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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am excited to be a part of a great community and have recently purchased some used equipment. I was able to snag the X-T3, 56mm f1.2, 23mm f1.4, and 16mm 1.4 through various ebay deals. I took the family to the zoo and put the 56mm f1.2 through it's paces and enjoyed it thoroughly. I am still learning the system and all of the settings. I think I had one or two good shots that don't need a lot of post work, but never the less it was a lot of fun to use.
  2. Anyone having/had problems with factory standard settings, brand new x-t3 with kit 18-55 lens and focus hunting? I cant find anything online about this so assumed it was me...until I showed Fuji. Lens fully zoomed in on a parking lot, no moving cars, or trees, shot in daylight, plenty to focus on (IE not a white wall), using factory set focus settings straight after a reset of camera, OIS on or off made no difference, ISO auto, shutter @ 1/60, aperture manual, 4k30, shot handheld, AF-C, UV filter on lens, focus point was central in frame (nothing moving) and about 20 meters away and nothing in between camera lens and focus point (trees). To try and find out what was causing the problem I set the aperture to f20 = approx 2 second hunting frequency (from completely blurry to sharp, IE not a small hunt, its like it moves from extreme to extreme). As I reduce the aperture towards f16, frequency increases to say 0.5 seconds and then at f10 its not possible to see on the camera screen that there is hunting. My test seems to show its aperture & zoom related, regardless, I cant accept that this is ok. Above video in question was shot at the Fuji HO in South Africa to demonstrate the problem to Fuji so I don't have the video at the moment because I sent the camera in due to this hunting problem. They still don't know what the problem might be so I thought I would reach out and see if anyone can reproduce my problem so I can help Fuji help me solve my problem. I have had a consistent problem with focus on the camera with a hit rate of probably 60%, video & photo. Even when the camera locks focus in AF-S mode, stationary scene, eye focus mode on and face mode on, photo mode, the camera will miss the shot and focus on the rear of the head region while it tells me its focused on the eye when clicking the rear dial in to show the focus point. Any insight would be appreciate!
  3. Hi guys, I've been using a Canon 80D to shoot some weekend family photos for a year. My lens choices are the 16-35 f2.8 III and 85 f1.4 IS. While I am totally satisfied with the image quality of these two fantastic lenses, I'm tired of carrying these heavy gears around. Eventually, I decide to switch from Canon to Fujifilm. I've tried the X-T3 and X-T30 in store. While weight is a concern for me, handling of the X-T3 just feels better for me. So I'm quite sure about getting the X-T3 body. I like the 50mm focal length. For most of the time when I'm shooting with my Canon 16-35 I zoom all the way to end. Logically, I lean towards the Fuji 35f1.4 and 35f2. After reading tons of reviews, it seems to me more X users would pick the f1.4 over the f2. The f1.4 is a comparatively older lens with louder motor noise and slower focusing speed (though I've learnt that X-T3 body could significantly improve its focusing speed). Normally, I always choose a more recently developed lens for a belief that there must be some up-to-date refinement. The 35f2's quiet motor and fast focusing seem to me more sensible in 2019 standard. Both f1.4 and f2 is sharp enough and their difference in weight is neglectable to me. So sharpness and weight are not my concern. One thing that keeps pulling me back to the f1.4 is its coloring. Based on many online comparisons between the photos taken by the f1.4 and f2, I subjectively think that the f1.4 brings out more pleasing color. It has that "Japanese" tone that I'm looking for. The f2 seems to produce more clarity which is not a bad thing certainly. I also like the 85mm to 135mm focal length for portrait. I know they are actually quite different in terms of usage but let's assume that I'm fine with both choices. Both are great sharp lenses that receive overwhelmingly positive comment. However, the complaint about the loose aperture ring of the 56f1.2 bothers me. I could imagine that I would get annoyed by accidentaly changing the aperture when shooting. The 90f2 is nearly perfect to me but the 56f1.2 has the easier-to-use focal length. Now the struggle is between 1) 35f1.4 + 56f1.2 and 2) 35f2 + 90f2. Favourable color VS Comparatively less favorable color but faster focusing and firmer aperture rings. Hope you guys could give me some advice. Thank you very much.
  4. night

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  5. Dwain

    New to Fuji

    Hello Everyone, My name is Dwain and I'm new to this forum and to Fujifilm cameras but not to their film. I'm a former Canon shooter (not professional). I've decided to keep my Canon 6D, the 24-105 F4 and the 100 F2.8 macro lenses just in case. I delved into large format (Chamonix 4x5) for a short time, shooting primarily Acros developed in Rollo Pyro. My interests tend to lean towards landscape, architectural, environmental portraiture and night photography but lately, I've been itching to try street and event photography. I recently placed an order for the X-T3 and the Fujinon XF18-55 F2.8-4 lens to get use to the system and a good place to start. Not sure which other lenses to consider at this early stage. I did look at the Poll here regarding the most used Fuji lenses and two of the focal lengths I've been considering (23 1.4 and 35 1.4) seem to be the most popular despite these being older designs. The XF 16 1.4 also looks interesting. Anyway, thought I'd introduce myself. Feedback and suggestions welcome.
  6. Hi there Anyone able to help me on this, PLEEEEASE. Fresh from having gotten rid of my (not-workiing) Leicagear and opting to go 100% for Fujifilm mirrorless, I traded in my gear with Ffordes in Scotland, for an X-T3 c/w 18-55mm lens. I registered it - as I had some years ago registered my X100T - on Fujiconnect. I live in Ireland (and my bank etc are Irish), but I liked Ffordes in Scotland, UK, and that's where I traded my old Leica/lens and got the X-T3 in exchange. Now that the 30 days are up (I bought the X-T3 with a receipt date of 5th October), I decided to claim the £100 cashback. Logged in to Fujiconnect, and navigated to claim promotion, and encountered the following problems: 1. The dropdown box "Series 1" will do nothing, seems inactive. 2. Ditto the box "Product 1". 3. Ditto the date; it won't allow me to select a date from the calendar and it won't let me insert a date without using the calendar. 4. My registered address is in Ireland. When I try to find the dealer (Ffordes), all I get is a listing of IRISH Fuji dealers. Even if I go to the top RH corner and select "United Kingdom instead of "Ireland", I still get the Irish dealers list. 5. I cannot find ANY place w.here I can email for assistance. I've sent an email to Ffordes, but haven't received a reply yet. But the problem is more to do with Fuji and their site rather than with Ffordes, so it's Fuji I need assistance from! I love the X-T3, and am in the process of trading in my main camera for the last N years - a Canon 5DMkII plus set of lenses, this time with an Irish dealer; and I'm hoping to exchange them for two XF lenses, one with €300 and the other with €100 cashback. But I can only afford this deal IF I'm sure I'm going to be able to navigate the Fujifilm promotions cashback page and get that €400. And the £100 cashback from the purchase of the X-T3 from Scotland would help a lot too. Sorry for the long post - my first to this forum. I really HOPE someone might have some advice - or an email address for help from Fujifilm! Thank you in advance Heather
  7. Hi all! I took my xt3 out into the freezing cold temps of northern Canada to see if it could still operate (-35 Celsius wind chill) , and I was very happy with the results! Along with the vertical battery grip I was able to shoot 179 raw photos, 8 minutes of 1080p @120fps footage, and 12 minutes of 4K footage. Also I kept the camera turned on the entire time and it stayed alive for 2 hours and 10 minutes! It almost lasted longer than I could in the cold temps! Here is a video of the “experiment” Enjoy! https://youtu.be/KbPLtC8MmZM
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