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    Jose Carpin

    "Sikh boy"

    "Sikh boy" Agra Cantonment Railway Station, India 2018 "I will never forget him, wherever he is" Come check out my site www.josecarpin.com Please add me on Instagram jose_carpin_photographer Fuji X-T2 + XF35mm f2 R WR
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    black and white (open thread)

    Orléans XT1 & 35/1.4
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    Fall pictures

    One from our garden. The nicer part of autumn still lasts. 90f2, C1.
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    View Modes - Fujifilm please!

    I often change view modes and it annoys me that I have to toggle between all those options when all I ever want to change between is two of them - EVF only and display. Would love if Fujifilm made it possible like custom screen setup to tick options on/off for views, so I can end up with e.g. my two favorite view modes only when I toggle between the options.
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    Marco Russo

    Mondello ( Italy)

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    Mexican double bass

    Tololoche, Rincon de gayabitos, Mexico by Claude, on Flickr
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    Taken near Eibsee Lake, in the German Alps X-T1 and 14mm at f/2.8
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    Macro with Fuji X

    Not sure if this counts. Shot just 1 hour ago with my 35 f/2 DSCF2070 by Filip Hermelin, on Flickr DSCF2067 by Filip Hermelin, on Flickr
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    Lightroom rejecting Raw files

    Lumens, this is interesting. I am having problems with Capture 1 and sent this message: "I am trying Capture 1 and, when I import files into it, the images turn purple, I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I am using a Fujifilm XT-3. Interestingly, when I tried to import a file from my Fujifilm XT-2 the colors are correct. Thank you!" This is the response I received yesterday: " "Supporter Hi Jose, You are doing nothing wrong, as this is unfortunately a software bug. Happens when shooting in cropped sensor sports mode, or using the ES high shutter modes. Regular RAW should not happen on. We apologize for any major inconvenience, and should have this fixed very soon in a future release of Capture One. Kind regards, Phase One Technical Support"
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    Another World

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    Jose Carpin

    "Blue & Black"

    "Blue & Black" Varanasi, India 2018 Fuji X-T2 + XF23mm f2 R WR Don't forget to add me on Instagram: jose_carpin_photographer
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    Fuji XT3 vs X100F vs XE3

    Three completely different cameras. The X100F has a fixed lens and, unless you don't need anything more, you can go for that. However, you might find yourself in a situation you need a different lens. So I'd go for the XT3 or the XE3. Apart the characteristics, you should go in a shop and handle both, since they're two different philosophies.
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    Jose Carpin

    "Through the spyhole"

    "Through the spyhole" Fuji X-T2 + XF16mm f1.4 R WR Don't forget to visit my sites: Instagram: jose_carpin_photographer Website: www.josecarpin.com [/url]
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    Macro with Fuji X

    one more ... Hornisse (Vespa crabro) by Enzio Harpaintner, auf Flickr
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    Macro with Fuji X

    X-H1 + XF 16-55/2.8 + Close-up-lens +4
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    Phantom Stills & Vibrations - Lara Kramer Phantom Stills & Vibrations - Lara Kramer by David Wong, on Flickr
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    Jose Carpin

    "Into the darkness"

    "Into the darkness" Agra Fort, India, 2016 Fuji X-T1 + XF16mm f1.4 R WR Follow me on Instagram: jose_carpin_photographer
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    Fall pictures

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    Fall pictures

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    Fall pictures

    Nice warm vibrant colors. The 90 is really sharp and works well for semi macro photography. Took these yesterday. All SOOC
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    Fall pictures

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    Macro with Fuji X

    with the Super-Macro-Takumar 50/4.0 (M42) ... Pilz mit Bokeh by Enzio Harpaintner, auf Flickr
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    Macro with Fuji X

    Macro with the 18-55. f/5 @55mm DSCF3253 by Filip Hermelin, on Flickr
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