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  1. Awesome, thanks for the tip, just had a quick browse, come across the Nikon z7 and there's nothing decent showing landscapes there whatsoever, unbelievable isn't it...and I seen a Sony a7riii and I'm so underwhelmed when in at 100%, x-t3 not showing anything like what I shoot, but I will download some Fuji files and have a tinker, thanks.
  2. not sure about the x-h1 I have held it and don't like the bulk, kind of missing the point of mirrorless, yes I would usually expose for the highlights as long as the DR is not that massive, and the D810 is a good few years old now and the APSC cameras have caught up a little it seems, I won't print that big and not that often really, I'll have to see what I can produce and to be honest a few of my favourite images have been from a Nikon D7100 (APSC) but it seems now I am a bit more of a pixel peeper, and I do not care what people say, we all are to some extent. The lenses is interesting, especially for the x series, and yes the 10-24 is on the top of my list, if I go fuji, that is.
  3. my problem on a decision purely boils down to the fact that after owning a full frame Nikon D810 and seeing the results of that, real world results, I struggle psychologically to decide that an APSC is good enough and I wish there were more outlets online that I can view landscape and seascape images of the x-t3 or other x-t camera models, it's just getting past that psych that can a fuji APSC be as good as a full frame image, and baring in mind that I am not a professional or sell prints, this is an hobby and I would print and have printed for personal use.
  4. liking the sound of the 10-24, and the 55-200 too, I don't shoot video, not sure if I'd take advantage of the ibis and shoot late in the day, I would like to use a L bracket so a little worried about the x-t4 and the screen, I think I'm better of with the screen on the x-t3 to be fair, I like the idea of that so I can shoot low without having do bend right down to view through the evf. but sorry to answer the question, I would prefer weather sealing yes, especially shooting seascapes.
  5. I agree on the lens choice for photography, always have had the mantra of the best lens I can afford as they will way outlast a body, ok my initial thought for whatever camera I choose is a standard zoom, and a telephoto, I have never shot with primes to be honest, I'd like to as they are sharper, pretty much in every way I have heard. Fujifilm is an all rounder with good enough quality for sports, wildlife etc. but I will very very rarely use the camera for video, it will 99% stills, and as stated, seascapes and landscapes. I've seen some reviews of the 10-24, and the 16 and the 16-55, what are your thoughts?
  6. I seen a video showing the ibis sound, especially when video recording and using the in built mic, video is of no matter to me for landscapes, and I'm not going to need 300+ shots either, but this is my main concern picking up the x-h1, is the battery performance, and I am not a fan of the fully rotating screen on the x-t4, not great for landscape shooters especially when in portrait mode on a tripod, the screen will only be allowed to come out so far. however I believe there are now a few L brackets out there that resolves this issue!
  7. would you not consider either a hand grip, like from smallrig or an L bracket for the small grip?
  8. Lovely thanks for all your help and advice, much appreciated 👍📷
  9. I've seen a few reviews about the 16/1.4 saying it's the best lens for sharpness on the Fuji x series, I've just got to get my head around the fact that full frame isn't always the better option, plus I am not a pro and won't print professionally, so why am I hesitating on pulling the trigger on either the x-t4 or the x-h1? is the battery even bad on the x-h1 for landscape shooting too? and one more thing, how good is the touch screen?
  10. great Flickr page, when I press L for larger, is this a 1:1?
  11. I'm thinking of possibly the x-h1 due to the price which is amazing, or alternatively either the x-t3 or the x-t4, and as for lenses I would definitely opt for the 16-55, and maybe a telephoto, mind you I do like a macro shot, so maybe the 80mm too. but, I'm no pro, but I do want quality images from whatever camera I buy, I understand it's also the shooter must perform too!
  12. But even "in camera" you can manipulate what your eyes don't see, such as ND filters, and polarisers and even using a flash, in my opinion as long as you like the image yourself, and you're not reliant on selling images for customers then do as you wish, I myself quite like post processing. I have found it difficult before trying to be a perfectionist and trying for that perfect shot in one sitting, it rarely happens, and if you under-expose an image, so what....it then means you can try and recover them back in post, which for me is a part of the journey! 👍📷
  13. Thank you Olaf, sham at the moment I cannot contribute more as I am after advice mainly
  14. Hey Herco, how do you find the X-H1 for landscapes, the quality output?
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