started in Europe! You can find huge deals all over AmazonEU. Here are the deal pages: AmazonDE AmazonUK AmazonIT AmazonFR AmazonES WexUK KEH DEAL For one day only, Friday November 22nd, you can save 25% on… The post Black Friday Deals Start Now at Amazon Europe + KEH Black Friday Flash Deal appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
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  4. Fujifilm Madness? Would it be madness? Take Fujifilm’s most successful camera line, the X-T1, X-T2 and X-T3, which remained intact in form and function for 6 years now, and annoy all Fujifilm X-T line lovers, by changing it. Why do… The post Fujifilm X-T4 and X-H2 Leaked Details: Would it Be Madness to Merge both Lines? – VOTE POLL appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  5. Fujifilm X-T4 – SPECS Over at our wonderful Fujifilm X-T facebook group, Jason claims to have talked to a reliable contact at Fujifilm, and it told him here regarding the Fujifilm X-T4. X-T4 with IBIS expect a T4 about… The post Fujifilm X-T4 Rumors Surfaced – REPORT appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
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  7. Hi, I keep my photos on a LaCie external drive and have no problem opening my X100S raw files. I just go to Lightroom and point to the appropriate catalog (which is stored on my internal drive with the backup on the external drive), and it pulls up all the images on whatever Drive name I have given the external. I use a Windows 10 system and can only assume that the Mac works the same way, but don't know for sure. I just have to make sure I click on the Drive letter of the external in the Folders pane of Lightroom, otherwise it tends to pull up the internal drive letter automatically. Hope this helps.
  8. Fellow FR-readers! There will be a Fujifilm X-H2. The only question that I have to figure out now, is not “if” but “when“. And apparently it will still take rather long to see X-H2 coming. Follow FujiRumors on Facebook, Flipboard,… The post Don’t Panic, Fujifilm X-H2 is on Fuji’s Roadmap! appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  9. So, over on the X-T User group on Facebook is this post from Jason Walker: "Welp, my source for Fuji rumors can’t be named, but he’s been right 100% so far and today I’m very sad. I’ve been told not to expect an H2....like at all...ever. I was told (which much despair from my source) to instead expect an X-T4 with IBIS. He has been told that the H1 was “a bit of a mistake” and “not different enough” that the H line does not distinguish itself enough from the X-t And that it will most likely be canceled all together. He says to expect a T4 about 1/3 of an inch thicker, and about 5-6oz heavier. (On a good note expect 6k60 and 10bit internal as well as anamorphic ratio, and we r probably getting fully articulating flippy...essentially an S1H but APSc with Fuji color and obviously much smaller). Considering that this is the guy who told me about SO MANY rumors LONG before fujirumors I’m inclined to believe him. I knew about the screen in the XP3 like 9 months ago, he and I have had good laughs this past few months about the hubbub it’s created after he and I thought the idea was super cool. So I’m going to the bar now to drink my sorrows away. BOOOOO!!!!" So, thoughts? Anyone else here this?
  10. I've seen product reviews where the f log has an on/off toggle on the second page of movie settings, but my camera does not have it. Just updated the firmware and I still don't have it. I have an Option called F log/hlg recording but i'm no quite sure what that does. Thank you in advance for any advice.
  11. Hello from sunny and still spring-like California. New to the Fujifilm system, recently acquired a beautiful black X-T3 with an 18-55mm "kit" lens. I've been a Nikon shooter since my first brand new Nikon FG way back in the dark ages. I was really looking into mirrorless for the past couple of years but just didn't have the motivation to switch until I picked up an X-T3 in Best Buy a couple of weeks ago. It was love at first sight, and when I discovered that the 18-55 was included I almost pulled out my credit then and there. But sanity took over and I went home and read everything I could find on the camera and lens. What I found was mostly rave reviews on this camera and "kit" lens, it was just a few days before I pulled the trigger and have really gone all in on this Fuji X system. I shoot mostly RAW and when I saw some of the SOOC JPEG film simulations I was got really excited. Fuji has really done a great job with these, I can see myself shooting a lot of JPEG going forward. I've also been to Ritchie Roesch's Fuji X Weekly site and tried many of his Film Sim Recipes, so much fun. Takes me back to an exciting time in photography experimenting with all the wonderful films we had. He's done a great job on these. Sorry to be so long winded, but before I finish up here I just wanted to mention how impressive the 18-55 "kit" lens is. So sharp, well built and the metal body are a far cry of some of the plastic Nikon kit lenses I've had in the past. This has the feel of a premium lens, I really like it a lot. This camera has really got me excited about photography again, Its a camera that I just enjoy holding and looking at.
  12. We reported first about X-LR back in March 2017 here. X-LR is a Lightroom plug-in that reads Fujifilm’s Film Simulation from your RAW file and automatically applies corresponding profile when you import your images to Lightroom. Now X-LR is receiving… The post X-LR v.2.0 Released: Plug-in that Automatically Applies Fujifilm Film Simulations in Lightroom appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  13. Maybe here is more visible: Flashes after every single shot, screen is blinking: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l5kk5565tk61gx0/flashes on screen_xs.mp4?dl=0 Slowdown after few seconds of not using camera: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cwegea0tribvks4/stroboscop_xs.mp4?dl=0 Anyone? Is it normal or should I return camera and get new one. This is a gift for someone so I need to hurry to be sure that I have fine camera or it needs replacement:)
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  15. Fuji 3D Prints FR-reader Mic contacted me, telling me about several Fujifilm accessories you can 3D print. Mic himself printed a PC Sync Terminal Cap for X-T1 (works also on X-T2 and X-T3). But there are many other things, for… The post 3D Print Your Fujifilm Accessories: Lens Hoods, PC Sync Terminal Cap, Hot Shoe Covers & More appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  16. Hi, I have a second hand 27mm 1/2.3 lens which suddenly decided to stop working. As i switch on the camera, the display remains black with every 20 sec or so a very brief "sensor cleaning" message. I can't take any pictures and don't see anything through the EVF. I just did this from one day to the other, nothing special happened. If I unlock/untwist the lens a little I get an image on the LCD/EVF with an F0 indication. Any help much appreciated! Jonathan
  17. Hello Everyone, Just quick question - is it normal? After making shot X-T30 screen (same makes viewfinder) is flickering for a while, please find attached video. I was testing different body (also x-t30) with same lens and settings but on different light and I am almost sure that there was nothing like this. It is fine, when I change Shutter to manual, but on Auto it is doing something after every shot. I am not sure, if this body is broken or is it normal. And second thing, this is probably normal (?) - screen goes just after few seconds to some mode, where view refresh rate is extremely slow - second movie attached. flicker_sx.mp4 flicker_xs.mp4
  18. Im looking how to tether my xt3 in windows with live view and autofocus capabilities , Capture one doesn't works. Help!
  19. I never bought the earlier models as they just did not offer enough pixels to crop images. Today we can buy the LX100 which is a floored camera. The XF10 is fixed and to be honest the latest phones will give it a run for its money. Is there any chance of an X40 or XF zoom?
  20. When fokusstacking an object one does not always know how many frames are required. I thought the best solution was to tether the camera with my laptop and Capture One, take a certain number of frames, say 20, review the last frame on my laptop and if required add another 20 frames until the desired depth of field is reached. Unfortunately as i found out, after the first set of frames the camera resets the focus point to the first frame. That means the following additional sets all have the same focus starting point. Is there a way around it? It is quite annoying if you take 100 frames or more and notice afterwards that you need some additional ones and have to start all over again. it is a waste of time.
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