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  1. jerryy

    Fuji Birds

    Great Blue Heron
  2. jerryy

    Fuji Flowers

    pt. 2 ... when these wild flowers are blooming, it is time to plan those autumn color trips! :)
  3. jerryy

    Fuji Flowers

    pt. 1 Summer is going strong here ... hot and humid. Bare feet and iced lemonade, that sort of thing. But:
  4. These are some fantastic images! By chance, do you recall the color the water column (photo number seven) was painted?
  5. Some folks will tell you 'no'. Put a "full frame lens" on an apc-sensor based camera and use the aperture ring to stop it to oh, say f-4. It is f-4 regardless of the sensor size. The part of the image that hits the sensor is coming from the center of the lens which is where the lens-equivalent conversion factor part comes into consideration.
  6. Great shots! Is the bug in the second shot taunting the frog?
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