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  3. Arthur

    Anyone else is hoping for a 16-80 f4?

    I will get it for the two lens travel kit: 14mm and 16-80mm.
  4. I’m trying to get my head around geotagging on my X-E3. How does it work? Does it use Bluetooth or WiFi to get the info from the phone in real time? With Bluetooth it seams that the camera gets the location at the moment you connect to the Smartphone but not keep updateing on real time. (he bluetooth symbol is white) ¿Does anybody know hot to get real time geotagging?
  5. I agree that the FF lenses are larger and therefore heavier, but the resolution tradeoff is significant when you're dealing with wide angle lenses and the eventual desire for cropping. I own and use both a Sony A7rIII and Fuji GFX50s. Despite the slightly larger format of the GFX, I find the resolution of both cameras to be comparable. That said, I find the retro design of the GFX, with its top mounted dials and aperture control on its lenses, to be appealing. And for that reason alone I have been trying to convince myself to purchase an Xt3. However, i've owned—for a brief interval before returning—a Fuji XH-1, and was not overly impressed with the Xtrans sensor, although, I understand that the Xt3 sports an improved, upgraded APS-C array. I do not do any video to speak of, so the video capabilities of any of these cameras is, for my purposes, irrelevant. I had pulled the trigger on an Xt3 with a 16mm prime lens rather than a zoom, but B&H failed to ship the in stock camera as promised and I cancelled same. Now I am wondering if I should reorder the package. Do I need it? NO, but a new toy would be nice.
  6. mdm

    XT3 or 56mm?

    Lens is the way to go for sure, but .... it might be a bit off topic... anyway, Canon just set the price for their new Canon EF-M 32mm f/1.4 STM for $479! So I feel a little cheated looking at Fuji's $599 for XF 35mm f/1.4 R ☹️
  7. Niko.

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello, I am a new X-E3 user, and am hoping to pick up information and advice to become a better photographer with my first Fuji 😀
  8. Jose Carpin


    "Cleanliness" Varanasi, India 2018 Fuji X-T2 + XF23mm f2 R WR Come check out my site: www.josecarpin.com Add me on instagram: jose_carpin_photographer
  9. fahdeen

    Help! My X-T20 is steamed up!

    Hi I had this same problem with my X-T2 when I was in India.Rendered the camera unusable. cleaned it multiple times kept it outside but no change.....but everything else was working fine...but after i reached back in the ME there was no problem ...even now its so humid (70-80%) outside that in 10-15 seconds i'm bathed in sweat!! but the camera worked flawlessly! no fogging up nothing.
  10. Help! My X-T20 is steamed up! I am in SE Asia and it is the end of the wet season and I did have it in a cool air-conditioned hotel room last night but, whenever I've had steamed-up cameras before in these circumstances, they always un-steam in about half an hour. In fact, the camera steamed up yesterday but then the condensation went after 30 minutes when it was back in warm air. Today is no more humid than yesterday but it just won't un-steam. Anyone ever had the same problem and managed to solve it, short of getting the sensor cleaned. I'm in a part of the world where that's not really possible.
  11. yukosteel

    Fuji Xt2/3 vs Sony A7 dimension myth

    I'm actively using X-T2 + 7artisans 35mm F1.2, and Sony A7S + adapted CV 50mm F1.5. Ergonomically they are very similar sets from the size perspective, and producing very similar pictures. I think the most important size-driving factor here is the lens dimension/price available for both systems. For some cases I prefer Fuji, especially with 100-400mm lens (I'd need to carry much larger and heavier 150-600 with Sony). In case of wide angle I like Fuji + Rokinon 12mm F2 as a very compact ultra-wide set.
  12. Last week
  13. Enzio

    Macro with Fuji X

    Carl Zeiss Jena 35/2.4 Flektogon (M42) ... on X-H1 ... Schwebefliege by Enzio Harpaintner, auf Flickr
  14. mdm

    My X-Pro2 Review.

    Not a Kodachrome yet but good enough!
  15. I have been following—purely out of curiosity—the various Internet posts regarding the relative virtues of the Fuji Xt2 and the new Xt3 vs the Sony A7 series cameras (A7III,A7rII and III) and have been amazed by the continued use of size as a feature favoring the Fuji offerings. However, various sites have posted the comparative, side by side dimensions of both the xt2, upon whose body the xt3 is based, and the Sony A7III (similar body dimensions as the R series) and a review of same has indicated that there is no discernible difference when considering overall dimensions. To wit, the following link: https://cameradecision.com/compare/Fujifilm-X-T2-vs-Sony-Alpha-7R-II
  16. bergat

    Focus and reframe issue

    Try to use shutter button pressed in half to focus and then recompose your composition with button half pressed
  17. adzman808

    My X-Pro2 Review.

    The Fujifilm X-Pro2 and erm Kodachrome? We used to chose the film stock that made the pictures we wanted. Now we do it digitally, especially with Fujifilm cameras... But can the majesty of classic film stocks really be incorporated into our digital images? http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/finally/xp2-one-hundred-thirty-six/
  18. Yes so I think, but no problem in the past with the other releases of raw converter
  19. Some issue with your system - I used that link when the software was released and everything was in English
  20. Enzio

    Fuji Flowers

    ... Sonnenblume mit Besucher by Enzio Harpaintner, auf Flickr X-H1 + Minolta W-Rokkor 24/2.8 (MC)
  21. I see less definition than X-T1, and that is impossible.
  22. I have in Jap language user interface, but trying to install positioning in another row, application is started in english fortunally
  23. bergat

    Amazon DELAYS XT-3 Release!!!

    Amazon de sells X-T3 black at 1250 euro
  24. Melson

    Amazon DELAYS XT-3 Release!!!

    No word yet from B&H. Thought I was an early buy-in, thinking that that would put me in front of the hoard. But, dang, looks like I'm merely one-of-many. Hope to have before a trip first week of October.
  25. Sure, I've found this link on FujiRumors - http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/myfinepix_studio/rfc_3/win/ but your link looks the same, so what do you have in japanese? That particular download page or user interface of the app itself?
  26. ewm19

    Streetphotography (open thread)

    X100T still serve me well...
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