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  1. It is the worst fault, 80-85% of the time is AF-ing, and 20-15% not, even in bright conditions (on X-S10).
  2. I experienced quite often the refuse of the XF 70-300mm to focus on AF on X-S10. This happens in various light conditions, the first time was in bright conditions. I am wondering this happens on other bodies too, or is the fault of the lens itself, that needs a new firmware?
  3. Hi Rob, and thank you for spending time on this subject, but from my point of view the capability to use the exposure compensation with M mode make the difference and allows to shoot as creatively as possible. All the settings were as you mentioned, except D-range that was on auto. I put it off and now I am just testing again. All the best, Gabriel
  4. I made the setup, it worked for a while (very short time) but now has an erratic behaviour (the left dial). Most of the time is not working, no exposure compensation; after the rotation of the dial nothing happens. It is clear there is huge room to improve the firmware of the X-S10!!
  5. Thank you very much Robnl! It is exactly what I needed. All the best, Gabriel
  6. The exposure compensation is very useful even in manual mode and is present on other fujifilm bodies and other brands. For instance, the experience shows some time is better to go -1 EV in manual mode (A and S) with auto ISO, just to preserve nuances in over illuminated zones of the photo frame. This is just an example, there are many other situations the exposure compensation is very welcomed in manual mode (when you really need to control both A and S) and the compensation to be done at the level of ISO, with your choice of +/- EV. This is my experience with X-T20 and Nikon DSLRs.
  7. For me what is missing the most at X-S10 is the lack of exposure compensation in manual mode (M). If possible I would assign such function for the left dial.
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