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  1. Nope, still not fixed, do you have multiple autofocus lenses for it? If you do does it do the same thing for all the lenses or just one? Cause the camera throws out a lens error (the blinking red led light) but I can only try with one lens, so can't really troubleshoot more then in the video
  2. some context, easier to show then to explain
  3. I bought a second hand xt-10 a few years ago and used it with pride, but now it just acts up really wierdly. So i have a 27mm f2.8 pancake lens for the camera that I think i bought with the camera house, im not sure if its the lens or the body thats faulty. Whenever I connect the lens to the camera, the red led on the back blinks red 6times and none of the buttons work. I cant take pictures, i cant change apature/ss/go into menus/function menu, all buttons just gets disabled apart from viewing the images. If I take of the lens (use camera without lens setting is turned on) i can use it normally, i can press all buttons and go into the settings, take images etc. but as fast as I connect the lens again. Locked out. I've tried taking out the battery multiple times and 1/100 times i can use the camera, then when i take an image, again, im locked out and can't do s***. You think its just the lens (have no other AF lenses i can try) or the body thats broken? And yes i have cleaned the connection pads and pins on the lens and the camera. Its not that.
  4. Update for people of the future that might encounter the same issue. I just discovered that its definitely the lens. If i have focos 1.5m to infinity the aperture blades work just fine. But somewhere between 1-1.5m and the problem occurs. So something when the lens is moving to change focus must be interfering with the machanism that controls the aperture blades..
  5. here is a video. its unpredicatable and broken. unusable basically. can only shoot other lenses with manual aperture rings, have not tried other fuji lenses as i do not own any other lenses. https://youtu.be/Hsh-43APlyk
  6. It seems like the aperture blades kinda "gets stuck" in a position and won't open up or close down properly. Say im in 5.6 and when i halfpress the shutter it closes down the blades to something closer to 16. And if i try go to say 2.8 it might not open up or it might open up to maybe an 8 and then back to 16. I can't explain in text. I will upload a video.
  7. Hi! I've bought an second hand xt-10 about a year and a half ago and never had any issues with it. but recently I've run into a wierd bug with the apature. So I use my camera fully manual (even manual focus, use the AF-L to focus quickly), and only have one autofocus/auto apature lens. an fuji 27mm f2.8 pancake lens. so recently when I've been using it and stop down the apature from anything but 2.8 I randomly get this bug when I halfpress the shutter. I get diffrent exposures on the same settings! the pictures below are both 1/160 f5.6 ISO 400 and yet the apature is diffrent. sometimes it gets darker, sometimes brighter, sometimes correct. but it usally stops down darker, and then darker, and darker, and only a restart of the camera will fix it. I don't know if its the body or the lens or a combination. Please would love some help! cheers!
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