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    Melilla, Holguin, Cuba. State Shop and employee.
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    Fidel's grave at the St. Ifigenia cemetery in Santiago
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    Bee on Lavender

    XPro2 / 90 mm
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    X-E2 + 16-55
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    Fuji Flowers

    #1 X-T2 and 16mm 1.4
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    Happy Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day Happy Canada Day! by David Wong, on Flickr
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    Santiago de Cuba Plaza de la revolucion Antonio Maceo monument
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    Rock Wall

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    Mike G

    the new look

    I’m going to agree with Milandro about the layout, really miss seeing the recent posts column!
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    the new look

    another thing. On the old version there was a way to see the latest threads and I always looked at that, now this seems to have disappeared (or I haven’t found it yet) and it is quite annoying to have lost this feature which I favor everywhere I participate.
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    the new look

    well, besides the interface that is the typical cheap looking interface, now I am facing a page mostly white with lots of very annoying simbols and icons. The only similarity with the old look is the black header. Also, the signatures have disappeared but that is more of a detail. I really find this look cheap and not stylish while the previous was much more special. The only thing that has bee kept is the black band header above, all the rest, including more stylish lettertypes, is gone and looks terribly different and not pleasant, this is from where I sit. One of the things which attracted me of this forum was the graphic form, the new one is, sorry to say, cheap and uninteresting.
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    Piper at the gates!

    Really nice. But any Gates of Dawn?
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    Fuji Flowers

    X-T2 + 18mm f/2
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    Big Forum Update Next Week

    Viel Glück
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    Caballeros Cubanos de Holguin
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    XT1 & XF35/1.4
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    Posing at a bridge X70 f5.6 1/500 ISO200
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    Macro shooting

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I went out with the 18-55 on and shot some flowers, they happened to have some critters on them so it worked, then in post processing cropped in as well. I have a good range of lenses, 50-140 and the 100-400 and 1.4 teleconverter. Will look at adding a macro lens or extension tubes to the kit some day. Will have to sell on the XT1 I upgraded from first. Attached is the image I ended up with. Cheers
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    On the beach Pro X2 / 16 1.4f WR
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    Heart melting moment.
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    black and white (open thread)

    Quarters only by JS-photographie, auf Flickr
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    Hello.. need help.. my camera fuji xa2 dial mode not working and display just showing iso. Flash doesnt firing. shooting menu 3,4,5 blank. why this happen? i already reset setup and still didnt work. display still showing the same. Thanks.
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    Too much fun by Mike Manzano, on Flickr
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