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    Fuji Flowers

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    Streetphotography (open thread)

    Loving the x-pro3 & 35mm 1.4 combo! https://www.instagram.com/nwinspeare/
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    Late Afternoon Bobcat Family

    X-T2, 90mm
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    Thanks for the replies! yes, i was using the clarity setting (at +1) and setting it to 0 did fix the storing screen. What still bugs me tho, is that when using other shooting modes even with clarity there is no delay. But that means its definetly a Firmware issue that is hopefully resolved soon. im using a 128 GB Lexar 1667x sd card. its plenty fast and i have not encountered storage issues anywhere else so far.
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    Streetphotography (open thread)

    Carmel Market Tel Aviv, Israel 2019 XH1 + 56MM https://www.instagram.com/lifewithlouis/
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    Jesus God, Looks like some new Covid-19 simptom.
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    X100V, the weather sealing question

    Third party options of adapter ring that screw onto the lens combined with a good UV- or protection filter work just as good. I believe JJC has a good one. Make sure the optional lens hood works with a bayonet. That's easier than a filter thread screw-in one.
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    Fuji Birds

    Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias)
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    Fuji Flowers

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    Fuji Flowers

    X-T2 + 80mm macro lens
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    Fuji Flowers

    X-T2 + 80mm macro lens
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    M Wales

    Fuji Flowers

    X-Pro3 & 50mm f2
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    Fuji Flowers

    X-T2 & 80mm macro lens
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    Fuji Flowers

    X-T2 & 80mm macro lens
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    Some photos with a Fujifilm camera...

    The first photo below of a church is one of hundreds photos I took today that is just to send to recycle bin. It was taken with a Fujifilm X-T4 camera in bright sunsine (the sun is behind me). It is a mystery why the quality in so bad on this photo (and on hundred others I took same day in bright sunshine). Compare to a photo I took with my iPhone some days earlier on same church. I have some homework to do on the X-T4 camera usage obviously. Not all photos had bad quality I took today with my X-T4, see one example in last photo below, but it is not so sharp really and it is too dark also. /Bo
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    XT4 dead after firmware update

    Hi Kasumi3344, You are right, when I opened the SD card hatch I could see "Made in China". So they have changed over to make the X-T4 in China nowadays instead of Japan? I think I would have prefered a Made in Japan X-T4 for several reasons I will not tell You public. Can I tell from the serial number that is shown also in my photo what date the camera was made? The camera is brand new but I do not know how long it sat on the reseller "Scandinavian Photo" shelf before I bought it. /Bo
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    From the album: Fuji ex 2

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    Hi, I've mentioned this in another thread but are you using the Clarity setting at all? Setting it to anything other than '0' results in the 'Storing' issue. Not sure why this is but hopefully it's something that can be fixed in a firmware update.
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    Photos does not yet have X-T4 support. You would need to use a RAW converter with X-T4 support, like Capture One Express for Fuji (which is a free download).
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    regn 2.JPG

    From the album: Fuji ex 2

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    Jose Carpin

    Photo serie "Silent stories"

    Photo serie "Silent stories" Istanbul, Turkey 2019 Fuji X-T2 + XF23mm f2 R WR Don't forget to visit my site www.josecarpin.com Come check out my instagram jose_carpin_photographer
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    ... continued Black Lives Matter peaceful protest 6.6.2020 XH1 + 16-55mm 2.8 ------- instagram @lifewithlouis lifewithlouis.com
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    How good is the improved lens on 100V?

    I’m not sure that the new lens has less resolution. The ‘old lens’ was designed for a 12/16Mp sensor. I’ve once read that Fuji designs the current XF lenses for approx. 32Mp max. Nevertheless I can tell you the new lens is a clear step up. The ‘close focus haze’ is gone and that alone was for me a big improvement compaed to the The typical corner softness is mostly gone and visually I’d say that the V is now at least as good as the XF23/f2 (if not better). Having said that, the XF23/f1.4 still ‘beats’ the two f2’s. In contrast, micro contrast, color rendering and overall sharpness. The question is where do you use it for? Typical street and reporting photography often doesn’t need razor sharp corners. Portability and inconspicuous format are more important. The Summicrons and the Voigtlanders aren’t perfect either, but they have a kind of ‘magic’ that the X100-series has too. I think you can call that ‘sprezzatura’ (the imperfection that makes perfect). For pixel peepers and e.g. critical landscape and archtecture work I’d recommend the 1.4. However, dpreview.com has X100V sample RAF-files you can download and peep for yourself. They also did a good comparison of IQ between the V and the F.
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    35mm-ish decisions

    Honestly, I'd just get the XC35 new for 200 Euro I have one and it's welded to my X-E2. As a plus, it focuses noticably faster than the f1.4 version, and the X-E1 is slow to AF at the best of times.
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    X100V, the weather sealing question

    Generally that is very true. However, with the X100-series it's a bit different. The adapter ring fits onto the lens by removing the front ring of the lens and replacing it with the adapter ring. This is a bayonet lock. The adapter ring then holds the filter and lens hood (through a bayonet). There are also lens hoods that screw-in. These can't be connected to the adapter ring but have to be on top of the filter instead. That's inconvenient because when you loosen them, you often also unscrew the filter.
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    XH-1 in 2020

    I have an XT-3 / X-H1 and the X-H1 camera is my favorite. It is a professional camera and requires a steep learning curve. The construction is very resistant (professional workhorse) and for amateur is this camera for very, very long term use. I´m very happy with the X-H1, mainly the IBIS function is extremely great. (I switch from Canon FF to Fuji 4 years ago).
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    I've been using the Lexar cards with no issues, but have only had my X-T4 for a few weeks.
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    ND Filters...

    Not quite sure what you mean, but I'll take a guess: a Graduated ND filter of 2 or 3 stops is usually good enough to bring down the sky to match water.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Thank you! I’ll definitely check it out when I get my camera. I’m really excited to try it. I have an entry level Canon DSLR at the moment. It’s ok but not great in low light and a bit slow for wildlife or anything fast moving. Hoping the XT30 will be a big upgrade for me. Love the portability of it. I’m hopefully going on a big trek next year and it will be ideal to take with me. I’ve seen reviews which say the small size is a negative but hopefully for me it’ll be a plus as I’m only little I’m very much an amateur photographer but enjoy it as a hobby. I also attend a local photography group which is great. I enjoy landscape and nature photography, wildlife, pretty much anything that isn’t people posing! Im from Aberdeenshire in Scotland.
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    XH-1 in 2020

    I tried the X-T3 for a couple of days, but I prefer the X-H1 because of the build quality, the grip, the shutter and IBIS. The X-T4 is probably a closer call (IBIS, similar shutter and larger battery), but in terms of IQ there’s virtually no difference between the three. AF is better though on the X-T3 and esp. the X-T4. The 80 is a fantastic lens. Razor sharp and great micro contrast. It handles well on an X-H1 with it’s bigger grip. The 16-55 is pro quality and very all-round but should you have some budget left, buying a separate 16/1.4 for (urban) landscape is a great investment. It is visibly better than the 16-55 @16. By the way, a 16-55 combines very good with IBIS on the X-H1 or X-T4. For that lens IBIS is a real benefit (for me at least).
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    XH-1 in 2020

    The X-Trans sensors are amongst the best APS-C sensors on the market. The X-H1 is no exception. Obviously, the IQ is exactly the same as all other models with the 24Mp sensor, but IMO there’s also no visible difference with the newer 26Mp sensor. Perhaps except for marginally less noise at high ISO. Which is something to avoid in landscapes anyway... The IBIS in the X-H1 can be an advantage when not using a tripod but that’s just about the only difference with the 24Mp siblings. Having said that, the most important factor will be the lens. Not all Fujinon’s are equal in this. For landscape I can recommend the 14/2.8, the 16/1.4(esp.), 23/1.4 and the 10-24/4. The 16/2.8, 18/2, 18-135 and the 23/2 are less ideal for landscape and architecture. They all suffer from softness and a lack of contrast in the corners and edges. Worst wide open, but also stopped down never reaching the level of the aforementioned. The Zeiss 12/2.8 is very good too. Both standard zooms (the 18-55 and the 16-55) are equally good for landscape. I have no experience with the 16-80 and the 8-16. Another factor is post processing. I prefer Capture One for this. I think it’s superior over all other full-feature solutions I’ve tried incl. Lightroom. Esp. in landscape, you need good details without artefacts, nice contrast and pleasing greens. When using the in-camera jpeg engine, dial-down the sharpening to at least -2 if not more. Fuji tends to have a very agressive sharpening, that esp. affects landscape with small details. It can become unnatural sharp in standard settings. I’ve tried many camera’s as a semi-pro but IMO the only way for landscape to get a better IQ is to go to medium format sensors (e.g. GFX) or to high-resolution fullframe sensors (e.g. A7RIV, Z7, SL2 or S1R) with the best possible glass for that mount. We’re talking about totally difference price points though. Moving to standard resolution fullframe sensors offers only a small improvement in IQ. In fact, a friend of me owning an EOS RP prefers my X-H1 for (urban) landscape. That’s how good the x-system cameras are.
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    X-Pro3 & Canon 300mm f4 IS
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    I personally hate watching videos. I much prefer a well-structured text document, with illustrations / photos when needed. (Don't like watching TV either ... give me a newspaper or a good book please). So I don't really trust the opinions of any "Youtubers", since I don't watch them.
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    M Wales

    Fuji Flowers

    X-Pro3 and Canon 300mm f4 IS using a Fringer EF-XF Pro II adapter
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    Olaf W.

    Introduce Yourself

    Welcome to our forum, Carlos
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    one frame

    Silence 7.jpg

    From the album: Silence

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    16-55 Lens wobble

    It's ok for external zooms. 18-55 and 55-200 do the same.
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    X-T4 stuck on "STORING"

    It is clear. I observed the same. This should be informed by Fujifilm. And if it is something solvable through a firmware update, they should solve it quickly, together with the problem of custom setting names not appearing on the Q menu. Why do we want a name for each custom setting if then we cannot read them in the Q menu? This was working fine in the X-T3.
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    Fuji Flowers

    X-T2 & 80mm macro lens
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    Fuji Flowers

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    Fuji Birds

    Mallard Ducks (Anas platyrhynchos)
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    Kaizen love to X-H1?

    I'm sorry to read these posts. I just purchased my first Fuji camera the X-H1. I read everything I could to decide between the X-T3 and the X-H1 and decided since I was moving from a Canon 5D MkII that the size and weight of the X-H1 would be a good choice for me, adding the IBIS and the deal was sealed. I choose Fugi just because of their history of updating their previous models as much as they could. I hope they won't abandon the X-H1 but will continue to improve the software. If they don't I will be greatly disappointed.
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    Tom H.

    Portraiture work, running topic

    Hi all, I got into the Fuji system after using a Micro-Four Thirds system for a while. For portraits, the sharpness, skin tone rendering and level of detail is incredible, certainly when adding flash... Some of my more recent work, if admins approve, I'll keep this post updated as I process new shoots. Started doing portraiture in November only, so there will be some progression hopefully over time Gear used up to today, together with generic speedlights and modifiers. X100T X-T1 56 1.2 APD 50-140 2.8 16 1.4 First post is my earliest work with the Fuji system. Three shoots I did in December. Click on the pics to see full size.
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    Samyang 12mm F2.0 NCS CS X Mount

    I love this lens :) Ciel étoilé de la Jacques-Cartier by Sebastien Girard, sur Flickr
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    The versatile X100 series

    I´ll pick up this old thread again as I have made a part 2 video of the versatile X100 series cameras. In this case though I only used the newest model the X100F. I hope you enjoy it.
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    X-T10 won't turn on

    For fear of stating the obvious, is it *definitely* not turning on? I had a similar situation where I thought it wasn't turning on, but I had just inadvertently pressed the 'view mode' button (to the right of the EVF) with the effect of switching off the LCD; since then I keep it mainly in 'EVF only + eye sensor' mode. Again apologies if this is an exercise in teaching granny how to suck eggs, but sometimes the obvious can be overlooked.
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    landscapes with fuji x

    Fields of gold
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