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  1. i do a lot of different photography and really enjoy all of them but my secret love is still landscape photography. as a former nikon user (still using it sometimes) i wasn´t completely sure about the landscape capabilities of the xtrans sensors. i read a lot about it and wasn´t aware, until a few days ago, that many users don´t like the rendering for landscapes. anyway i decided to buy a zeiss 12mm and adapt my 100mm filter system to it. and it works fine. let me know your experience for landscape. i´m actually using the x-e2 with xf23, zeiss touit 12mm, 55-200 & 18-55. i´m now considering a x-t1 because of tilt screen and weather sealing... sample with the 12mm lens
  2. Which would be the better choice, the new X-Pro2 or wait for the XT-2 to come out. I shoot mainly landscape, nature and travel photography. Currently shooting with a Nikon D810, but want a lighter, smaller kit. This would be my first mirroless camera, I have never shot with a Fuji, but I keep hearing how great then lens are, which is very important to me, plus the dynamic range of the camera.
  3. Feel free to post some pics from that beautiful country!!! Eilean Donan Castle
  4. Hi Fuji users! Here are a couple of shots taken in a beautiful region from Quebec Canada. It's the first time I post pictures on this forum (which I really like!). It was also the first time for me to travel/hike since my move to Fuji. I really like the X-T1.
  5. Currently switched from Nikon Fx format to Fujifilm X-Pro2 with 16-55mm lens as the starter, mainly for landscape and street scenes and now I'm searching for my second lens to compliment the existing one. Which lens would be most practical and sensible selection? Please provide some recommendation.
  6. Hi all, Just wanted to share one of the series of pics taken in El Nido, The Philippines. Despite not being very popular among travellers, The Philippines features incredible landscapes and sunsets as long as you don´t visit them during the typhoons season...
  7. Hi all, I was hoping for some camera rucksack recommendations for landscape photography. I've currently got a flipsside sport 10AWL which is okay but to small. I'm after something to accommodate: Tripod 85mm filter kit plus filters 14mm 16-55mm 50-140mm Plus another long lens and other odds and sods Any ideas? Dan
  8. A beautiful and accessible national park near Quebec city. 3rd visit there.
  9. I don't get to use the XF10-24mmF4 a whole lot for work but it's really cool when I get to use it to shoot a bit wider and show off the location rather than the clothes for a few shots
  10. Hello, We already had some snow in Switzerland. It was an opportunity to go for a first winter ride. This is a sunset view on the Gastlosen mountains in the Berner Oberland. Made with X-T2 and fujinon 16 1.4 @ f10 Have a nice day.
  11. Just throwing this out here for suggestions or insights. I use a X-T2 and currently have a 16mm (as well as other lenses)...I am starting to hike and shoot landscapes mostly of meadows, waterfalls, and occasionally the Smoky mountains. I am a hobbyist who makes enough from photography jobs to pay for my gear and right now I am trying to decide between the new 80mm for macro shots or get the 10-24mm. My question is since I have the 16mm is that enough for landscape (for longer shots I also have the 55-200) or do I need to also get the 10-24mm? I will be shooting more landscapes than macro but if the 16mm will perform what I plan to shoot then I would rather spend my money on the 80mm for taking macro shots on my hiking trips.
  12. From the album: Backpacking with the XT1

    Milky Way @ Kyzyl Oi, Kyrgyzstan View my blog at thientravelography.blogspot.com 500px: 500px.com/thienbui

    © all rights Reserved Thien Bui

  13. neech2000


    From the album: West Virginia

    © Denise Silva

  14. From the album: Jorge's Landscapes

    X-T1, 18-55, ISO 200, 30 seconds, F9, BW 10Stop ND

    © © 2015 Jorge L Moro

  15. From the album: Jorge's Landscapes

    This beauty of a lighthouse was taken on January 1, 2015 as the first rays of the new year broke the horizon. Taken with the X-T1, and 18-55, on a tripod in biting cold weather.

    © ©2015 Jorge L Moro

  16. From the album: Untitled Album

    © patrick papesch

  17. Hello, I'm a mountain/landscape photographer, currently a Nikon user, and I have recently seen a Fuji X100F camera and it is really great - but it has one problem, its lens is too narrow for me. I'm currently using a DSLR because it is the only solution for ultrawide - there is no compact camera with less than 28mm (on 35mm eq) fixed zoom (only X70 and Ricoh GR), and there are few zoom compacts with 24mm, all of them with small sensor only. The problem of DSLR is, that it is too big to put into pocket and to heavy to wear it all the day on the neck, especially on long hikes in mountains where you feel every gram - and I would like to find a more compact solution, but it currently doesn't exist (WCL convertor is not much better solution than DSLR). I like a new X100F and I wish that Fuji make a camera, based on X100F, but with ultrawide lens, and ideally optimized for mountain/landscape photography. I guess this is the spot on the market, that is not yet covered, and that there are much more people looking for camera like this. I don't know whether any Fuji employee, who can affect planning of new cameras reads this forum but if there is any, I hope he/she will read it and at least take it into cosideration. I put together requirements for a camera, that would be ideal for me: - small enough to fit to the pocket, but big enough to be able to operate in gloves (X100F is just perfect) - aps-c sensor (fullframe would be even better) - in case of a fixed zoom - 10mm (~15mm in 35mm equivalent) would be absolutly perfect (currently i use only 10-24mm lens and about 70% of my pictures are shot on 10mm).. 12mm could still be good, and 14mm is for me the maximum accepted value for a landscape camera.. the lower the better, as you still can crop it, but you can’t extend a picture to something that is not there.. - i’m also ok with a zoom lens - 10-24mm could be good option - robust enough to withstand mountain conditions (weather sealed, resistant to at least -20C) - viewfinder is still a need (unfortunatelly X70 doesn't have it) - i don’t care much about wide aperture, f/4 is for landscapes absolutely enough (if corners are still sharp) - i don’t care much about fast shutter speed, 1/1000s is enough - most of landscapes are shot with focus to infinity, so the lense could be optimized for this setting - color optimalization for landscapes would be nice (film profiles are perfect, HDR could be good too) - integrated ND is good, integrated polarization filter would be great too - if no integrated, then at least possibility to attach it easily (and together with a hood) - optical stabilizer - tripod mode would be nice - if there is no need for a short time, it could set apperture/time to better values - leather case in accessories to be usable with a tripod and a filter attached - no need to shoot more pictures per second - no need for flash I would like other people who are looking for a camera like this to put your requirements into comments.
  18. Hello, I just wanted to share some shots (not many), of my last trip in the Lofoten Islands, sadly it was a very short week, with not a lot of good photo opportunity, I hope you will enjoy it 1) the classic view of hamnoy (this shot was featured on the national geographic your shot (https://www.instagram.com/p/BRaAR4HjwUx/?taken-by=natgeoyourshot) 2) Beach of VIK Shot with the X-T2, and mostly the 16 1.4 WR and the 10-24.
  19. Hello Everybody, Here are some shots taken recently in Lanzarote with my x-pro 2 and the 10-24, it's really a perfect landscape combo. 1) Los hervideros with the volcanoes of the Timanfaya national park in the background. 2) Caleta de Famara windy beach
  20. From the album: Night Photography

    Was difficult to focus, but was happy with the results
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