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  6. I would have thought it needs to be set to something - even just Standard?
  7. Another C1 bug V21 Fuji version found and reported the export to 2048 web version is broken. The program completely ignores the path you set. It really is an excruciating experience at times, it really needs a simple explorer type file system that gives the user easy control over images in/out. This leads into the next issue...my last few tickets were at least a 2 week wait and never resolved by C1 support. Probably worth bearing this in mind before you take a leap into C1! So now I have to save full res jpegs at 10mb a shot and resize them in Irfanview.
  8. Fujifilm X-T3 + Laowa CF 9mm F/2.8 Zero-D Manual Lens
  9. Thanks, I have the basic pixelmator but am considering trying something more sophisticated.
  10. I was a Photoshop user for over 20 years and then LR. I no longer do commercial work and retired to photography for fun now. I quit that suite earlier this year and learned Darktable. There was no point in paying for a subscription when I do less post now. I find the catalogue can be a shortcoming if for commercial. But other than that I'm happy with editing and does pretty much everything LR does, with more granular controls. I absolutely love the filmic RGB module. I tried Rawtherapee but it wasn't for me. There is a learning curve for anything new. For me and my purpose it was totally worth
  11. Hi guys. New to the group, but not new to the XT3. It's first time I'm connecting to an external mic (Deity V-mic D3 Pro). I went into the audio settings, shut off the internal mics, kept the external mic at +0DB, connected the 3.5mm connector into the mic jack of my fujifilm xt3 but when i record, there is nothing that comes out. The audio leveler also doesn't really move much. Is there something else I need to do in the settings to get the audio coming from my external mic? Thank you in advance.
  12. I was finally able to arrange it properly. Thanks again for your help. Regards, Steve
  13. Is there a way of using a SB-800 flash on a XT-4 Thanks in advance
  14. Is there any way to turn off film simulation altogether? I've gone through the menu and manual, several times looking for a way to deactivate it and I only see reference to film simulation bracketing.
  15. Have the camera ready in shooting mode (musn't be set to video as that is a separate Q menu). Long press the Q menu button until the menu comes up in edit mode. Use the joystick to position the cursor over each item you want to change and press the joystick (you will see the menu of Q menu items and be able to scroll and change to the one you want) When you have the Q menu looking the way you want use the Disp Back button to return to shooting mode. The Q menu should now be changed.
  16. Thanks for the detailed reply. I don't use Terminal very often, so was unaware of this function. As it stands, I've already reformatted the card, so I don't think the missing files or old folder listings are still on the card. Should it happen again, I will use this method to try and find them. Thank for your help.
  17. I changed the sharpness value in my q menu but after fiddling with it, as you can see, it now appears 3 times, and 2 previous items are missing. As previously suggested, I went to: Menu => Wrench, Set Up => Button/Dial Setting => Edit/Save Quick Menu. However, this did not help. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. That does sound a bit odd for not being seen in your iMac's finder view ... Try this. Put the card in your card reader and connect it to your iMac. Start the Terminal program (it is in the Utilities folder) and type in the following at the prompt: cd /Volumes (and hit the return key). Your card should have some name, say Untitled 1 or something like that. Type in: cd 'Untitled 1' (and hit the return key). -- the ' ' characters are there to make sure that any spaces in the name get included. If the name has spaces and you leave of the ' ' characters, the command
  19. Yes, for the most part that works with all the images on my card that it recognises. All the programmes I open the xs10 files in recognise the raw files are there, but just can't preview them or convert them. What I'm talking about is a whole series of images do not show up anywhere as being on the card, from one day to the next. All the previous raw and jpeg files are there, and can be seen and found, and imported ( if not converted ) The images that could not be seen by my mac or any software, where still to be seen when I previewed all the images in camera. They could not seen anywhere els
  20. HI, New to the for forum. I bought a xt2 with older update. I updated it to the newest firmware and the lcd screen started going bright them dim then bright then dim constantly. Tried to video and says problem with card. I have a xt4 and the card works fine in. It worked fine in it before the update. Has anyone every had this problem or know how to get it fixed? 1st camera problem and have no idea! Thanks in advance. Scott
  21. I don't know. Could we start one of those online petitions?
  22. I am having the same issues!! It is frustrating when you are working with clients and have to stop to pull the battery out and pop it back in!!
  23. I agree, best approach is to download a trial and try it out. I have found the ibis lets me hand hold down to about half a second, below that and it is no longer sharp. Of course the lens also has IS so I may have managed with that alone but there is so much more to this camera than IBIS. I only have the one lens, the 16-80mm f4, and I am very pleased with it. It balances nicely with the camera. The weather here has been quite dreary since I got the camera so you can imagine the kind of photos but I am impressed by how accurately the jpegs reflect what I actually saw. The only
  24. Hi. I just bought a new X-S10 and one of the first things I tried was to tether it in some way to my computer (Mac). I downloaded the Fujifilm X Acquire software as it shows the X-S10 as a compatible model. But I can’t seem to discover the way to make it work. The software doesn’t detect the camera. I looked in the connection settings menu of the camera and I don’t see the usual options that seem to be needed to tether the camera. Does anyone know if there’s a way to send pictures directly to a computer while shooting on the X-S10? thanks in advance
  25. Martin from WV ..... went to Fuji because of compact size and aperture choice on lens. In old manual days I had Nikon (stolen), Canon (made when they made my mf lens obsolete), and Pentax along with Pentax and Mamiya 645s. I first went Pentax route in digital but now only Fuji ... love to shoot the rangefinder style cameras : X-e3, 100V with 14, 16, 23, 50 and 90. Gave my Pentax stuff to my niece.
  26. I have both and the 23/2 is more my go to lens for a small package along w 16 and 50 ... really small that I carry in a sling bag. I bought the 100V which I also carry w the above set up minus the 23. This has put the 27 on the side lines for me
  27. The raf files from the X-S10 are not yet recognized by Apple’s operating systems (Big Sur, Catalina, etc.). So any program that relies on using the underlying Apple Raw Converter — this is part of the os, will not “see” the raw files as being something they can work on. This issue is usually handled quickly by the folks at Apple in their minor os updates. In the mean time, you should be able to open the card in the Finder, get the listing of the raf and jpg files, and copy them to your desired destination folder. Then open the raw files in any editing program that does its own X-S10 raf c
  28. How do we make this happen?? I've been waiting and waiting for an instax wide printer. I have one for the mini and the square but I would probably print all the pictures on my phone if they came out with a wide printer. Let's make it happen!
  29. These posts are interesting! I’m used to LR and find their subscription better value as you get Photoshop and the mobile apps too. I like the iPad app as it’s good for quick edits. I also like that i can organise my photos into collections. Unfortunately, it runs so slowly on my MacBook. Granted, my MacBook is 5 years old and only has 8GB RAM but even with no other programs open it’s still really slow. I’m still planning to at least try the trial of Capture One but the bugs and poor performance on the new MacBooks aren’t encouraging 😬 However, when I’ve used C1 Express I’ve
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