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  3. Search your manual for "PRE-AF" option. If ON camera should focus without pressing release botton.
  4. Thanks, Willtoride. It's beginning to make sense to me now. I guess I was really stressing the CPU.
  5. Just got the new X-S10. I don't think you have a forum for the X-s10 yet. Hopefully this is the right place to post. I'm confused about how autofocus works. I'm sure it is similar on all X models. Before I bought, I watched tons of videos on youtube about the X-S10 and when they tested the autofocus, they would walk away or towards the camera so you could see the focus adjust. Now that I got the camera, I'm baffled. (1) AutoFocus doesn't seem to happen automatically but you have to press the shutter button down halfway for it to focus. So I'm confused how the videos on youtube showed someone walking away or twoards the camera and it adjusted the focus automatically without pressing the shutter button halfway. How did they do this? (2) If you have to press the shutter button half way to focus, then how does one do a selfie? Hopefully someone can enlighten me on number (1) and (2) above. Thanks
  6. Yesterday
  7. I have only been able to get the XWebcam and XWebcam2 to work on my Macbook Pro )mid 2012, Catalina) with QuickTime Player Capture video without controls of the XWebcam software and with XWebcam/XWebcam2. I have been able to get it to work with Zoom only. Not FaceTime, not Skype, not Google Meeting. My old Logitech Webcam work with everything also.
  8. 4k 60fps 400Mbps means you're using the H265 codec. It's very cpu/gpu intensive. My 2016 MBP struggles to play H265 smoothly but my main editing machine plays them back fine, so this could be the issue you're seeing. Try H264, which will limit you to 200Mbps or maybe create proxies.
  9. Max78


    Buenos Aires, 2018
  10. With the new 4.0 firmware, I found that I have to press the shutter button halfway down, before the eye-AF works. Before the upgrade, I could just snap away, and eye AF always worked. As I mostly work with children, I do not have the time to pre-focus every shot, so for me it is worse than before. Is there a setting I can change to rectify this? Thx
  11. I have the same problem. After Google, forums, etc. I found that I have to pre-focus first, before taking the picture. Before the upgrade, I could just snap away, and eye AF always worked. As I mostly work with children, I do not have the time to pre-focus every shot, so for me it is also worse than before.
  12. Welcome (back) and thank you for your self-introduction!
  13. Does the Fuji X100F have an auto sensor cleaning system when switching on/off?
  14. We will see Pixel Shift like GFX systems? It´s possible? Any roumors...?
  15. Has this worked for anyone else regarding the auto eye sensor operating properly? any other advice on doing this safely? The information from the person who said it works appears to be saying push a thin piece of plastic between the round plastic eye cover that goes over the eye sensor? Or am i reading that wrong? Regards Glen
  16. The solution for me was found here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msteams/forum/msteams_tfb-msteams_tfmac/microsoft-teams-mac-os-client-is-not-recognizing/d9e863be-d9a4-4d03-a4b8-1b5c7df58828 I tried everything. I suspected that the problem was that Teams did not get access to removable volumes, and after trying the solution above, I was asked to give access, just like with any other camera and microphone the firs time, and it worked. I have never gotten the FUJIFILM X Webcam 2.app to work, so if anyone has a fix to that, it would be much appreciated. macOS 10.15.7 Microsoft Teams
  17. Have you tried formatting the SD card in camera? I have noticed a brief black screen “storing” message after taking single shot. I do have clarity set on my film settings.
  18. Hi all, I'm Essere from Hong Kong, have been on and off fujifilm user for over 2 decades. I remember that my first DC was the square shape one by Fujifilm, can't recall the model... Owned X10 before, but stopped shooting for a few years, recently pick it up again with 2nd hand equipment X-T10 and then X-T2, mainly using a manual 35mm f1.4 lense. Being a project manager in IT sector, I'm just an amateur (even after 20+ years since my first SLR) enjoying photography as a form of arts, really enjoy the color of Fujifilm jpeg, yet I love taking b&w photo myself. Hope to learn from fellows here and share the joy in photography. have fun!
  19. http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-t3/menu_setup/button-dial_setting/index.html#edit-save_quick_menu
  20. Get a card reader. Pull the card from the camera and use the reader to copy from the card to your pc, then use the software from there. It will be so much faster, the time savings alone will pay for the purchase.
  21. I am struggling with underexposed videos using my X-T3 and 10-24mm with interior Real Estate videos even with a decent amount of natural and ambient light. The footage is just too dark unless I pump up the ISO to 4000 where it gets really noisy. What are the best wide-angle lenses for the X-T3 with regards to interior Real Estate videography where it's usually low light? Also, is there a budget friendly option? I've gone through the Complete Overview of X Mount Lenses but I was hoping for some recommendations specific to the industry and video. Thanks for any help guys! Settings: 4K 29.97P I would prefer 59.94P to slow down some shots YouTube encoding prefers 30P ss60 F4.0 ISO 800-4000 200Mbps H.264 / H.265 Long GOP / ALL-Intra Eterna Custom White Balance DR400 Film Simulation Recording / F-Log Recording
  22. Dont know what i did but ive lost the ability to switch between the C1 and C2 etc in the Q menu ? I can change the blank square where the option was in the Q menu to lots of different option but not to C1, C2 etc? thanks
  23. Last week
  24. I cannot get my new xt4 to connect to Fuji app for image transfer. I’ve used the app for many yrs with many different models. I’ve tried removing and reinstalling app. Deleted pairings. Re-paired. The app sees the camera and is added to camera list. I can even use the remote release function on the app. BUT I CANNOT get the app to connect to camera and display images for transfer. The app tries to connect but just spins. I’m using iPad 7th gen with iOS 14.2. Fuji xt4 with firmware 1.10.
  25. I loaded Capture One and X-Acquire on to my PC (Windows 10) but so far, haven't been able to load video clips from the camera to the PC or software. I bet somebody knows how to do it.
  26. My copy is smooth like other native lenses. Shouldn’t be too tight like you have to fight it.
  27. Thanks Andreas! This is a great solution! I ll let a friend print it. Maybe there was a piece of rubber in that spot and it fell out? Grüße Dirk
  28. It might be quite subjective to tell yes or no. I have no problem to use 16-55mm on my X-E2 just use shoulder strap instead of wrist one.
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