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  1. jerryy

    Acros film simulation

    It sounds like you are using Adobe products. So ... you might have some good results trying gradient mapping (This technique also works in other photo editors.) Here are a couple of step by step tutorials: https://digital-photography-school.com/black-white-photoshop-gradient-map/ https://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-editing/black-and-white-tutorials/gradient-map-adjustment/ ps The free Raw Convertor software FujiFilm gives you with the camera does have some decent conversion options as well.
  2. jerryy

    Fall pictures

    Those must be incredible sights to enjoy! How are the cottonwoods in the spring? Do they turn white from all of the floaters they set free? ps. Stay safe, some of those roads are really rough when ice and snow covers them up.
  3. jerryy

    Fall pictures

    I had to clean out the basement and there was that tree just waiting ... :) The colors here were very different this year, the previous years they were mostly shades of orange-yellow, this year there were very few orange tinted trees anywhere. I think that red one is a sugar maple, the photos from the northeast where there are a lot of sugar maples have that same brilliant coloring. Sometimes the trips are for your enjoyment, sometimes they are to remind you to take the gear with you.
  4. jerryy

    Winter Landscapes

    Blizzards to the east of me, Snowstorms to the west, Yet here I am stuck in the middle with rain.
  5. jerryy

    Winter Landscapes

    A cold and foggy January day.
  6. jerryy

    Winter Landscapes

    I knew, I just KNEW when I posted that thought, it would come back and get me! Right now, where I am at, we have more of this: than this: but you are right, I accept the challenge! As soon as feasible I will out there trying to get some good ones that have snow. In the mean time I still have some more Fall Color shots
  7. jerryy

    Winter Landscapes

    I am really enjoying the series you are sharing with us, but after listening to that audio I also hope you are keeping warm!
  8. jerryy

    Fall pictures

  9. jerryy

    Winter Landscapes

  10. jerryy

    Fall pictures

    Thank you so very much! [By the way, I, along with others, are patiently waiting for your postings (hint, hint).] And to you and yours, the same: happy holidays.