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  1. According to the historical and fossil record, the dodo bird did exist, but for as long as I have been here, there has been no FS section. Perhaps you are remembering selling stuff on another site.
  2. Olaf's suggestion should work. Take the main battery out, turn the power switch to on and leave the camera on the shelf for some number of days -- give it four or five. This will make the small internal settings back up battery drain completely and reset the camera to the last firmware default settings which should remove its desire to pair with a smartphone/tablet.
  3. If there is one, folks are keeping it a well-hidden secret. Usually the reason given for not making one is that the registration / flange distance behind the Sony e-mount lens is 18mm while it is 17.7mm for the Fujifilm x-mount lens is 17.7mm, so the is essentially no room for the adapter to fit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flange_focal_distance
  4. Have you tried a different card? Make sure to format it in the camera before using it. Sometimes, even though the cards are supposed to be ready to go out of the box, the formatting does not quite work, so format them in the camera first.
  5. I think if you just put only the url in the post, the image will show up: Awesome photo!
  6. Your camera / technical. work is very well done and shows what can be well done using small budgets. As far as the content goes, I think you would get better feedback asking some of the pros in the real estate business, they know what the current directions are and maybe what any future trends are.
  7. Kase filters come to mind: https://kasefiltersusa.com/ They also have sites based in other parts of the world. Cyclopsoptics has some specialized stuff. If you take a few minutes with your favorite search engine, you can probably find similar categories of filters in other places.
  8. Give the instructions in that link a try and see how they work for you. I have some confidence you can get it working, after all, you have the ability to record, edit and post a video listing your efforts so far, that is far more difficult than clicking on a layer mask and painting in an area.
  9. Okay, now you can edit the layers’ mask to fix the bad areas. Here is a quick reminder of how to do that. https://helpx.adobe.com/in/photoshop/using/editing-layer-masks.html In essence, you find the layer that has the stuff you want to keep and paint that layer’s mask white — only in those areas you want to keep —- and make sure the layers above that one have their layer masks painted black in those bad areas to let the correct lower layer to show the fixed part. This part is basic layer masking and editing. You may need to refer to some tutorials to help you along.
  10. I found several tutorials like these https://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-editing/focus-stack-images-photoshop/ https://photoshopcafe.com/focus-stacking-photoshop-tutorial/ which give you a more step by step approach. These create layer masks for each file being used — this approach is still mostly automatic, but you have more control over everything. Because you have access to the layer masks, you can use the usual edit masks stuff to get rid of any bad areas. p.s. Your files are fine, once the merging is nailed down your final images should also be fine.
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