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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, I've just bought the Fujifilm x100V. Anyone has any good video or article to teach me everything about the camera?
  2. Hey X-Folks.. I just wanted to know what you guys would say about new compositon grids in the viewfinder / lcd screen. One of the advantages of Mirrorless with EVF is basically that you can put anything in there from histrogram to framing guidelines.. most people will have the thirds grid on which shows the rule of third lines.. the other possibilities would be the 24 grid mode which has many lines and the 16:9 mode.. How about more lines and more useful ones? Like the Golden Ratio and Spirale (mirrored in all directions) diagonals, a horizontal line for symmetry and more.. I would love to see Fuji implementing these into the Screen Info.. They don't hurt.. nobody needs to use them.. Their existence wouldnt mess up the menu. They would be a useful addition in some cases.. Getting a symmetrical shot can be hard and most of us end up cropping alot afterwards. I like this one(dont know the name):
  3. Hello Everyone, I’m trying to use the FujiFilm phone app: CAM REMOTE with my X100F and while it works well for taking pictures, I am having difficulty with using it for video, which I would really like to do. While I can do a single focus, when taking pictures, by tapping the screen where I would like to focus, then taking the picture, this does not work in the video mode. In video mode, it seems the only option is for a continuous focus mode where it is always searching for focus — seems like it is looking for movement and focusing on that. Is there are a way to change it so that I can tap on my phone screen and set a single focus point and NOT have it continuously searching for focus (it makes quite a bit of noise). Any other apps (for iPhone or Mac) or advice on recording video (being able to control focus and start a video) remotely using the x100f, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
  4. Hi guys, I need your help. My recently bought RF603cII on xpro1 won't trigger my YN560III off camera. This looks like a neverending story to me, because a lot of people seem to be having issues with the trigger on their XP1s. observations: flash on the camera hot shoe fires no problem, test fire off camera no problem. I have my YN and RF trigger on the same channel flash is in RX mode setting the trigger to RX mode and pressing the trigger test button the flash fires, pressing the shutter button on my XP1 does nothing setting the trigger to TRX (presumably the correct mode), the test button on the trigger nor the shutter does not fire the flash on the flash - a blue led is lit, meaning the YN and RF trigger are connected when I try to fire the flash normally with the shutter button(or the test trigger button), the blue light flashes as if it were firing on the RF only the right green LED is lit it's exactly this one >> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yongnuo-YN-560-III-Flash-With-RF-603-II-Single-Transceiver-Trigger-for-Canon-SLR-/121783769294 removing the spring plate on the hotshoe didn't work using LCD/EVF/OVF doesn't make a difference any ideas are really welcomed and appreciated!
  5. I'm sure it's some stupidly simple setting somewhere but when I shoot video on my new to me X-T2 it looks washed out or grey. I figured it was some setting and tried everything I could think of. Nothing worked. The last thing I tried was film simulation. But that option is unavailable. It is greyed out / I can not access that menu in any way while shooting video. So two questions that may or may not be related: How to access film simulation while shooting video and what would be causing the washed out video? Thanks. Edit, I don't know if it matters byt when shooting video under the Q menu only the white balance, sharpness, face detection and lcd brightness are accessible. A screen shot of the video taken with my X-T2 and a picture of what the scene actually looks like (taken with a cell camera).
  6. Hi guys, I'm having an issue with my X-S10 where the 35mm 1.4 won't work with it. When I turn it on with this lens in particular it keeps protracting and retracting while my camera seems to be turning on and off? I'm not sure whats going on and any help would be appreciated. Heres a link to the video which is also posted on reddit
  7. I know that Fuji IBIS does work with Vintage lens but only 3 axis. I wonder is this work all 5 axis with VIltrox 85mm f/1.8 lens? Thank you very much, somebody please answer me!
  8. Hello Everyone, I just picked up an XT2 and this is my first Fuji camera, really excited about using it. I've been watching a lot of youtube videos and reading forum post to familiarize myself with the camera and its settings. I am very impressed by the film simulations but really confused on how to use them in conjunction with RAW files. I was under the impression that if I shoot RAW+JPEG(Fine/Norma) with a film simulation selected (e.g. Chrome). Simulation is applied to JPEG only and RAW file is pure raw without any processing that I can edit however I want in post processing. But I took the camera out for the first time and realized the film simulation is applied to both JPEG and RAW. Is there a way to shoot with film simulation applied to JPEG but get unprocessed RAW files from XT2? Thanks for everyone's help in advance!
  9. Good morning, I have a problem with my x-t30 I'm not able to record any video because after a few second the video is automatically stopped and I can't understand why. I can't record more than 8/15 seconds. Does anyone know which is the problem? Many thanks have a nice day Nico
  10. So i have a friend in Hollywood FL thats about to return home on monday morning. This is my last chance to purchase an XT3 and join Fuji but it's out of stock everywhere. Does anyone know any local stores he could walk in and purchase? Shipping is obviously out of the question.
  11. Is there any way I can fix this (PFA). Peak design clip damaged and can't use any tripod anymore.
  12. On my Xt3, this black bar appears on every video, in every card, in every DR range, every fps. Only on 1080p though, and when the lens is between 18 to 23. Hadn't noticed till now. Then i checked my old videos, and saw it there too. Firmware all latest. lens: 18-55 xf 2.8 - 4.
  13. Hello!! I just got a new X-T30 (previously had an X-T20). I’ve been starting to take some shots and they are extremely dark. Shooting at ISO 400, SS 1/30, and F8 in daylight and my shot is almost black. Would love any suggestions on what to try here… any chance I did something strange with settings? Thank you for reading!
  14. I recently bought a second-hand fuji film x-e3 and it's driving me insane. It worked perfectly for the first few days of use until all of a sudden af-l won't turn off. Basically, whenever I try focusing in auto-mode by tapping the LCD an icon appears on the top right saying "AF off" and a green dot with "AFL" under pops up in the bottom. even in manual mode the "AF off" text is still there. How do I go about fixing this, I've looked at every possible resource online and can't get any help. Please get to me as soon as possible :/
  15. Hi, Does anyone know how to fix this? My camera works fine, except for the metering switch/collar. My camera stays in average metering mode, whichever way I turn the switch. In face detection mode I see the face icon in the EVF, but turning off face detection, it keeps showing [ ], no matter what I turn. Is there a menu setting I'm unaware of, or is this a mechanical/electronical problem? In the latter case, should I try to fix it myself? Or can I be flying by my histogram, even if I would need spot metering now and then? Thanks for any suggestions.
  16. Hi all, Need some advice! Just got this x100v (new) from a reputable eBay seller. However after receiving it, I couldn’t help but notice the shutter (I think that’s it) looks kinda TORN or BROKEN!? It works fine (i think, amateur dad shooter) and when I turn it on it shoots fine (see last pic of camera on). Should I send it back or is this a common thing?
  17. Hi! I've bought an second hand xt-10 about a year and a half ago and never had any issues with it. but recently I've run into a wierd bug with the apature. So I use my camera fully manual (even manual focus, use the AF-L to focus quickly), and only have one autofocus/auto apature lens. an fuji 27mm f2.8 pancake lens. so recently when I've been using it and stop down the apature from anything but 2.8 I randomly get this bug when I halfpress the shutter. I get diffrent exposures on the same settings! the pictures below are both 1/160 f5.6 ISO 400 and yet the apature is diffrent. sometimes it gets darker, sometimes brighter, sometimes correct. but it usally stops down darker, and then darker, and darker, and only a restart of the camera will fix it. I don't know if its the body or the lens or a combination. Please would love some help! cheers!
  18. My x100v camera has an issue where the shutter unexpectedly closes and opens, causing a flicker. This occurs when I'm streaming videos to an HDMI output. The frequency of this problem is unpredictable. It can happen as frequently as every 2-3 seconds or as infrequently as once every half to a full hour. Could this be related to a specific setting? If anyone knows a solution to this, could you please guide me on how to fix it? Example of it happening: For reference, the x100v to a BlackMagic HDMI capture card.
  19. I bought a second hand xt-10 a few years ago and used it with pride, but now it just acts up really wierdly. So i have a 27mm f2.8 pancake lens for the camera that I think i bought with the camera house, im not sure if its the lens or the body thats faulty. Whenever I connect the lens to the camera, the red led on the back blinks red 6times and none of the buttons work. I cant take pictures, i cant change apature/ss/go into menus/function menu, all buttons just gets disabled apart from viewing the images. If I take of the lens (use camera without lens setting is turned on) i can use it normally, i can press all buttons and go into the settings, take images etc. but as fast as I connect the lens again. Locked out. I've tried taking out the battery multiple times and 1/100 times i can use the camera, then when i take an image, again, im locked out and can't do s***. You think its just the lens (have no other AF lenses i can try) or the body thats broken? And yes i have cleaned the connection pads and pins on the lens and the camera. Its not that.
  20. Can anyone help me get a replacement for my lens hood for the X-mount 70-300mm lens? I recently bought the lens new and I ride my bike with it on my camera, attached to my backpack with a Peak Design clip. I’d ridden a few times before without any problems. But today the hood must have fell off at some point into my 4mi ride. I didn’t notice anything special occur, I just noticed at some point that the hood was no longer attached. I’ve retraced my path a number of times but can’t find the hood
  21. Hey xpro-shooters! Does anyone know if there is a setting to disable evf auto-hide when camera is turned off. I couldn't find anything by now I am a bit worried that triggering the evf show/hide mechanism too often may damage it in a long term. By default it hides the the camera is turned off even if I have a setting to use evf while shooting. Any thoughts? 🤔 Thanks!
  22. My camera (X-S20) keeps making a clicking constant noise from the focusing (the focus goes in and out consistently) - when the camera is turned OFF. I've tried several lenses (35mm f/1.4, 23mm f/2, 18mm f/2, 18-55mm zoom) and they all seem to have the constant focus noise issue/movement when the camera is OFF (just with varying degrees of loudness) which makes me think there's an issue with the camera body or connection. The camera and lens' firmware are all up-to-date (camera body firmware updated via Fuji app a month or so ago), removing the battery seems to make the issue stop (although this isn't the solution), and the constant clicking noise only happens when the camera is OFF (when the camera is ON there's no issue). Has anyone run into this issue? Anyone know which this happens? Ideas for a potential fix?
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