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  2. I use the FUJI charger that I've had for a while when charging the battery outside the camera. But a lot of the time I charge my Fujis through the USB-C or micro USB port (depending on the camera) from whatever adapter I have plugged in. I don't think that you can damage it with the standard 2.4A devices. Chris
  3. I have the same issue. Did you manage to solve this? How?
  4. @Omar Alamoudi good morning and thanks for the info. The reasons I like the 100F are the rangefinder looks plus the fact that you will have a powerful camera with a fixed prime lens so you will never have the option of wondering which prime lensto load up 😂😂😂 But the way you put things I might be better off buying the XT30 perhaps with the 27mm pancake? Hmmm 🤔
  5. I gotta say this thing ain’t perfect but it gets you closest I think to a dreamy filmic quality, especially with a Russian/Zeiss Formula. Heres my quick Reivew:
  6. My 18-55 f/2.8-4 is having a problem: at 18mm, the maximum aperture that is displayed on the screen (if I turn the ring all the way left) is f/3.6. I can't get to f/2.8. What's odd is that if I extend it all the way out to 55mm, it still displays the aperture as f/3.6, which should be impossible. If I then click the aperture ring right (while keeping the focal length at 55), when it clicks over to f/4 there is a noticeable darkening of the exposure, which means that when it says f/3.6 at 55mm that is not the actual physical aperture setting at that moment. I had this problem once before with this lens over 2 years ago and had to send it in for a repair, so I suppose I'm being a bit optimistic in thinking that this time there might be an easier solution, but since it was working fine yesterday and hasn't even left the house since then (i.e. there is no conceivable reason the lens would have started manifesting this problem in the last day that I can see) I thought it worth asking. The only thing I've done since then was to update my camera firmware (X-T1). If it's malfuntioning again I certainly won't be paying for a 2nd repair.
  7. Hi all, I am looking at buying a used x-t2 because I have heard great things about them. I am nit long in the photography game . I know there is no automatic mode on this camera and I have learnt to use aperature priority on my nikon , not fully but nearly there. So my question is can this camera be set to an automatic mode of I feel I want to let the camera do the work . Regarding setting the priority mode i take it i just put the SS to A and ISO set to auto and use the aperture on the lense ring ? Thanks
  8. Hi, new owner of an X-T30 here! Been out of cameras for a while and just suffered with an iPhone. I'm in a better place now. As an initial question, since I just took the camera out of the box last night, what charging options do we have for these special batteries? With the battery in the camera, can we use any USB port to energize the USB-C cable, or do we have to use that cheap feeling little charger that came with the camera? The manual doesn't say no, but it doesn't say yes either. The only mention besides the included charger is a computer's USB-C port. I'd be more daring but I just fried my noise cancelling earbuds by trying a 12V charger that had the exact same connector. Isn't this stuff supposed to be standardized? Alternately, what are people using to charge the batteries outside the camera? Having more than one battery is rather pointless if you can only charge them in the camera. I've looked over the forum and all I saw was a thread on aftermarket batteries, which was very helpful, but didn't answer my question on charging.
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  10. Welcome to the forum @Akritas, I'm new here too, and I share with you, and with many other members this forum, the main attraction of the Fujifilm X-Series size and very attractive looks! TL;DR: any X-Series camera (including the older, significantly more affordable ones) + XF35mm is a great place to start. I am a hobbyist as well, and used to shoot Nikon (D90 then D7000). I "converted" to Fujifilm in 2015 when I bought the X-T1 with the 18-55mm kit lens. My love to the X system has since grown. And the bulky Nikon system is gone. I carry my X-T1 camera everywhere, I sometimes annoy myself carrying it around without the finding the ability to use it. But it is one of those things: you use it once, you love it, and you carry it around everywhere because you don't want to miss an opportunity to use it. I recently bought the X100F, because why not. Actually, for two reasons. The first one is that I wanted to experience the liberty of limiting my choice (rolling eyes). The second reason was the even smaller form factor. Let me explain. I love my X-T1, and my favorite lens is, hands down, the 35mm f/1.4. But since I have 4 other primes, its takes me sometime to decide which prime to take with me. So eliminating that choice by the fixed lens X100F is kinda liberating. So, is buying the X100F worth it? Well, after using the X100F for a few days, I realized that I have an almost equivalent focal length XF lens, the 27mm pancake lens that I can use with my X-T1. So the question became, will an X-T1 + 27mm pancake lens be comparable in size with the X100F? The answer is YES. So I sold the X100F, and started using the X-T1 + 27mm pancake lens until the XF27mm failed, now I'm back to the game of wasting time deciding which of my primes to take with me lol. However, I find myself falling back on using the X-T1 + 35mm f/1.4 more than the rest of my lens due to its size, focal length, weight, and quality of images. My XF primes are: 35mm f/1.4 56mm f/1.2 27mm f/2.8 90mm f/2.0 23mm f/1.4
  11. bump, I know this is an old camera, but its a nice one!
  12. Is anyone else having this problem? My XT2 works beautifully with my Godox flashes (two AD200s and one AD600) when my shutter speed is 500 or higher. But if I drop the shutter speed below 500, the flashes stop firing. I'm using the Godox XPro-F transmitter. So what I'm really wanting is "Low Speed Sync" so I can use my Godox flashes at speeds like 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, etc. Why I do not suspect the transmitter or flashes I can press the test button on the transmitter and the flashes fire I can put the same transmitter on my X100s and shoot at any shutter speed and the flashes fire successfully This makes the XT2 my prime suspect. Under the flash function setting menu, I do have Sync Mode set to AUTO FP(HSS) but I've tried the other settings with no success either (and didn't expect those to help anyway). I am in single shot mode and not using bracketing or multi-exposure features. And it doesn't matter if I manually turn off HSS via the menus on the flash units. Do you have any suggestions I can try next? Can you see if you are able to shoot and sync at 1/60 using your XT2 and Godox transmitter and flashes? Any help or suggestions will be thoroughly appreciated!
  13. If your shutter sound is turned off, you'll need to turn shutter sound on for the flash to fire. Seems unrelated, but that will definitely prevent the hot shoe from communicating with the connected flash or transmitter.
  14. He possibly phrased that part quickly to get on to the next part of the review ... it is a trade-off, if you want to use your very fast lens wide open for those shallow depth of field photos while being out doors at certain times of the day, you have to make some compromises, lower the ISO, or put on a stack of nd filters, or raise the shutter speed, or ..., all while hoping for the best. It used to be one could find a lot of grumbling about not having low native ISOs along with high shutter speeds for that very reason.
  15. Thanks guys. I reached out to Fuji service and they had me ship it for service and they are replacing the mainboard right now but I will check my cards as well. I can't remember if I was using the same set of cards each time it locked up or not but cards are cheap to replace so I will swap them just in case.
  16. I had to reassign all the functions away from the back-wheel except for the zooming in, since I can't turn it without engaging the zoom function. Compared to the front wheel, which sticks out nicely and is therefore easy to turn, the one in the back is further in, much too far in my opinion. hopefully there is a fix for that...what is your experience with that ?
  17. Fujifilm X-T4 One rumor you are waiting impatiently for, is the final announcement date for the Fujifilm X-T4, which will not be February 4, when the Fujifilm X100V will be announced. But before I share it, a BIG thanks to… The post EXCLUSIVE: Fujifilm X-T4 Annoucement on February 26 appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  18. I know the film simulations are available in Lightroom since mid-2017. I do not know about the advanced filters, however. I am not a Lightroom user; perhaps a Fujifilm/Lightroom user here on the forum can stop in here for a comment.
  19. Where are the heralded 3.20 firmware for X-T3?
  20. Does the X-H1 have live histogram in video mode? Thanks!
  21. Thank you both for the welcome! @itchy shutter finger thank you so much also for the induction course above. I have to say I was not aware of the X100F and now that I do I have instantly fallen in love with it! The reason I have turned to Fuji is mostly the small size and of course the film emulations and advanced filters. I very rarely use zoom lenses and I favor 35mm primes. This is what I use when I shoot street so the 100F seems ideal! One question if I may please....I shoot raw. Are the film emulations and advanced filters available in Adobe Lightroom or do I need to shoot in JPEG? once again many thanks for all your kind assistance!
  22. I am interested to This lens Is it a better solution vs Fuji 10-24 used to 10 mm? I speak about the IQ.
  23. Well, a look inside and reflowing solder wit a heat gun yielded no improvements.
  24. As the others have said, if the field of view works for you, there is no better lens for Fuji at this focal length. IMO, the 14/2.8 is one of the great optical designs of the last 20 years or so. The absence of distortion is amazing. The sharpness is pretty evenly distributed across the frame, and unlike zooms, it's small and lightweight. It's a strong wide angle, but not what anyone today would call "super wide" . This, and the lack of distortion, means that carefully composed shots can be made to look quite normal, without the typical super wide-lens artifacts of blurriness and pronounced volume anamorphosis at the sides of the frame.
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  26. Photons to Photos added the Fujifilm X-Pro3 to their database, and you can now compare it to all other cameras in their database. I did compare it to the Fujifilm X-T3 and Fujifilm X-T30, and the Fujifilm X-Pro3, despite having… The post Photons to Photos Dynamic Range Data: Fujifilm X-Pro3 Beats Fujifilm X-T3 and X-T30 appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  27. Lok brings you inside the Fujifilm factory in Sendai, Japan. The first thing he shows, is part of the assembly of the Fujifilm GFX100. Lok is surprised to see that so much of the assembly is done by hand. You… The post Inside the Fujifilm Factory with Lok: Assemblling the Fujifilm GFX100 and the Discontinued Fujifilm X-H1 appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
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