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  1. jerryy

    Fall pictures

    Nature is ... putting on the show. Thank you, you are very kind!
  2. jerryy

    Fall Harvest

    You could use a wide angle lens set to infinity focus -- everything will be in focus :). Set the focus peaking to use a color that will give you the best contrast. Decide whether you like using the viewfinder or the back screen better. Then play with it. The in-focus part can seem like a blanket laid over the image and as you twist the focus ring, the blanket will move around. With some practice, the part you want to be in focus will pop into place.
  3. jerryy

    Streetphotography (open thread)

    I followed the link listed; though it did not post, the image is very good ...
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    Boats, ships & Ocean liner (OPEN TOPIC)

    Old Worker, Resting.