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  2. Yes, I did both, I even downloaded an SD card formatting program to reformat the card externally (suggested in another post), but nothing seemed to work.
  3. Not really a tetraptych, not really a panorama, but along those lines... (part two)
  4. Not really a tetraptych, not really a panorama, but along those lines... (part one)
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  6. I have this issue on the 16 1.4, 23 1.4 and 56 1.2. All 3 are really lose. It makes them a nightmare to shoot with as I’m constantly having to check it hasn’t moved for each shot, as my hand is naturally holding it when i shoot, it’s easily moved. There are barely any ‘stops’ at all for each setting, it’s like a smooth rotation with some subtle bumps as I turn it. don’t get me wrong - all 3 lenses are fantastic. Chuffed to bits with them, but the aperture rings are completely awful. It’s a love hate relationship... Are Fuji not offering any fix for this issue? Seems crazy given their value and they’re usually good with the customer service. Any advice (that won’t void my warranty!!) would be appreciated.
  7. Hello, My iso wheel suddenly stopped changing the iso when on video mode. When I switch to photo it is perfectly fine though. Does anybody have any idea what might be causing it? I have not changed anything in the settings but... Thank you in advance!
  8. I don't believe you're doing anything wrong, because I have the same issue. The only thing the function button allows you to do is switching face/eye recognition on of off. No more options. My X-T2 did offer the option to switch between auto eye, left eye and right eye detection, but the X-T3 sadly not (Fuji are you listening?). Now you have to dig into the menu setting to make the required settings.
  9. Recent versions of Lightroom have the option of using the film simulation used when capturing the image. It can be changed. Go to Lightroom > preferences. Look for the tab Presets. Here you can change the settings. You may even do so per camera used. There are three options: any preset to your liking, or Adobe Standard (instead of the horrible Adobe Color) or Camera Settings (your used Film setting). Hope this helps.
  10. You can change the default profile used when importing images into Capture one and lightroom, you could set it to a flat profile to give you more of that "Raw" look.
  11. I just got the RRS L -bracket for the X-T4 and am having the same problem as @Tibi - can't rotate the screen - had to take off the the side bracket
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  13. Hello, Well after I upgraded a few days ago, I just found out I can not record video. I have never had a problem with my cards, which include a Sandisk Extreme and Sandisk Ultra. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  14. @flamidey Thanks! What are your thoughts on using the Canon EF 800mm with a Fuji camera? Strange that there are no competitors to the Nikon ultra zooms (which are so Amazing for astronomy, actually). I was hoping there would be a Fuji-compatible DIY solution that beats the p1000/p900 in all areas (of performance/quality).
  15. Among the various lens and camera settings it also records beyond just the sensor data, the raw file includes the film simulation information you use for your jpeg files large image and preview sizes (embedded thumbnail). Some raw converters use this to give you an initial idea of what the image looks like. Depending on which converter you have, you can change that film simulation, but the jpeg thumbnail removal is not recommended because the other converters cannot open the file without that preview information.
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  17. ALL: it only works with Microsoft Edge Browser on Mac. I downloaded and it works... https://support.microsoft.com/en-ca/help/4501095/download-the-new-microsoft-edge-based-on-chromium See: https://fujifilm-x.com/global/support/download/software/x-webcam/ macOS: Google Meet (Chrome/Edge*), Teams (Chrome/Edge*), Skype (Chrome/Edge*), Zoom (Chrome/Edge*), Messenger Rooms (Chrome/Edge*), LINE、OBS Studio *Chromium Edge
  18. Grains & Trains and a Colorless Sky X100F Classic Chrome
  19. All I can say is I had the screen open on the camera and when the camera was realizing it was supposed to connect I pressed a few random buttons. I don’t know if canceling and going back in did it or if I had to confirm something. The wording is kind of hard to understand on those screens on the camera itself. But after messing around with it like that for a few minutes I heard the familiar shutter sound meaning it was about to connect to the iOS device. So far it has been working fine just like before the update. I hope this helps.
  20. Hey Guys! I recently got myself a fuji x-t3 and my raw files arent flat like they should. They come with my jpg look embeded already. Is there a way to change this? (Btw i am using capture one and lightroom) thanks for the attention
  21. X-Pro 3 delivered an hour ago and after 15 minutes of getting acquainted with buttons an dials I figured the lock must be broken on this shutter dial. Glad I found this thread....another X-T3 user who was scratching his head. Guess I still am a bit since it seems an odd choice, although I do note comments that it's consistent with previous X-Pro models.
  22. Choccy

    Street_Life_77a IG Images

    Captures of my adventures walking the street for my Instagram page FUJI X-T4
  23. Thank you for you reply. I am living in Georgia (Country) and unfortunately there is not official dealer in our country. I ll try to buy the housing online and replace it. :(
  24. This looks really bad, the camera needs a new housing IMHO. You should contact the Fuji service or your dealer.
  25. Is there any way I can fix this (PFA). Peak design clip damaged and can't use any tripod anymore.
  26. Hi all! I am looking to get the 56 1.4 Viltrox, it looks great! I have the 1.2 APD but for filming its just too slow, same for wedding photos i need something much faster and i think this is it for me. However I am also looking at the 33mm, but there have been mark II versions of the 23 and 85 released recently and i feel this one will get a mark II as well. Anyone know when?
  27. My apologies to everyone. I posted this question in Spanish to the Fujistas forum and then copied it here without thinking to write it in English... I have just bought a Godex V860 and I can't work out how to synchronise it with the second curtain on my X-T2. Despite leaving the 2nd curtain activated on the camera, when I shoot at 1/1000 it comes out as if I were taking the photo in synch with the 1st curtain. Do I have to activate something on the Godex?
  28. How about: Fotodiox Mamiya 645 (M645) Mount Lenses to Canon EOS (EF, EF-S) Mount SLR Cameras; infinity focus or beyond allowed https://fotodioxpro.com/products/m645-eos-p plus…. Lens Turbo II https://zyoptics.net/product/lens-turbo-adapters-mark-ii-for-fuji-mount-camera/ I use a similar set up on my Fuji. I bought a slightly different Fotodiox Mamiya adapter but to Pentax PK, cut off the PK and changed to M42 keeping the same flange focal distance (PK and M42 are equal distance). From here I added a M42 to FD adapter so as to fit my FD to Fuji Metabones Speed Booster. Going the EF route above would be easier but FD to Speed Booster is what I had. (Yes, infinity is OK). I wanted to use the excellent Mamiya 645 C 80mm f2.8 on my Fuji. Now it acts as a light weight 90mm f2 on Fuji using only the sweet centre of the lens even when boosted. Additionally on a dumb adapter I get a 120mm f2.8. Don.
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