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  2. Try to remove the battery and wait for about a minute until you put it back in. Attach a lens and verify that it clicks during this procedure. If you still get the lens error I‘m afraid that the electronic connection from body to lenses is broken. Did your camera get wet?
  3. Enzio

    Fuji Flowers

    with Samyang 135/2.0 on X-H1 ... Biene und Bokeh by Enzio Harpaintner, auf Flickr
  4. Very impressive. great colors .looks spot on.
  5. Hello I recently tried a new 80mm Macro lens on my XT2 When turned on the camera told me I had to upgrade the firmware, So I returned home to do the upgrade which I later completed closely following the the instructions on your website. A fully charged battery and a newly formatted SD Card. The firmware updates for the camera and my 6 lenses were duely downloded. The upgrade proceeded with no lens mounted and without incident, the completion message was seen on the LCD. The camera was turned off. Then in turn I continued to try and update each of the lenses again as per Fuji website instructions BUT when the camera was turned on with the DISP button depressed the only selection to update was the camera body, NO menu selection item for any lens. To make matters worse the camera will no longer opperate. when switched on the LCD flashes repetedly and eventually 'LENS ERROR' appears. I repeated the firmware update procedure to no avail This would appear to be a firmware fault or omission has any one else had any similar issues?
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  7. If you want to add protection to your Fujifilm gear, you might be interested to know about the Anti-Slide Skin Guard Shield for Fujifilm. So far I find it available on AmazonUS for Fujifilm X-T3 (in leather texture of carbon fiber… The post Anti-Slide Skin Guard Shield for Fujifilm X-T3 and Fujinon XF23mm f/1.4 Lens appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  8. Fujifilm X-Pro3 I have been sent (thanks a lot) some images of the Fujifilm X-Pro3. The menu show the new tone curve adjustments as well as the (already rumored) clarity adjustment in the menu. For all the details about the… The post Exclusive: Fujifilm X-Pro3 Images Show Tone Curves and Clarity Adjustmenst appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  9. Fujifilm Manager Toshihisa Iida Interview You are warmly invited to follow FujiRumors on Facebook, Instagram, RSS-feed, Youtube, Flipboard and Twitter Fujifilm Manager Toshihisa Iida has released an interview to the Japanese website newswitch, which you can read summed up and… The post Fujifilm Manager Toshihisa Iida Interview: New Fujinon X and G Mount Lens Roadmap in 2019 and 5 to 6 New Lenses in 2020 appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
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  11. That is exactly what I have noticed today, I was shooting video outside for the first time, and at anything over F9 it hunted like this, I have FW 3.01 too.
  12. Fujinon XF 50mm f/1.0 There has been a significant change in the Fujinon X mount lens roadmap. As Fujifilm explained at the Fujifilm X Summit, in order to save size, the scratched the Fujinon XF33mm f/1.0 in favor of a… The post Fujifilm Scratches XF33mm f/1.0 in Favor of Smaller XF50mm f/1.0 – Do You Agree? appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  13. Fujifilm X-Pro3 Developmen Annoucement Fujifilm has just made an official development announcement for the Fujifilm X-Pro3 at the Fujifilm X Summit here. No surprises at all, since it looks 100% identical to our trusted Japanese source sketches here. Fujifilm says… The post Fujifilm X-Pro3 Development Announcement: Coming October 23, First Specs and Images appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  14. Fujifilm reply: Thank you for contacting FUJIFILM UK. We are sorry to advise that there is no dedicated geologging device for this camera model. However you use the FUJIFILM camera remote app, which will allow you to embed location data into the images. The free app is compatible with smart phones, i-Pads and tablets, and a smart mobile is required for the location data. The app is used to control the camera and to transfer images from the camera to the smart phone. Please visit the following link for further details. http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/camera_remote/ If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind Regards, FUJIFILM UK Digital Support Phone: 03445532321 Email: fujifilmtec_uk@fujifilm.com FUJIFILM UK Limited St Martins Business Centre, St Martins Way, Bedford, MK42 0LF, UK www.fujifilm.eu/uk Post should now be closed?
  15.  Fujifilm X Summit The Fujifilm X Summit live stream starts now (video above). In case you are late, don’t worry, down below I will provide written live summary on what has been said and shown, so you don’t miss… The post Fujifilm X Summit LIVE STREAM on FujiRumors Starts Now appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  16. With 18-55 lens, Ive had trouble focussing in low light to the point where the camera gives up. I can focus manually then switch back to autofocus change subject and then it wont focus again. I had to go back to Fuji to have the shutter button looked at (its sticky/unresponsive at times) and I tried a video in the Fuji office park and to my unsuprise the camera was doing a similar hunting thing. There does seem to be an improvement over FW3.0 as I didnt see hunting when zoomed out but when zooming in to 55mm the problem is still very much there. Settings were all much the same as before, all auto except aperture. See attached video. Yes, I was shooting through a car window which is not ideal but the camera clearly tries to over focus beyond the cars in the distance and when adjusting the aperture to around f14 the focus hunting dies out. Was on FW2.1 recently for a vacation and not a single bit of focus hunting. The 'improvements' in the FW3 versions I dont think is worth the upgrade from FW2. Camera is back again with Fuji so lets see what they say next!
  17. Grab Your Coffee – Live Stream TODAY on FujiRumors Fujifilm X-Pro3 According to our sources, the Fujifilm X-Pro3 will come with an all new Classic Negative film simulation. Previous Fujifilm X-Pro3 rumors Accurate Fujifilm X-Pro3 Sketches show dual LCD screen… The post Fujifilm X-Pro3 Gets New “Classic Negative” Film Simulation appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  18. Hi everyone ! I'm an Italian 63 year old amateur photographer, starting "seriously" to shoot in 1981. I used many kinds of photo gear, including (in the film era) Medium Format as Hasselblad, Rollei, Mamyia, Fujifilm and panoramic cameras. I live on LakeComo. I started digital in 1999 with Epson printers and in 2001 with the first camera, the Canon PowerShot A20. Since than I used several different brands: Canon, Nikon, Olympus m4/3, Panasonic m4/3 and - in the last 3 years - Fujifilm. I started Fuji in the mid 2017 with X-T20 and 23/2 and 56/1.2; thereafter I got X-H1 with several other lenses (18-55/2.8-4, 55-200/3.5-4.8, 35/1.4, 27/2.8 and finally 16-55/2.8. My preferred shootings include theater, dance and music photography, as well as landscapes and portraits. Nice shots to all of you ! Elio
  19. Make sure you have Setup => Button/Dial Settings => Shoot Without Lens => On I believe the greyed out settings in the Mount Adapter Settings only apply when using the Fuji M Mount Adapter. (But its worth setting the focal length as it affects the auto ISO settings when Min Shutter Speed is set to Auto)
  20. Should Fuji cameras have a D-pad or not?
  21. Hello! I've been having a blast the last few weeks with my new camera. Went from shooting on a Pentax K1000 to the FujiFilm XT 30 and it's just been such an awesome experience. I've been using the 18-55 (2.8f) stock lens that comes with the camera and it's been kick ass. I just got the K to X adapter and have been looking forward to using the Pentax-M 1:2 50 mm lens with XT 30. It's hooked up and looks great through the viewfinder. I'm on all manual settings. However, I notice the camera is not actually taking pictures yet when I press the shutter. I know it's probably in the settings I read you need to input the stuff mount adapter settings, but that menu when I clicked on it seemed to be unresponsive. I OK'd 50mm focal length, but that didn't change anything and I was unable to access any other settings in that specific menu. Am I missing something? Some sort of update? Or maybe another setting I'm not sure of. Thanks in advance if you can help shed some light on to this for me. Have a good day!
  22. Fujifilm X-Pro3 According to our sources, the Fujifilm X-Pro3 will introduce additional in camera RAW editing options, such as clarity adjustments and more. Previous Fujifilm X-Pro3 rumors Accurate Fujifilm X-Pro3 Sketches show dual LCD screen and more Fujifilm X-Pro3 has… The post Fujifilm X-Pro3 Coming with Extended In Camera RAW Editing Options like Clarity and More appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  23. ... Bienchen und Blümchen by Enzio Harpaintner, auf Flickr
  24. Kipon just started delivery for their new top quality lineup adapters for Pro users, among the others also a LPL to Fujifilm GFX mount version. All pro adapters were high precision manufactured, using strong stainless material with very good abrasive… The post KIPON Starts Delivery of Pro Cine&Video LPL to Fujifilm GFX Mount Adapters appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  25. Hi everyone I'm a newbie and i'm using Fuji xh1 and Tamron 28-75f2.8 mark 1 with Fringer EF-FX Gen 1 Standar version. When I buy it, it's use FW 2.6s and my lens AF ok ang hunt sometime. Then i upgrade it to newest FW 3.10s and the lens is very diffucult to focus, it's hunt a lot. I contact with Fringer for more older FW to test the adapter and he sent me a FW 2.6 and said that : There shouldn't be any different. I very thankful but i want try some more, so anyone who use this adapter and storing old FW of this adapter, please share it to me. I'm very very thankful. Thanks all very much and best regard P/s : Sory about my English , thanks all
  26. Dear readers, sorry to bother you with it, but a few minutes ago I received a message from an anonymous source. It came to me via rumor box, so I have no idea, who it is and how to contact… The post Message to Anonymous Source Who Just Sent me Information appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  27. Yes, mine is updated. I have not yet seen any hunting issues (I've tried to break it) but have only tried with my 23mm f2. I'll try this evening with the slower 18-55 & the 16mm f1.4. camera needs to go back for a sticky shutter button now anyway :'(
  28. Hey all.. did anyone update to the 3.1 update and see if this AF issue is still there? they might have fixed it never know
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