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  1. Get a card reader. Pull the card from the camera and use the reader to copy from the card to your pc, then use the software from there. It will be so much faster, the time savings alone will pay for the purchase.
  2. jerryy

    Fuji Birds

    Nice shots! Your camera is telling you that for your chosen shutter speed and ISO limit, it needs a faster f-stop to get what its algorithms determine are needed for a good exposure. Widen the ISO range, or go fully manual for every setting. Or use a lens with a faster aperture.
  3. This may ease your concerns regarding whether what was working will still work: https://fujifilm-x.com/en-us/support/compatibility/cameras/x-t3/ The shorter answer is that all of the x-mount lens work on all of the x-mount bodies and the batteries are interchangeable between the X-T2 and the X-T3.
  4. You may find some good results with these, or, get closer to what you are trying to achieve: Affinity Photo has a module for creating HDR images, this is a run-through example: https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/uk/tutorials/create-vibrant-hdr-images-in-affinity-photo-with-merge-and-tone-mapping-tools The person that built Starry Sky Stacker and Starry Landscape Stacker also has a program for long exposure stacking: https://sites.google.com/site/longexposurestacker/home
  5. jerryy

    Trains (open thread)

    Underside of an active trestle bridge.
  6. it is a bit of a sidetrack, but why would you not use TIFF to bounce back and forth between PS and Lightroom? Especially since Adobe recommends using TIFF over psd for doing that. https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom-classic/help/supported-file-formats.html
  7. I am not understanding what you mean by "... exporting my X100F JPGs and finalizing them ... ". Are you wanting it to pull images off of your camera on to your 'work' drive so that you can then sort and process them? If so, then it is usually faster to pull the card out of the camera and use a card reader connected to your computer to copy the files. Just about all of the raw developers will also let you do more processing to jpg files. Capture One is very good, you can get the Fujifilm Express version for free and try it to see if you like its approach. Then move on up to the Pro version if you think you want the tools included in that version. Another one that was not included in the previous list is Iridient Developer which just got a big upgrade. You have plenty of try-before-you-buy options, it is a matter of testing one to see what fits best into your work approach.
  8. This app has just been updated. The release note says the update fixes issues with iOS14.
  9. The tricky part is whether or not there is crackling when the other sounds are played because they all use the same speaker. One thing to try (to pin down if the speaker is bad) is to turn off the mechanical shutter, turn on the electronic shutter and use each of the sound effects for the shutter sound. [This is on page 191 of the manual]. If they are also messed up, the speaker is most likely fried.
  10. Have you tried changing the volume setting to see if this has any affect? Also do you notice any oddities when other sounds such as self-timer beep or shutter sound are played?
  11. As Herco points out, be careful about the connected camera problem in Raw Studio. Raw File Converter works with all of Fujifilm's cameras in that you export the image as a TIFF or JPG file and can always go back to original files without issue. But it does not work as well as a studio manager like Raw Studio does. Raw file conversion is still in the 'art' stage. Try several of them and see which ones do well for you. One may give you slightly warmer white balanced images while another may give you better detail in the shadows vs another that has better highlight rendering. In addition to the already mentioned ones, there is also DarkTable and Raw Therapee. These are loaded with powerful features and are great at converting. And they are free. Pluses and minuses. As you can guess from this thread, just about everyone has a favorite. If you do dig though the thread as George implies, you will find some spirited defenders whiling away the time discussing various issues about each one.
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