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  2. Rap Fotografie

    New Focus Stacking feature on v4 firmware

    90mm i use f5.6. 56 1.2 also f5.6 (but only if ISO permits; not when in studio or under controlled lighting conditions of course).
  3. Steve Lew

    Blank out photos

    The only thing I can think of with a few black photos out of 300 is that your exposures were so far off that these photos did not even have an image. Or it could be that you lens cap was on your camera. It seems strange that only a few images were black.
  4. Steve Lew

    Travel tripod

    Check out Induro carbon Fiber tripods. Well built, not cheap, but great in the field.
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  6. SauveGV

    Fuji Flowers

    Fuji XT-1 + 50-140mm+ ext. tube 11mm @115mm, f/10, 1/75s ISO200
  7. I would suggest you use the sweet spot of your lens for maximum sharpness.
  8. Mike-Photos

    New Focus Stacking feature on v4 firmware

    What aperture should one set?
  9. milandro

    the new look

    I don’t know if and when you are coming back to this, but the forum still looks as butt-ugly as it did when it re-appeard in its new unflattering version. I hope that you are going to follow up on the promise of improvements. Using this interface feels positively uncomfortable. It is not impossible to use, of course. I’ve posted quite a bit since the “ new look” came to pass, but it really bothers my sense of beauty to use a mostly white page in this day and age and more importantly for folks ( photographers) whom value aesthetics (don’t we?).
  10. Enzio

    Fuji Flowers

    X-H1 + Nikkor AF-S 300/4.0 ED ... Lilie by Enzio Harpaintner, auf Flickr
  11. Rap Fotografie

    New Focus Stacking feature on v4 firmware

    I just use the jpegs (i shoot sequential raf to sdcard 1; jpegs to sdcard 2) stepsize 1 is smallest focus increment. 10 the largest. Try to focus on the front part of the subject and start with stepsize 5 and 3 shots. Analyze the results and interpolate/guesstimate the needed stepsize and number of frames.
  12. Rap Fotografie

    New Focus Stacking feature on v4 firmware

    Photoshop isn't that good with stacking complex images. Also Helicon Focus give three different stacking methods (aka algorithms) PS The images
  13. milandro

    Still Life

  14. milandro

    People -- Anything about People (Open Thread)

    not shot with Fuji lifeguard
  15. milandro

    People -- Anything about People (Open Thread)

    Not shot with Fuji Pool with kid
  16. milandro

    People -- Anything about People (Open Thread)

    not shot with Fuji Homeless in Holguin
  17. Mike G

    Round the bend

    From my travels on the Rhine. X-H1 + 56mm 1.2 @ 1/420 f5.6 ISO200
  18. Thanks for this info, are you shooting jpegs?, have you tried raw files? Is it practible to shoot 100 raws? you must need a lot of computer power? Also have you tried processing in photoshop rather than Helicon focus? Is step 1 greater than step 10 or vice versa, I would appreciate if you could share some of your frames/steps as a rough guide for landscapes, objects < 1:1 and > 1:1 Thanks again
  19. adzman808

    My X-Pro2 Review.

    My X-Pro2 Images: Two Years On Revisiting the very first images with the latest PP techniques Well it's been two years since I got the X-Pro2... I wonder how my very first shots look with how I PP them these days? http://adambonn.com/my-love-affair-with-the-fujifilm-x-pro1/xp2-one-hundred-twenty-seven/
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  21. Rap Fotografie

    New Focus Stacking feature on v4 firmware

    Works like a cherm also with the MCEX11 on the 90/2 and 56/1.2. Needs some learning of stepsize and number of frames needed. But when merging/stacking in Helicon Focus it works 100%. First one handheld (30frames;5stepsize) | Second one tripod (100frames;2stepsize). https://www.rapfotografie.nl/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/2018-07-14-19-17-32-C-Edit.jpg https://www.rapfotografie.nl/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/2018-07-03-19-45-23-C-Edit.jpg
  22. Mike-Photos

    X-H1 Raw files - need new software

    This is a great place to start: https://blog.thomasfitzgeraldphotography.com/blog/2018/6/oommkng8fz6w43r672933zukui644i
  23. deva

    X-T10 user moving to X-H1 or wait for X-T3?

    I have 2 X-T2's and just purchased the X-H1 (all with battery grips)... I have not used the X-H1 all that much yet... but here are my first impressions I immediately missed the exposure compensation dial. It is bigger and heavier. I prefer the appearance of the X-T2 The X-H1 is easier to grip with a heavy lens. I feel more confident holding the X-H1 in one hand. I like the X-H1 viewfinder better The shutter is amazing and so quiet. When I am shooting birds and other animals, it makes a difference. Likewise I expect to use the X-H1 for panels and conferences and the like since it is so quiet. The X-T2 suddenly seems loud. I am often taking nature photos in low light... dawn and dusk so the IBIS will allow me to use some lenses I previously avoided like the 90. I have not tried out the touch screen for focussing I have not tried connecting my phone I've not shot video yet but I will for sure be using the X-H1
  24. dfaye

    No playback on X-t2 LCD, please help.

    Also, check that the eyecup is firmly in place: push it downwards to make sure it has clicked into place. If it has become dislodged and has slid upwards, even a little, it will block the little sensor window at the base of the EVF. This will make the camera "think" that you're using the EVF rather than the LCD.
  25. milandro

    People -- Anything about People (Open Thread)

    Antonio Maceo monument .He whom opposed slavery
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