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  1. x-pro2 with the xf35mm f1.4 and mcex-11 attached
  2. Small, leightweight for a medium format camera and almost same handling like a x-t camera. Definetly not so sexy like the hasselblad but the in many cases better then X1D. The lens was not to heavy. I don't think that it will be a everybody's camera but for lot of professionals it will be a no brainer I guess?
  3. Tokyo near Yoyogi Park it is a stich of 10 exposures with the xf14mm
  4. No rumor, but I had the chance yesterday to meet Kunio San here in Tokyo. "Father" of the x-pro2 and all the f2.0 primes as well as the GFX. And guess what? All of the sudden in between the sushi, beer an sake I had the chance to play with this camera.
  5. October light= beautiful light little Beauty in beauty light by Mehrdad, auf Flickr
  6. Yes it is always a pleasure to see them especially from above. Nature is soooo beautiful! Worth to take care of it!
  7. Just tested the RoboSHOOT (x20) with my x100T and the Nissin i40 @1/4000s. f5.6 the flash seems to have his problems to deliver power (I shoot in the evening in my livingroom @bad light) but @f2.8 and 1/4000s no problem at all. Tomorrow I'll try the Nikon SB900 and the x100T
  8. This is a stitch out of 3 panos Napoli by Mehrdad, auf Flickr
  9. The alpes Morgens über den Alpen by Mehrdad, auf Flickr
  10. Thank you. Sure you can sak: I am not 100% sure but I think I used Snapseed at the end. So Lightroom and then Snapseed. I have no access to the file now thats why I can not say for sure.
  11. In my test the RoboSHOOT M-x20 and my x100T 1/2000s wasn't a problem. I guess 1/4000s shouldn't be a problem, too. I only could test it here right now with the ef-20. It worked fine @1/4000s but the flash power is to weak. Unfortunately I don't have the Nikon SB900 available anymore to test it @1/4000s. But 1/2000s worked just fine.
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