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  1. Good shot! It looks like spring is making its way to the high country.
  2. jerryy

    Fuji Birds

    Herons on the left, Egrets on the right.
  3. You are thinking the data is stored as RGB triples, but the camera manufacturers use various ways to pack the sensor data which has the side benefit of compressing the stored files. Try this: use your favorite raw conversion program to convert one of your raw files and export it as a TIFF file (uncompressed, 16 bit, full quality, etc., etc., etc.) and you will get around 156 MB or so.
  4. jerryy

    Fuji Flowers

    Thank you for your kind words. I am looking forward to seeing the ones you are able to show us! Flowering trees did quite well this year, better than usual. I hope some of the other shots I was able to get turn out.
  5. That depends on what you have chosen in your settings menu for the save format. I think you have the camera set to only save images using the jpg format. If I recall correctly, the camera will, fresh out of the box, be set to use the jpeg (jpg) format and it may be also set to use the Large image size as well as the Fine setting to give you the most resolution. But, and this is the tricky part, using the jpg storage format means the file will be compressed (made smaller) as it is saved. These settings will usually give you a saved file size of around six to eight MB. The files moved over to your computer will have their names end in .jpg and most viewing/editing apps let you view them quite easily. There is also another save option that you will have to turn on yourself in the settings menu that will have the camera save the images in Fujifilm’s raw format. These files have the file name ending in .raf and you can choose how large they can be as well (up to the maximum possible for your camera’s sensor size). These files will usually need to be edited in a image processing program of some kind before they are easily viewable. These files can be as large as 30MB because they save a lot more information than jpeg files save. You can also choose to have the camera save both raf and jpg files at the same time, which makes it easy for quick cataloging among other things. However, getting all of these options set right is better suited for discussing in the other forums.
  6. You will probably get a better answer over in the General Discussion or the Fuji X System forums (this is pretty much a show photos section) but a 24 MP camera (the XF10 you have) stores images as either jpeg or raw (raf) format. The jpeg size (even at the large-fine setting) still compresses the files to be smaller usually around 6-8MB or so. MP refers to mega pixel count with is different than MB which is drive storage size -- and that is estimated differently than computer memory MB size. The raf storage size will depend on what image size you have chosen in your camera's setting menu -- if it is on the largest setting, the storage size may be around 30MB give or take a few MBs
  7. Welcome! Yup, it looks fine.
  8. Thank you, If I get the chance too pass along your kind words to the folks that do the upkeep on that old fence I shall do that. Did you leave any mountains for next season?
  9. ROFL!!!! I wish I had thought of that, it would be hilarious!. (it is actually a section of cobblestone used as a parking area. Snow covered of course.) Ahh winter, we hardly knew ye ...
  10. These critters are by Danish artist Thomas Dambo. They are currently hanging out in Bernheim Forest, a privately owned research forest and arboretum that is open to the public. Granted that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, I intend to go back there and get more better shots, now that I know where they are and all that goes with that.
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