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  1. for 7: if you set Film Simulations on an fn key, you get a preview while going through
  2. It seems a bit more saturated and the lines are better defined.. but marginal.. still not the results i expect for a raw converter EDIT: ok, i tried it by myself and i have to change my opinion.. it is alot! better than LR.. very good
  3. I know what you mean.. but with a grey tone or a transparency grid it would erase that issue. i would love to see a triangular paddern to see angles i didnt saw before.. example picture (a boring picure from my lightroom catalogue) It helps to see angles and lines you werent able to see with the "3x3" paddern, which gets really boring for composing
  4. Hey X-Folks.. I just wanted to know what you guys would say about new compositon grids in the viewfinder / lcd screen. One of the advantages of Mirrorless with EVF is basically that you can put anything in there from histrogram to framing guidelines.. most people will have the thirds grid on which shows the rule of third lines.. the other possibilities would be the 24 grid mode which has many lines and the 16:9 mode.. How about more lines and more useful ones? Like the Golden Ratio and Spirale (mirrored in all directions) diagonals, a horizontal line for symmetry and more.. I would love to see Fuji implementing these into the Screen Info.. They don't hurt.. nobody needs to use them.. Their existence wouldnt mess up the menu. They would be a useful addition in some cases.. Getting a symmetrical shot can be hard and most of us end up cropping alot afterwards. I like this one(dont know the name):
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