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  2. Ha yes it is! Are you using an X-T30 or just similar? Thanks.
  3. Well hmm, on my camera that is how it works without (and with) large indicators turned on, which, is probably a good idea, since being able to see the scene is a good thing.
  4. Great pic (what a view)🙂
  5. jerry, I think I understand after reading the post above by FX Admin ... the message warns me that, when CL / CH and ES or ES + MS are enabled, the camera will not focus on each shot thanks anyway
  6. Hi all guys, a few months ago I sent this camera for repair because the r-dial command was broken (purchased in March and used 3 times), the assistance service took about 1 month and a half to repair. Yesterday after some time I used this camera again and ... same problem the command broke again 😭. Now I think I will no longer send her for assistance, I ask if anyone had the same problem as me and how they solved it or if they found a way to configure shutter speeds.
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  8. Were you trying to set the ISO above 6400? The display says you have the mechanical and electronic shutters both turned on, but if I am remembering correctly, to go beyond ISO 6400 on the older X-Ts, you can use only the mechanical shutter. On the newer models, that limit is raised to 12800, and may be higher on the X-T4 and X-S10.
  9. My first message...Hello to all I don't fully understand the meaning of this message, can you help me? thanks
  10. Make sure the battery easily slides in and out of that compartment. If it is sticky, that battery might be starting to swell, which means you will quickly need a new battery. Also make sure all of the info displays (you will need to check the manual -- the online version at Fujifilm is the same as the paper one) turn on and off.
  11. Welcome. Your comment was off topic in the tread you used, so I split it into a new one.
  12. If you can get access to the camera you might check for marks on the sensor - here is an article: https://photographylife.com/how-to-spot-dust-on-your-dslr-sensor I had marks on a X-T30 sensor that I couldn't remove with a cleaning kit
  13. Sigh . . . So I wrongly assumed that when the manual stated “press Display Back” to skip, it meant to press it once and the option would go away. You have to press it a second time, after pressing it the first time opens the second screen of the pairing option. Back on track!
  14. Hoping someone can advise me on this problem! I just received my X T4 yesterday and charged up the battery overnight. I turned on the camera to start setting it up and was immediately greeted with a screen menu to start pairing with a smartphone. I don’t want to do that, and none of the selector buttons seem to work with the exception of the “down” button which only takes me to the next menu screen to set up pairing. Oh, and the OK button which starts the camera searching for a smartphone. Nothing I do seems to allow me to exit the smartphone pairing option. I’ve turned the camera off numerous times, even leaving it off for extended periods of time; I’ve taken the battery out and put it back in; tried a different battery; searched the web for advice/answers, and am still stuck. Together, my husband and I have five other Fuji cameras and have never encountered a problem like this. A few months ago, I set up our first T4 without any problems or issues. Has anyone else run into this problem? Any ideas to get past the pairing option? Thanks in advance.
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  16. I had the same problem today with the 90mm f:2… Itdoes not extend, so any ideas about this?
  17. I have a Xt20. In 20 years of owning a few stellar cameras I have NEVER had a camera that CONFIRMED still shot focus and NOTHING was in focus. It happens randomely on multiple lenses. Many ruined shots. I have thought about purchasing an XT 4 but not going to risk it. There is many DP review forums about this for XT20 and XT 2 and some XT3. Its not motion blur.
  18. Hi Everyone, I want to buy Fujifilm X-T3 and understand about the things to be mindful of while looking for pre-owned mirrorless camera. I would greatly appreciate any inputs e.g. What are the lessons learnt! What are the previous mistakes! The whole experience of buying a pre-owned camera! How to understand if someone is misleading! What kind of range to look at for different used conditions! Thank you
  19. Autumn's Last Color Show
  20. Hi all my first question on this site as I have just bought this x100f, and was wondering if someone can help me how to set it up, seen a few on YouTube but even then don’t seem to get the hang of it,I know it’s a matter of trying and I agree but the menu system is so large, And I’m not a Fujifilm man,Leica as always been my passion and still is, So that image is really what I’m looking for the camera is fantastic small and discrete, So much you can do with it seems like never ending.Just now I’ve not touched it at all, Except for changing the the difference film on it which is nice in b/w,So help would be appreciated thank you.
  21. I wish they release a firmware fixing these indeed !. because the other methods seems a bit complex... let's hope.. because fujifilm used to listen to users since the start...
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