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  4. Hi. I've been looking for gimbal recommendation for xt30. I got 4 on my list: Weebill s Weebill Lab Ronin sc g6max Which of those would be the best option in terms of compability with my camera. Thank You
  5. Its about quality. No point talking about it over and over ..Fuji IS NOT built with quality at first place.. Rubber, elestric connectors (grip-body) paint , plastic doors ...coming from NIkon its disappointing.
  6. Its a shame... coming from Nikon 700 I was really shocked how plastic.. feel metal Fuji. Doors, rubber, lens connection etc - its not a pro-tool as advertised. Not mentioning problems with a battery/grip connection - which Fuji didnt and dont want to recognize worldwide. Not good.
  7. Well, Since you seem to have all the answers, then no one needs to answer. Thank you
  8. Yes, appears you have the drive/delete button set to bracket. Just scroll up with the joystick and select still image.
  9. I’m mainly a street photographer taking pictures normally of people approaching me. The weather was beautifully sunny with blue skies. I had the camera set to auto ISO, auto aperture, and shutter speed set to 1/250, average speed for freezing motion. So I took a shot at these settings, reviewed the shot and noticed the displayed shutter speed was 1/160 I took a photo a lady posing for me, same settings and the same thing happened. I have since remembered this has happened many times, I’m not getting the shutter speed I select. After reviewing the static photo, for your reference, the aperture selected was F13, ISO 320. Obviously, with this happening, I run the risk of camera shake. Can anyone please shed light what is happening here? Many thanks, Chris.
  10. >I'm also considering purchasing the 16mm f1.4, do you have that lens? If so how do you like it for video? My primes are 14 f2.8, 23 f2 and 35 f1.4. I've chosen 14 instead of 16 as apart from video I make interior photos and 16's field of view is not enough. But of course, Fuji's 16 is something that REALLY differ from my 14. 16 f1.4 is my next purchase probably.
  11. Welcome to our forum @devkiRT and @Paul Furness
  12. Hi, my name is Paul and I currently live in Melbourne, Australia. I say currently as I move around a lot. I am here in Melbourne doing a degree, as a mature age student, in the Arts - Photography. I do shoot with another system but only used for sports. I started with a Fuji X10 and progressed to the X-T1 for the interchangeable lenses. I have only just upgraded to the X-T4 and can't wait to test out its capabilities (or is that my capabilities). I am hoping that the X-T4 will work with my favourite sport Ice Hockey, if so it will become the only system I use. I shoot mostly sports and landscapes with a little commercial work to keep me up to date. I look forward to learning from this community. :)
  13. Thanks for the info! Really appreciate it. So I had a little extra money to spend and decided to order the X-t4, hopefully will be here tomorrow. I was a little unsure if $2199 CAD pricetag was justified since I already own a capable video machine in the x-t30 but based off the way you're describing the footage your getting from handheld b-roll, I'm feeling more excited about it now. I'm also considering purchasing the 16mm f1.4, do you have that lens? If so how do you like it for video?
  14. hello there, im eki an curently im using XE-1 with some fuji lenses, still learning, and hopefuly i can learn a lot from this forum, cheers.
  15. Last week
  16. Hi Jim, I myself had the X-E2 and then, X-E2S. II have a X-E3 for about 6 months now. It is a wonderful deal. What can I say : The joystick is not perfect when you dive too much in in the menus. Sometimes I hit and miss. I use the Jpg to Raw in camera conversion menu, I cannot go as fast as with the d-pad. Nevertheless, the joystick works very well for choosing focus. I have no big issues with swipes, it works well for me. May i add that the X-E3 is a totally different camera that its predecessors. Its more advanced in features and sensor. While the image quality, on the specs sheet, is better, the rendering of the image is different, i still find the X-E2s image quality wonderful. The two negatives for the X-E2s, the skin smoothing on images at higher ISO and its video quality made want to upgrade, not the image quality or the resolution. The video quality on the X-E3 is okay but not as nice as the X-T2 slightly cropped version. I much prefer the X-E1, X-E2, X-E2s's design to the X-E3. I hope this help you ...
  17. hello i am new here Actually, I am a film maker Usually I shoot with Blackmagic Cameras Besides that I love photography Love the simplicity of one frame that can tell many stories. So I photographed some photos, before I got into movies. And now I want to get picked up more often. But I was not satisfied with my Canon camera image. I can not get in to the image and I stuck on distance So I looked around and and search for the photos that inspired me and only the photo's of Leica gave me that feeling I was able to reach leica CL. But with the lenses included it was impossible to get it. So I looked for the alternatives and saw that fuji camera get closest to my imagination. I bought an xpro 3 and was amazed with the image quality. I am still in the learning phase.
  18. FenFotos


    Images from the streets and parks of New York Spring 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic
  19. I use Fuji XT2 its been with me for 2 years very good camera
  20. I have an X100V with the same problem, done everything that has been said and still I have not been able to see the gridlines.
  21. What you are probably thinking of is animal eye detection. Fuji has not announced anything. I do not see why Fuji could not add it.
  22. Compared to my Leica: Stunning colours and sharpness The best working tethering with Lightroom and Liveview. Webcam now in ZOOM meetings! USB-C (although unsure why they would put it under the camera) great power switch. Excellent tech support unexpected Light weight and this is only after 3 days use.
  23. Sounds like you have activated Bracketing. See the manual here for the Drive/Delete Menu http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x100v/about_this_camera/parts/index.html#drive_button
  24. Was cruising on Fuji website today and notice they posted a new firmware update for X-Pro3; looks like a bug fix.
  25. Hello! I'm new to Fuji and just got the x100v, i'm still reading around and learning all the settings and I have no idea what I activated that now when I take a photo it saves 3 raws of the same photo with different white balance, I have gone thru all the options that I changed and I don't seem to get to it. I have searched online and don't find an answer either. If anybody knows what this is and can help me out, I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you!
  26. It's ok for external zooms. 18-55 and 55-200 do the same.
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