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  2. A short while ago I had a playful morning, dropping the sigma 56mm attached to my x-e4in my bag and nothing else, decided to ignore architecture and to devote to the strong characters of vibrant, deep, real urban life. Or else. But first a man has to eat. And what are we without a glass of wine and a book? And then out the door I am Oh so urban Ambience, please. Here you are Fear to be overcome Edgier again Must move, not to disturb the magic Getting there and then looking up But we are not alone They are watching Me too: once, Twice! Then a moment devoting myself to art Heading into a seedier corner, and it shows . You know who they are And I move to a safe place Then, out and heading home, meeting a happy accident Two minutes there and then on the tram That’s all!
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  4. Update firmware instructions are here. I never use the app, but use a card as it is the most reliable way to update the firmware.
  5. KP Ho

    XT 5 L bracket

    Hi All, The L-Bracket I brought from Aliexpress is pretty good. The side bracket is adjustable and removable. I love it.
  6. Mabuhay! Most of my photo journey is from Pentax DSLRs from K-x, K-30, K-5iis and their Limited lens lineup 15/4, 21/3.2 my fave!, 40/2.8, 35M/2.8, 70/2.4, 100M/2.8 and even the 20-40 2.8-4 WR (~10 years, shooting general photography and sometimes paid gigs like, weddings and events) while they produce excellent image quality (especially colors and DR) I began to feel the limitations when it comes to the AF department. Fast forward, I too was smitten by the mirrorless bandwagon, I tried Canon EOS M for a very short while, while my M50/M6 provided me with small footprint and better AF speed and accuracy, I felt shortchanged when it comes to IQ, When my last DSLR conked out, slowly dispatched my lens collection and stated looking for an everyday camera, and when a wonderful lightly used/mint X100V in Silver/Brown edition popped out in our local marketplace, I quickly snagged it from the seller. From there I was immediately hooked with the camera as it was very fun and engaging to use. I love film sims, Classic Chrome rocks but later on, I intend to experiment shooting with RAW+ to up my skill. I also bought a WCL and even the expensive (for me) Hoage square metal hood. I am also planning to buy an ILC in order to complement my existing camera, but as of now, I am not sure which to get, either keeping align with the Fuji in the likes of X-T2 or X-T3 in the hopes to mimic my previous set up from my old system, or try to get a FF camera for the different FF look. (Sony A7iii/iv) Anyways, I am hoping to learn more from this forum, meet new friends and at the same way get inspired with the photos being shared here. Stay safe Thank you so much.
  7. We do our best – welcome to the Fuji X Forum! It' really a pity that DPReview is shutting down… Andreas
  8. Ferko

    XT 5 L bracket

    I have the SmallRig that I bought in Dec. and it has been my best L-bracket for any of my cameras. The side bracket has an about one inch movement and it is easy to manipulate it. It enhances the camera and the grip of the camera.
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  10. I'm considering the Sigma 56mm 1.4 or the Samyang 75mm 1.8 for portraits, The fuji 56mm 1.2 is nice but heavier and quite a bit more $
  11. Been shooting Fuji for about 3 years, with that "other" site shutting down I wanted some place to get info. This place seems like it might be a little friendlier.
  12. You must use the magnification function and you can use that along with focus highlight. I would never manual focus without using magnification. By the way, I love my 4 Canon FD lenses.
  13. Is there a way to save "Exposure/white balance simulation" switch to custom settings? When setting up custom settings bank the parent folder "Screen Setup" is always greyed out... Funny, just read in the other post " Fuji cameras are known for their custom settings capabilities", or something like that I'd add "...screw ups" to that phrase It would be more accurate.
  14. Refugee from the DP review forum which is sadly closing. I currently use an X-H1 with zooms. I do pretty much every sort of photography except portrait and street.
  15. Ok, thank you. I have found it. I was confused because on YouTube video it was located at the screen shown in original post
  16. Keep scrolling down - connection settings are in the sub-menu accessed using the symbol with the double arrows underneath the spanner.
  17. I’d like to pick up a vintage m42 screw mount Fujinon lens to play around with, but I’m concerned and confused about one thing. Whenever I read about adapting an m42 mount Fujinon onto a digital camera, the fact that the auto aperture pin at the mount has to be filed down in order to be used is stressed, but they’re always referring to a DSLR. Is this also necessary with a mirrorless Fuji?
  18. Hi Guys, Just got a new camera and trying to update it to the latest firmware. Unfortunately, I cannot find connection settings as stated in the Manual Please help
  19. Khoa

    XT 5 L bracket

    I have the JJC and Smallrig, have to say Smallrig is much better than JJC (the grip is too thicker ), unless you prefer a hard metal grip. I think Fuji's and Smallrig are best options. For smallrig plate, you may have to grate the edge where the bottom of your hand rest for it to feel like the camera body edge.
  20. I guess it's normal. My lcd got warm up as well. To be precise, it's the left side of the lcd, I guess it's where the chip is.
  21. Last week
  22. I have never noticed this effect on my x-t3, which I have owned for several years. I use Lightroom and recently X Transformer. I just thought to mention it as obviously it is not present in all x-t3s..
  23. Hello all, I am a new Fuji shooter but not new to photography. Just added an X-Pro3 and 23mm f/2 to my Nikon gear. So far enjoying the new gear.
  24. I have used my GFX 100S for stills for about one year, and everything is fine. Now I want to shoot videos as well. After watching tutorials on setting up the camera, I was ready to start shooting. Then the ridiculous issue raised: which button starts and stops the recording? I switched to video mode and pushed the trigger, but nothing happened. I also tried the other buttons, but nothing happened. Could someone tell me what to do? Do I need a special memory card?
  25. Hi everyone I am a photo enthusiast from Malta and after some years using a Sony a6000 I decided to jump to Fuji word I am still waiting for my XT1 to arrive and in the meantime I would like to learn from you guys about this wonderful camera
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