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  1. Wow! Welcome back. p.s. What are straight rows for?
  2. Winter is not giving up yet ...
  3. next ... mountains please
  4. Weeeeeelllll, I do not recommend making them part of a complete, nutritious breakfast, but yeah they are edible. This site has a recipe for Icelandic Lichen Flatbread. http://www.eattheweeds.com/edible-cladonia-whats-not-to-lichen-2/
  5. I hope you keep on making the moss of your good luck. :) These are fantastic photos!
  6. Welcome to the Fuji side Take it out for a 'spin' as you say and try all of the settings until you find what works for the approaches you want to do. Any settings suggestions I would have will only limit you, if you follow them for more than a one-or-two-time use as a quick example. If this really is your first foray into photography try some of the auto settings and look at what the camera suggests compared to what you see and go from there.
  7. Your version of Bridge may be an old one that was not ready for Mojave ... this may help. https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2546968
  8. Hey George, ... until next season
  9. "blundering clueless amateur" huh? Yeah sure. We should all be so inept! 😀 Those types of color casts are really a photo-by-photo decision ... we go out of our way to be at a place at just the right time (golden hour) specifically to get those photos that have a color cast. Then turn around and spend lots of time trying to make certain other photos are properly white/grey balanced. I thought the afternoon light you had turned out fine.
  10. We got a little bit of snow, there is supposed to be more sooner or later, but then spring is scheduled to be here sooner or later as well.
  11. It does not take too very long to get rid of the blue cast on the mountains while keeping the nice sky blue as it is. If you are in a position to have the time that is ... But these are great shots AS IS!
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