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  1. He possibly phrased that part quickly to get on to the next part of the review ... it is a trade-off, if you want to use your very fast lens wide open for those shallow depth of field photos while being out doors at certain times of the day, you have to make some compromises, lower the ISO, or put on a stack of nd filters, or raise the shutter speed, or ..., all while hoping for the best. It used to be one could find a lot of grumbling about not having low native ISOs along with high shutter speeds for that very reason.
  2. If you do get a usb card reader, you can drag and drop the files using the finder. Glad to hear things are okay though.
  3. Welllll, never mind then. it sounds like it is working.
  4. Hmm, can you do a quick check of two things? Pull the card out of your camera, put it into a usb card reader and connect that to your MacBook 1.) It should mount as an external drive, double click it and make sure that you have both the .jpg and .raf files listed. 2.) Open Image Capture again and select the card and see if both the .jpg and .raf files are listed. BTW, earlier I mentioned using a usb-c cable, thunderbolt cables also work.
  5. So just to double check, this is what your X-T30 is showing: And when you connect it to your MacBook, you get this: but when you open Apple's Image Capture application you are not seeing something like this: ?
  6. Thank you! You are so kind. cough, cough, ehhh, nudge, nudge, uh, your turn to show us some images, cough, cough.
  7. Change the connection setting -> pc connection mode -> to USB CARD READER make sure this is saved. Then connect your X-T30 to your computer via the usb-c cable and then turn the camera on. Use Apple’s Image Capture app (in the applications folder) to copy the images to your MacBook. The setting you have chosen is used by Fuji’s software to convert raw images to jpg.
  8. until next season.
  9. Yeah George, it is that time. weeelllll ...
  10. Awesome! These are even better than the really neat ones you showed us last year.
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