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  1. Since you are close to the lighthouse, you may be able to experiment a little. Try treating it the same as getting an image of the full moon; say f11, pick your favorite ISO and set the shutter speed to 1/ ISO. Then take a longer exposure to get the background and blend the images. Use that as a baseline to speed up the shutter speed until you get what you want. If you set the aperture to f16 or more with a longer exposure, you could end up getting the star rays, one ray per aperture blade, so be careful about that. Also, show us how they turn out!
  2. Part Two: while others are pretty brazen about getting ready for the show: .
  3. (Part One) Early Autumn, some places are demurely or more accurately, gingerly stepping into their autumn finery:
  4. Part Two: Some of the artists came up with very, very intricate designs. In spite of the event staff pleading for people 'do not touch the pumpkins', some folks touched them and said 'yes, these are real'. onto Part Three ...
  5. Part One: For the past few years, ok, the past seven years, the area I live in has taken part in the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, a festival started in Oxford, Massachusetts in 1988 and spread out to other areas. This year I was able to get by and see some of the pumpkins: Into the Valley of The Pumpkins: onto Part Two ...
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