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Found 17 results

  1. Hello Everybody! What's the proper way to change all settings from one scene to another with x100v? I mean, first I shoot still photos, maybe set the aperture or shutter speed, film simulation, ND filter on, iso... In between I swap to video recording and I try to remember reset all/some of the settings I just did and maybe put some other settings. And again for the next shooting scene... Is there a way to have pre-set settings ready? Like with one selection: ND-off, iso 400, STD simulation, 1/125, auto f... I have read the manual but maybe missed... Now I try to keep up a habit to always zeroing all to »Auto» after and between every shoot. Not very handy and once in a while I forget something. All help, hints and ideas welcome! Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, I updated to the new app and the connection and overall import flow works so much better (X100V model). Nevertheless, when looking at the pictures, they all have the date and time of the import time and not when the picture was taken. I've given all permissions to the app and tried uninstalling and repairing again but the issue remains. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this would be highly appreciated
  3. Hi, I've just bought the Fujifilm x100V. Anyone has any good video or article to teach me everything about the camera?
  4. Hi, I use X Raw Studio on MacOS and X100V with the latest 3.01 firmware. When I open a folder having a .RAF files created with older firmware (2.13, 3.00). Everything works as expected. The camera connects and I'm able to convert raw files. When I open a folder having a .RAF files created with 3.01 firmware, the app often crashes or shows "waiting for camera to connect" in the upper left corner. Also camera crashes as well, I'm not able to switch it off with the normal on/off switch, I have to remove the battery. Is there any solution for this issue?
  5. Hi, I use X Raw Studio on MacOS and X100V with the latest 3.01 firmware. When I open a folder having a .RAF files created with older firmware (2,13, 3.00). Everything works as expected. The camera connects and I'm able to convert raw files. When I open a folder having a .RAF files created with 3.01 firmware, the app often crashes or shows "waiting for camera to connect" in the upper left corner. Also camera crashes as well, I'm not able to switch it off with the normal on/off switch, I have to remove the battery. Is there any solution for this issue?
  6. Is there any interest in a medium format point and shoot? With how popular the X100V is, I can't but help thinking there could be a very successful market for GFX in the point and shoot range. After hearing of a possible 40mp sensor, I feel like that would lead to diminishing returns on an APSC (what's the point?). But! Dialing down the megapixels for a GFX point and shoot almost seems too good to be true. Not to mention, the GFX50R has been discontinued; a MF point and shoot would almost perfectly fill that gap in the GFX range. Fuji really does ride their own wave, so I'd love to see something like this in the future.
  7. Haven't been able to find a video or anything actually demonstrating the auto image transfer feature to the app, either while taking photos or when you turn the camera off and it does it in the background. Can anyone verify that this feature works well? Do the images just hang out in the app and you then have to save them directly to your phone or will they just show up in your phones photo gallery? Thanks in advance - this is kind of the make or break feature keeping me from going with the x100v vs saving some money on an older model that just has the standard wifi transfer. Ethan
  8. Hello guys, I'm very excited to receive my pre-ordered X100V (placed with my local store), but does anyone has experience which vendor usually delivers pre-orders first? Amazon, BH, or others? I'm a little impatient lol. I speculate the difference in delivery time will not be more than a week unless Fujifilm USA prioritizes some vendors over the others.
  9. Techie question here, will the Fuji x100v with Firmware 2.00 work with Ronin DJI SC thanks….!
  10. Hi, I am (actually tried to) use my Xume 49mm magnetic filter holder with the X100V. But because of the magnet, the X100V detects that I have the wide angle conversion lens attached. I was wondering if some other users have seen this issue too with magnetic filters ? Is there a way to disable the automatic detection of conversion lenses ?
  11. I am looking at reproducing the multi exposure solution here to achieve a bleach bypass look: https://fujixweekly.com/2020/02/24/my-fujifilm-bleach-bypass-film-simulation-recipe/ Sadly, after the 1st exposure, the X100V does not allow me to change the camera settings "set" through the Q memu, to select a whole set of settings. Instead, I can only change some specific values, which is not really practical. Someone would know how to do that ro an alternative ? Thanks!
  12. I have just purchased an X100V but find it’s noisy when turning off and on. This is caused by the lens movement which doesn’t exist on the X100V or T. If you’re used to the silent operation if those cameras, it’s an annoyance. Are there other X100V owners who have the same issue?
  13. I switched over to Fuji from Nikon a few years ago and seem to have become quite a gear collector. When I used Nikon I had a Nikon D7200 and the 24mm f1.8, 35mm f1.8, 50mm 1.8, 85mm f1.8, and 60mm f2.8D lenses. Since moving to Fuji I have managed to obtain the following: cameras: X-T3, X-T30, and recently the X100V lenses: Laowa 9mm f2.8, Fuji 10-24mm, Fuji 16mm F2, Fuji 16mm f1.4, Fuji 16-80, Fuji 18-55, Fuji 23mm f2, Fuji 27mm, Fuji 35mm f2, Mitakon 35mm, Fuji 50mm F2, Fuji 56mm, Voigtlander 58mm f1.4, Fuji 55-200, and the Fuji 90mm (still also have the Nikon 60mm f2.8D). So I love all of these lenses, but honestly have way too many to put them all to use as I should. I am wanting to move to a minimalist set up. I recently purchased the X100V and instantly fell in love with that camera. The one lens design has really helped me rediscover what I loved about photography upon first starting out. So the X100V is staying with me. So I am wanting to sell some of my excess and need some advice about what to keep. At the moment I am thinking about keeping the X-T3 with the Laowa 9mm, Fuji 16 f1.4, Fuji 56 f1.2, Fuji 90mm f2, Fuji 16-80mm, Mitakon 35mm, and Voigtlander 58mm f1.4 (just for the fun of manual focusing). My question is, does this sound like a reasonable set-up? I really want to move away from zooms (except for the 16-80 for fun).
  14. I have set up some custom white balance settings on my X100V, they save and are there until i use any custom profiles, then they reset back to default, had a friend with the same camera check, his resets as well, still the same after the firmware update, anyone else experienced this?
  15. Hello. I've recently noticed that when i half press the shutter to focus on my x100v, the screen flickers until acquiring focus. It mostly occur between f 2.2-3.2 in AF-S mode, in dark indoor enviorments. Outside in daylight it doesn't manifest. Also, of i put the camera in Manual or AF-C the 'flicker' goes away..it only affects AF-S mode. It does not affect the quality of the photos or the exposure or anything else, it's just a visual thing Firmware version 2.12 (latest). Video: https://streamable.com/afxgwb https://streamable.com/odcu40 I've seen this issue addressed on other x system cameras where the LCD/evf was going bright but it doesn't look the same on my camera. Mine is darkening the LCD/evf instead of brighteening for a fraction of a second and it kinda makes no sense. It's like the exposure drop a couple of stops for a fraction of a second. Looking at the lens while focusing it opens completly wide and closes back to the set apperture really fast while half pressing the shutter...so it should do exactly the opposite, bumping the exposure, not dropping it. When I switch aperture to f4 or above, that dark-bright flicker disappear 🤔 really weird stuff. If this is not a normal behaviour I suspect it to be firmware related because I didn't noticed this before the 2.12 version..or it was there from the start but didn't notice as i mostly shoot over f 5.6. Does anyone encounter the same on their x100v or any other fuji camera or can test it with their x100v in the same conditions? Dark room/dim light, f 2.2-3.2, AF-S mode? Does anyone know why is this happening? Any tip or solution that can make this 'issue' go away will be really appreciated! Thanks!
  16. Hi all, Need some advice! Just got this x100v (new) from a reputable eBay seller. However after receiving it, I couldn’t help but notice the shutter (I think that’s it) looks kinda TORN or BROKEN!? It works fine (i think, amateur dad shooter) and when I turn it on it shoots fine (see last pic of camera on). Should I send it back or is this a common thing?
  17. Let me first introduce myself. 57 years and amateur photographer since the age of 12, although with intervals. My passion lies with portrait, fashion, street and urban landscape. All stills photography, almost no video. I started with an Olympus OM1 (which I still have and occasionally use) but have been around the block: from Olympus to Nikon to Pentax to Minolta to Canon and Leica. I took a few years off of photography, until someone lend me his X-Pro1 for a day. It reminded me of my M6 and M8. The X-Pro1 was far from perfect. However the camera grew on me and the image quality was so beautiful that it kept me wanting to shoot more. When the X-Pro2 came along I immediately upgraded and after a year or so I added an X-T2, which later on I swapped for an X-H1. The X-H1 is a bit big for Fuji standards, but after the EOS 5D its a breeze. In the meanwhile I own 9 XF lenses. Mostly primes, but also the 16-55 (hence the X-H1 for its IBIS). 90mm is the longest focal length I need (and have). For me the X-H1 also marks the transition point of Fujifilm. From this point onwards Fuji started to lose me. Let me explain. First of all next to the X-T10/20/30 Fuji launched the X-T100/200 line rendering the beautiful X-E line redundant and from what I hear, repealed soon. I understand the commercial viability of video capabilities and a DSLR-style over a rangefinder-style, but speaking of crowded market segments... Next to that Fuji launched the X-T3 only a few months after introducing the X-H1. I would have understood this if the hybrid X-H1 had the 26Mp sensor soon followed by the X-T3 with a similar sensor. But cannibalizing a flagship model within half a year or so, dramatically drop its price and discard of any meaningful firmware update for more than 1.5 years, is an insult to buyers. That kind of corporate behaviour is what we previously accused Nikon, Canon and Sony for, but they’ve bettered their lifes. It seems that history is repeating itself with the new X-T4 versus the X-T3. In a few years Fuji went from “video as an after-thougth” to “video-first”. There’s little progress in the X-T4 when it comes to stills. You could even say some degress: the fully articulating screen is not for stills photographers. Occasionally ‘killing your darlings’ is part of progress, but this almost feels like leaving a group of customers behind. In the meanwhile Fuji also launched the X-Pro3. I can dig dropping the d-pad and the reversed tilted screen. The titanium top- and bottom plates are a nice touch, but add little to the quality of the camera. What I can’t understand is getting rid of the dual magnification for the OVF. That renders any lens wider than 23mm or longer than 50mm useless in combination with the OVF, which is the main attraction of the X-Pro3. Leica already understood this decades ago... Probably Fuji’s best matured camera is the X100V. The style, new lens and tilted screen has defined today’s ultimate street camera. In fact I even consider swapping my beloved X-Pro2 for an X100V. The X100V shows that clearly defining a product line and improve and innovate on a regular basis is a better strategy than creating new and mixing existing product lines. It also makes it easier to maintain a stable pricing strategy. My hope is now on the X-H2 to restore ratio in Fuji’s product line-up and break with the recent ‘video-first’ mantra. However, considering the X-H was meant to be the hybrid stills/video camera, I fear the worst. I guess I’m part of a dying breed but Fuji please don’t make me want to buy an A7R...
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