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Found 13 results

  1. I've not used my X-t3 for a while, haven't changed any settings since I last used it & it was working fine. But now everything through the viewfinder & the images it takes are massively under-exposed & dark, in a weird, grey-ish kind of way. Please see image attached; it's hard to capture in a photo, but this was a well lit setting, with the camera on: Shutter 125, Aperture 5.6, ISO 400. The image is way too dark (nb it's not blue like in the photo, just really under-exposed). I'm thinking of doing a factory reset but can't find how to do this. Help!
  2. Hello, I own a Fujifilm X-A5 camera that I mainly use for video work and I use a Viltrox 33mm F1.4 lens. I have been noticing that my camera changes the exposure of my video even in manual mode. Every exposure triangle component is set in manual but it still changes the exposure. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.
  3. I'm not usually a black & white kind of guy. And when I am i prefer to use Nik Silver Efex because it gives the best control. But I was out shooting some long exposures last night thanks to the sun returning to Michigan and realized that Acros + R is extremely fitting for long exposure cloud work.
  4. Hey guys Firstly I love Fuji, and believe they are awesome for unleashing the most out of their gear through various big firmware updates. However I cannot understand why Fuji keep ignoring the poor +1/-1 exposure bracketing!!! Seriously; there is no reason not to enable more, I'd imagine a simple line or two of code. People have been asking for a long time, yet they seem almost insistent in ignoring this? Even though I don't like the super HDR shot, it can be very handy under difficult lighting to capture the best exposure. Thoughts?
  5. This might have been discussed already (so apologies up front) but have others found that shadow detail in the jpegs produced from the X-T2/X-Pro 2 are a lot darker compared to those from the X-T1? I have played around with the settings enough to know that its not the dynamic range at work here. The raw files are absolutely fine by the way. My not so great work around has been to push exposure comp by up to one full stop, put shadow detail to -2 and at times when provia just isn't working out at all, using PRO Neg. Std instead. Anyone else having these problems as all of this fiddling is driving me nuts (especially when my X-T1 would just nail perfect jpeg exposure every time!).
  6. My X-T2 has been flawless since purchase in September 2016. I did upgrade firmware to 1.10. After not using it for a month, I am now getting totally black images. The image is fine in the viewfinder with the exposure correct. A file records on the SD card, which looks to be the same byte count as usual. But the image is totally black. I do get an image that looks normal on the card only when I select Mechanical Shutter. Electronic Shutter as well as ES+MS just records a black image. I downloaded another copy of firmware 1.10 and reflashed the camera. No help. I tried both user resets. Finally, removing the battery for 5 minutes restored the electronic shutter mode and it seems to be working right again. I did speak to Fuji Support and got sent to a second level. He said this was the first such report for the X-T2. Stan
  7. Hello, while I was shooting yesterday I wanted to use AE-L several times, but it never worked. I was shooting in manual mode (manual shutter speed, manual aperture) with ISO Auto. When pressing the AE-L button the ISO settings still changed, no AE-L symbol was shown in the EVF. When setting ISO manually and shutter speed or aperture to auto, AE-L worked just fine and the AE-L symbol was shown in the EVF. Do I misunderstand something? Is this a bug? Does this work as it should? Is it possible to include ISO auto in AE-L as well? I mean that AE-L should lock the exposure settings as they are. Thanks for your help!
  8. Hello everyone, I am new to Fuji and photography. just want to know if this is normal when I set the Model to Manual and the ISO to auto. the exposure compensation value that shows in the bottom of lcd keeps changing when I move around the camera. this doesn't happen when I am in Aperture priority mode. Is there a way to fix this?
  9. What real-time exposure display options are available with manual lenses? I am investigating Fuji, with an X-T1 and a manual lens (no contacts). I want to see what ISO and SS my camera has chosen, with the current lens settings. (I would also like to use program shift to change the ISO/SS combination up or down.) There may just be some setting somewhere that I didn't think applied to this? I have turned on all the display options and have tried the different displays, but no ISO or SS displayed unless I manually set them, or if I depress the shutter [but that's not real-time, as I change the aperture ring]. I have the newest firmware, and I have reset my camera's settings several times, so almost all my settings should be at the defaults. I am very used to Olympus OM-D E-M1. On my OM-D camera, as I reduce the aperture on the lens, I see my ISO 200 / SS 1/30 move, maybe to 200 & 1/15. Then if I move it further, maybe this time it changes the ISO to 400 and keeps the SS at 1/15... but I see it all change as I move the aperture. If there's no clicks then I see it make minute even fractional changes to ISO & SS. Program shift via the front dial will also change the ISO/SS up and down.
  10. Hi When im recording video to an external recorder when i zoom i see some changes in exposure. Im guessing i have to set up something but i need help with this set up. Thanks
  11. Hello!! I just got a new X-T30 (previously had an X-T20). I’ve been starting to take some shots and they are extremely dark. Shooting at ISO 400, SS 1/30, and F8 in daylight and my shot is almost black. Would love any suggestions on what to try here… any chance I did something strange with settings? Thank you for reading!
  12. Hi, Can anyone help me understand why my jpgs of snow come out looking very pink? (Sky too for that matter.) And what I need to do to correct this problem. The pink tint is both visible in-camera and in Lightroom CC. I have been shooting using Auto WB. And based on the histogram, exposure is not a problem. I did not encounter this problem with my Fuji XT-1. Thank you.
  13. Can anyone explain this annoying phenomenon? X-T4 with 18-55 kit lens. Everything set to manual. Only time the camera won't do this is if the aperture is set to 2.8 when at 18mm. Set like that, you will see the aperture change from 2.8 to 4 as it gets to 55mm, BUT no exposure stepping issue as seen here in this vid. wierd xt4.mp4
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