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    Fuji Birds

    Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura)
  2. https://fujifilm-x.com/en-us/support/compatibility/cameras/x-t4/ USB-C (USB 3.1 gen1 with type c connector) that supports data transfer --- most of them do as they will usually tell you in the cable's description if it is for power charging only. Getting the USB 3.1 gen 2 will not give you any extra speed, so save your cash. The length part Fujifilm says should be 1.5 m or less (just under 5 feet long).
  3. Does this help? https://www.fujirumors.com/i-dont-get-it-fujifilm-x-t4-gets-highly-praised-sony-real-time-tracking-but-unlike-with-sony-nobody-talks-about-it-video/ in the first video, the author has eye tracking turned on while following a dog.
  4. Reading through the manuals will certainly answer a lot of questions — they are easily found on Fujifilms web-site, as well as information like this: https://fujifilm-x.com/en-us/stories/advanced-month-3-motion-9-electronic-shutter/ RAW storage is not affected by using electronic or mechanical shutter type, electronic shutter operates by turning the sensor on or off.
  5. Excuses, excuses. Now George! 😃
  6. On their web-site, Fujifilm gives easy access to their manuals for each camera. For the camera body you are interested in, look in the section called The Shooting Menu to see if pixel mapping is supported. Quite a few bodies do support that.
  7. jerryy


    More turtles ...
  8. Welcome! Which Film Simulation profile do you have your camera set up for your jpg images? Bright sunshine can make for some toasty contrasty images which is what you are seeing reflected in the raw files. If you are using Provia or one like it for your jpgs, then you are seeing the camera doing backflips to tone things down, Provia is a fairly muted film compared to Classic Chrome.
  9. Fujifilm recommends using spot focus for the critters moving towards or away from you. This leaves zone focusing, wide tracking focusing and 'all' focusing for everything else. 'All' is a means to rotate through the first three. If you have access to the manual you will find the options listed in the AF Mode section (or you can download the manual from Fujifilm's website). Some folks have pretty good results with zone focusing. These articles show how to get some good results for the X-T2: https://www.zonefocus.net/blog/2018/7/23/how-i-set-up-my-fujifilm-x-t2-for-zone-focusing https://fujilove.com/zone-focusing-with-your-fuji/ One thing to note, they use stopped down aperture settings which forces one to use high ISO settings. That may not suit your approach. Especially if you like shallow depth of field photos with the nice oof bokeh stuff. A person named Morris on another web-site has some zone focusing settings when in continuous mode for the X-T3 --- he uses these for birds in flight. They may help you in setting up your camera. https://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1594539/0 HTH, Show us some of your results!
  10. It looks like the refurb is coming along ...
  11. If you are recording the videos using the default 4K size, then you will need a decent video card. You can try dropping the size down to 1080p and see if that helps, but really this is only a suggestion to use to iron out any workflow bugs. The 4K size is the better to use overall because that is the way the TVs etc., etc. are going to stay. In the mean time, I hope the card reader will help some, because it puts less strain on the overall system.
  12. Can you give us a little more information to then be able to try to help you? Are you using a Mac, Windows or Linux based pc? It sounds like you have connected the pc to the camera with a USB-C or Thunderbolt cable, is that true? What application / program are you using to try to view the videos? Have you tried to use a card reader to transfer the video to you pc to then use a program to view it?
  13. jerryy

    Fuji Birds

    Northern Cardinal(s) (Cardinalis cardinalis)
  14. The story gets more complicated. It seems that the cards capacity is also tied into the file size being stored: https://www.newsshooter.com/2018/11/14/no-more-4gb-clip-limits-fujifilm-x-t3-firmware-update-preview-interbee-2018/ I checked this by recording a 6 minute video using my sdxc card that was already fairly full (29 gb out of 64 gb) and sure enough, it split the video into a 4.1 gb clip and a 1.35 gb clip. I do not have any 128 gb or larger sdxc cards to really test this notion with, as in, freshly format and run for a while and see what happens. But it would be worth a try. *** I am a little surprised that you did not 'see' several different files listed that you could import and stitch together ala iMovie, older QuickTime Pro, or Premiere or FCPX, etc. -- Yeah, I know the is not the preferred approach, but it is what I see in ImageCapture, iMovie direct from camera import, Photos direct from camera import, etc..
  15. Are you using a sdhc card? If so, then for video things get a bit odd. The SD manufacturers say these have to formatted using Fat32 format which has a single file size limit of 4 gb. The video files are stitched together to appear seamless during playback, but using the camera’s built in card reader may cause only the first part to transfer. The sdxc cards are supposed to be formatted using exFAT, which lets you use larger single file storage sizes, but a card reader may not recognize this (if it expects only sdhc cards). External card readers usually can tell the difference. Did you have the camera’s drive mode set up as ‘card reader’ type?
  16. It is not showing up for some reason ???
  17. Back in the film days, folks also used burning, dodging, unsharp masking, multiple exposures, etc., etc. to manipulate the photos. There was a lot more done than just swishing the film strip and papers around in some smelly chemicals. That stuff was very intimidating to beginners.
  18. It sounds like you have touchscreen focus turned on in your set-up menu. Try turning that off, then use the joystick to move the focus point around as needed.
  19. Both lenses are capable of getting you great photos. Neither one is too big for the body, they are both really good matches.
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