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  1. July. Hot and humid. If by chance you are missing those nice fall colors, maybe this will tide you over until autumn gets here.
  2. Excellent! Did you give them names? Mamma Cat looks like she would like you to babysit for a while.
  3. I doubt this is due to your lens choice. There are different menu choice settings that can affect this, the top ones that come to mind are first, the DR (dynamic range) setting. If this is set to any option other than 100%, the minimum allowed ISO you can choose is moved upward. Also there is a menu setting that allows you to restrict the minimum and maximum ISO the camera can offer you. As well as some of the let-the-camera-automagically-choose options restrict the available ISO settings. edit: I should ask, you do not have the aperture cranked down to around f22 or so and are trying to film in dim lighting?
  4. Restricting this ala the same way one sets the green box for autofocus sounds feasible as a firmware update. Hopefully, this is possible. Try dropping a note to Fujifilm via their contact pages or maybe try getting the folks over at FujiRumors to have a firmware request poll and include this feature. I understand the folks at FujiFilm read those. In the mean time, I guess try to use the touchscreen to keep the detected area on the part of the screen you most want in focus by touching the faces in that region.
  5. Look through the user manual beginning on page 117 and on through 118, there is information explaining how to do these things. There is some more in later sections, but that is a good place to start. Note: if you do not have a copy of the manual, you can download it from Fujifilm.
  6. jerryy

    Fuji Birds

    Great Egret (Ardea alba)
  7. There are a couple of ways that this could be caused by, a software regression ( older code got accidentally merged into new update code) or a hardware issue where some older incompatible parts got used instead of the new ones.
  8. jerryy


    In looking at their compatibility list: https://oss.zhiyun-tech.com/zyplay/instructions_edit/supportmodel/WEEBILL-S-Camera-Compatibility List - EN.pdf they have notes at the bottom regarding using the gimbal with the X-T3, saying that the gimbal’s controls disable the X-T3 controls. The note says you have to manually turn that feature off before the camera’s controls operate again. Is it possible that also applies to the X-T1? You may have to put the camera back on the gimbal and toggle things once or twice to get it back working. You may have to do a full reset (menu choice) to get the controls back, but this also rests all of your saved choices as well, it may also fix your second issue as well.
  9. jerryy

    Fuji Birds

    Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias)
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