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  2. If I want to send the camera display output to an HDMI monitor, for example for composing shots on a larger screen, are there any particular requirements for that monitor? Aspect ratio, pixel count, physical size, version, anything like that? If it matters, I'm thinking of an X-T4 and also an X-T30 ii. I understand this is supposed to duplicate the camera display on the external monitor, whether shooting, playback, in menu system, whatever -- have I got that right? Thanks!
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  4. Mbps I would recommend a V90 memory card or faster. Here is Fujifilm's compatibility list for the X-T3: https://fujifilm-x.com/global/support/compatibility/cameras/x-t3/
  5. I bought a X-T3 JUL2022, read the manual 2x, start taking pictures but movies only last 15 seconds. Cards are Samsung 64Gb EVO Plus A1 V10 130Mbps. What's wrong?
  6. Hey what are good ways to clean the evf eye sensor on my GFX 50R (or any fuji model with eye sensor). It's very hard to get a lens cloth in there and there's not much room to work with. My camera is keeping the evf active even though I have it set to automatically switch between evf and lcd, I think due to the dust on the evf. Googling for an answer seems to only tell me how to clean the cameras sensor.
  7. In aperture priority - set the lens wide open - choose a scene with objects at different distances - now press the button you have assigned to "PREVIEW DEPTH OF FIELD" and the effect should be obvious. (I checked it with X-S10 but X-T4 should be much the same - its not something I ever use as half press will do the same and also focus on the subject)
  8. Why is there a "PREVIEW DEPTH OF FIELD" function? I am ALWAYS seeing the effect of the DoF. As I turn the aperture ring I see more or less blur on things not at the focused distance. In fact, if I turn the camera round, I also see the blades of the aperture stop move in and out as I turn the ring. What does the function change? Seems like nothing, as far as I have been able to notice. If it matters, this is on an X-T4 with a Fuji 35 f/1.4 lens. Thanks!
  9. Interesting that two actual owners of the X-H2S should have similar thoughts on its IQ, (and the plethora of improvements in the camera itself), and have been able to physically compare it to the X-T4, side by side. Interestingly the OP, whilst commenting on Ken's review, stated that he had, "already drawn pretty much the same conclusion about it". If you own one and an X-T4 then your conclusion is valid. If not then....... As I alluded to earlier, I have never seen any photo examples to confirm Ken's points and until then I will treat his reviews as I have always done, which is one of idle curiosity.
  10. So if it is no better or worse than the X-T3 or X-T4, then why didn’t he call the image quality in those cameras muddy? Because he’s lying.
  11. Hello All: I recognize that the Fujifilm X-H2S is not on compatable list for Ronin RS2. However, has anyone tried this combination using micro HDMI female to male HDMI? Besides stabalization what works? Most important to me are starting/stopping video recording and being able to adjust focus with the focus motor.Thank you in advance.Don
  12. He’s wrong about all of it and I seriously doubt he used the camera. I had the X-T3, sold it for the X-T4, and 2 years later I preordered the X-H2s. I have had it since launch and here’s a quick rebuttals to that garbage review. First, the people he spoke about, saying they backed up his claims… Casey from Camera Conspiracies, only tried the pre-release and has since taken one on loan… He loves the thing now. Gerald from Gerald Undone, said the camera’s DR is excellent, Still image capture AF is awesome, and he said thanks to the noise properties he can actually make the video better quality than the A1 (that’s impressive). DPReview, said they wouldn’t rank the camera or comment on most aspects until they got a full retail version of it and that review is happening now. Second, he ignored the stacked sensor and the improved AF speed completely. Then he made assumptions based on his ignorance of the camera and how it functions. He claimed they didn’t think the design through, but his own complaints show he didn’t think it through. I had the X-T4 sitting right beside the new body for about a week… The build quality was very much on par with the X-T4 and yet he praised one while panning the other. So which is it, is the build quality of the X-T4 cheap, or is the X-H2S actually decent build quality. Then of course he tried to equate knowing the X-T4 with knowing this camera and I can tell you they could not be further apart in the way they operate and still be a Fuji body. Many of us have action photos, portraits, BIF, and animal portraits, yet he seems to proclaim it is the worst camera ever. Of course he focused on 1 thing obsessively, that’s the fact that the dials don’t have any push button capabilities. Then he also made a comment that gave away his motivation for the whole review away… Fuji wouldn’t give him a body to review, so he rented or purchased one and panned the whole camera. Oh and as for Muddy images… I set both the X-H2S and the X-T4 to the same settings and swapped the lenses from body to body. The image quality was pretty much identical, so you can ignore that garbage claim too.
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  14. Benjamin80

    X-T4, using the 150-600mm lens

    Hello all. I am new here. Today I was able to get out and take some shots with the 150-600mm lens using the X-T4.
  15. Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA.
  16. Hello friend! Recently, xt4 has encountered a problem. When the handle is turned up and turned on, you will hear a clicking sound. I thought it was a problem, but it seems that other people's xt4 is the same. I want to ask is this normal?
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  18. I'm surprised as well - I have that lens currently on the X-H2S and there is no obvious play.
  19. Hi GO I am comparing it to all my FujiFilm bodies and the other marque in my (as my beloved would put it) 'too many cameras' fleet. Ken stated that the IQ was 'muddy' compared to the X-T4 and having tested it alongside my X-T4 and X-S10 (and for fairness sake my X-H1 and X-T3) I can find absolutely no difference in IQ between the newest bodies (X-T4/X-S10) which are marginally better than the older ones (X-T3/X-H1/X-Pro2) if you really start down the IQ pixel-peeping route. Its not a route I go down. I have been more than happy with the IQ of the X-T4 and X-S10 but the subject aquisition and focus success rate of the X-H2S takes it to a different level above both of those super cameras and that is/was the rationale for buying it. As well as the phenominal speed and buffering and stacked sensor. That's on the FujiFilm 'compared to what' side. If I then compare the X-H2S with my Sony A7 iv (my only full frame camera) I would say that the Sony is marginally better on focus speed, tracking and (pixel peeping) detail but, as I have more FujiFilm lenses and prefer the tactile feel of the Fuji's over the more clinical Sony, I am more than satisfied with the X-H2S. Each to their own! His point that the IQ was no better or worse than previous much less expensive models was an irrelevance to me as I wasn't after a quantum leap in IQ (I am more than satisfied), I just wanted a much better focus and aquisition rate which I now have with the cracking X-H2S. I like Ken and his thoughts on FujiFilm lenses just about mirror mine though I confess to not owning/using as many as him. But of those that I do own, they feature in his 'top-5'. I even prefer my 16-80mm over the bag of primes 16-55mm! Whilst I do find his reviews very refreshing and interesting/different, I find Maarten Heilbronn, Andy Mumford and the Hybrid Shooter offer a more balanced viewpoint coupled with actual photo examples which I, as a simple retired soldier, can relate to and form an opinion/judgement on. Unless I have missed them, I cannot recall ever seeing any actual examples taken by Ken to prove beyond all reasonable doubt, the contentious and (sometimes) contemptious and dismissive views he holds. Again whilst I respect his views, I reserve the right to disagree with them and in the case of the FujiFilm X-H2S, I clearly do! I hope that answers your point on the 'compared to what'. Kind regards Pat
  20. Hi Patr, I'm sure its a cracking camera but as Ken would say "Compared to what?' That what he claimed, the image was no better or worse than previous much less expensive models. Regards, GO
  21. Hi everyone ! I recently change my camera for a Fujifilm XT4 ! I'm doing my video rig for wedding video and I wanted to use my Liliput A5 monitor on it but i don't have any image on the monitor but only on the LCD camera screen. I try to use different video settings but still no signal on my monitor. Does anyone has already try a Liliput monitor on a XT4 ? Is it compatible (can't find if it is or not) ? What setting should I use to have the signal on my monitor ? Thank you for your help Matt
  22. I found this forum in a link from another Fuji forum so I'm glad to be here. Regarding Ken, he's a strong, unique personality and part of his identity is to rattle the pots and pans. He's a quirky, intelligent person who has opinions, like we all do. His presentation can be extremely off putting, but he's worth listening to when deciding on a new Fuji. I agree with others here who say it's best to rent a new camera if possible, and compare to one's own knowledge base and shooting preferences.
  23. Hello GO I thought Ken raised a few valid points and others which were fit for the floor mounted circular filing cabinet. But they were his points as he saw them so good for him. But irrespective of his views and his 4/10 rating, I bought an X-H2S and have to say that it is an exceptional camera. It is so fast, the subject detection system is phenominal and the EVF is in a different league to any of my FujiFilm cameras. I have it side by side with my beloved X-H1, a camera that was hewn from rock, and whilst it doesn't quite have that same 'feel' of indestructability, it is superbly made and tactile wise, a level above the X-H1. What I mean by that is the controls are well damped and responsive, the shutter button is less touch sensitive (ie doesn't fire at the lightest touch), and the control wheels, whilst not clickeable, are precise. The joystick is not as well positioned as the X-H1 but as I have only had the camera for two days, it will improve as my muscle/brain memory kicks in. The extended grip is as good as, if not better than, the X-H1 and though still early days, I found the 100-400mm nicer to hold and use when on the X-H2S with or without either of the TC's. As for the charger, never got one with my X-T4 and yes it is tight of FujiFilm but I am glad that they spent the money on the sensor and the overall package. It shouldn't and didn't put me off but I see where he is coming from. PSAM is not a big deal for me, its on all my Sony's and on mylovely little X-S10 so it came natural to me. The C1-7 modes are just superb and if I had to trade the conventional dials just for this feature then I would...almost, as I still love the manual control nature of my other FujiFilm's. To be able to dial in my favourite settings and recall them at the click of a dial (and lock it should I wish) is fantastic and instant. I have a Delkin Black 150 Gb CFExpress card as well as a SanDisk Extreme SD Card. Never had a CF before, it makes the SD card seem pedestrian and even when on high speed bursts it clears the buffer immediately. I enjoyed Ken's review but I beg to differ with his conclusions and thoughts. As for muddy twixt the X-T4, I am not sure where he got that from but IQ is exactly the same as my X-T4 and X-S10 using all my FujiFilm lenses ......but many more images are 100% in focus and processed 4 x quicker than any other body. It is a cracking camera.
  24. Thank you ! No i got the point 👍. Will do more research in to that
  25. The f-stop is not changing, which is the ratio stays the same. Constant aperture is really constant f-ratio., which means effective or virtual ratio. A truly manual constant aperture lens operates differently than by-the-wire lenses, which is why the older ones are so large, they have to maintain that ratio over their range. Newer lenses do it differently which is why they are referred to as having virtual constant ratios. Btw, that Canon approach is pretty limited. Try that trick on a wterfall and you will see the waterfall change from falling water to shaving cream.
  26. My lense is 16-80 f4. So its constant aperture. When i zoom the aperture isnt changing!
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