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Found 7 results

  1. My camera (X-S20) keeps making a clicking constant noise from the focusing (the focus goes in and out consistently) - when the camera is turned OFF. I've tried several lenses (35mm f/1.4, 23mm f/2, 18mm f/2, 18-55mm zoom) and they all seem to have the constant focus noise issue/movement when the camera is OFF (just with varying degrees of loudness) which makes me think there's an issue with the camera body or connection. The camera and lens' firmware are all up-to-date (camera body firmware updated via Fuji app a month or so ago), removing the battery seems to make the issue stop (although this isn't the solution), and the constant clicking noise only happens when the camera is OFF (when the camera is ON there's no issue). Has anyone run into this issue? Anyone know which this happens? Ideas for a potential fix?
  2. Hello, with half a year of practice on focusing with the X-T1 I keep having this issue: the camera will often focus on the background using zone focus method. I would like it to focus on the nearest occupied point, but to no success. The following picture (resized, not cropped) gives a good example. This happens roughly in the majority of all cases. It seems especially with trees / bushes in the background this is particularly the case. Some information: - I read the manual - I read Rico's book. - AF-S selected - No Pre-AF activated - High Performance in Power Management is turned on - Face detection OFF, especially in the example picture. - I know that single point focus would be much better, however many times I have a group of people like the elder couple and a youngster running in between them. Finally zone focusing would be much easier to use when several people are moving through the frame. Besides, even with single point -> when the size of single point is too big, and the person is half crossing the single point focusing square, many times it will also focus on the background. Now, my questions: - What might I still do wrong? Although many people say you just need to practice more, after several thousand pictures there seems to be no improving on this. - Is zone focusing not suitable to focus on people at all? If your answer will be "It is suitable", please explain how your practice differs from mine. - Any other idea? Because this is getting annoying. Thank you Andy
  3. hi everybody the feature of Focus Check is very useful on XT1, XT2 or X20 but i am wondering if we have Feature of "Focus Picking" like Sony camera on Fujifilm XT2 too?
  4. Has anyone else noticed trouble focusing on people in the foreground since the latest firmware updates? I noticed the camera really seems to prioritise something in the background over the foreground. Sure you can say switch to single point focusing (which I do) but I noticed the camera was much better at finding something in the foreground before the updates. ​Using Xpro2 with 16mm 1.4 and 35mm 2.0
  5. Hey guys, I got 2 issues I'm not sure where to find answers to, so if anyone can help me out here, would be much appreciated 1. I was in a hurry the other day while I was out and shooting, and noticed a speck of dust on the touchscreen preview - took the lens off, saw the speck on the sensor, and the only idea how to clean it was to take my alcohol free zeiss camera wipes and roll them on a qtip and swab the sensor left and right a bit. It cleaned the sensor, but it was moving while I was doing it. Today I found few YouTube videos that recommend cleaning with camera on and ibis off - but I didn't know that at the time. I've done it with camera off, and ibis was moving a bit. Could I've done some damage to the IBIS? It works as usual when I use the camera, but now I got extra worried and maybe exaggerating - when I'm in my office, in silence - when I turn the camera on I hear a little thump. Is this normal? Do you hear your X-S10 doing similar sound when you power it on? And the second "issue 2. When I halfway press to focus, I get a very short flash on the touchscreen, I've recorded it with a phone you can see it on the video - it's not top quality video (for size sake) but you'll see what happens, so you can let me know if this is normal or not. Regular XF 18-55 lens, and it happens with OIS on or off. https://i.imgur.com/TJVqBak.mp4 Thanks!
  6. How do I set my xt20 so I can hold it halfway and adjust the focus? Also, the shutter is so sensitive that I end up taking pictures when I turn the camera on and off. Am I doing something wrong in my settings? thanks mary
  7. Hi! Recently I was trying to get an nice sharp overall image while manual focusing at the hyperfocal distance. I have the 18-135 mm lens, the pictures I had taken where all at a focal length of 18mm. The apertures I tried where F16, F11 and F8 so the hyper focal distance should be (according to DOF Master) respectively 1.03, 1,45 and 2,04 meters. The results where pretty sharp!! So it seems to be working! But the distance indicator on the X-T1 is not that accurate (white indicator, not the blue zone) therefore it is almost impossible to set the distance indicator at exactly 1,45 meter as example. I was wondering if you guy's are using these values as well or using different values, resulting in a better sharpness? (I'm aware of the discussions about the representation of the blue DOF zone towards infinity) Greetz, Burb
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