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  1. Dwain

    New to Fuji

    Greetings Cug There seems to be quite a bit of controversy surrounding the F1.4 vs f2 versions of the 23 & 35. I've also read that the 35 f1.4 has a tendency to hunt when focusing even when mounted on the X-T2. However with the new X-Processor 4 and CMOS 4 sensor on the X-T3, this may help to reduce or eliminate the tendency for the 35 f1.4 to hunt. There's also the question of having a non-WR lens mounted on a weather sealed body. Kinda defeats the purpose of having it in a way for some but may be a non issue for others. I guess it just comes down to personal preference, shooting styles and whether you really need that extra stop. For many Fuji shooters, IQ of the f2 lenses vs the older design may not be a deal breaker especially if the type of shooting requires them to have WR. Would have been nice if Fuji could have given us both (fast glass & WR) without compromising IQ and to some extent, they have achieved that goal. I've heard tell that Fujifilm listens to its customers. If this is true, then the 23 f2 R WR & 35 f2 R WR may have been Fujifilm's response. It's also worth noting that it doesn't appear that the 23/35 f1.4 lenses will be leaving the Fuji lens lineup anytime soon - but who knows what the future may bring.
  2. Dwain

    New to Fuji

    Hey there steviewonder! X-T3 w/ XF18-55 arrived. Battery is charged so it's ready to go except I need to set the camera up first. I will be traveling to Cuba for 10 days in February with this combo and thought the XF16 1.4 as a prime wide angle might be nice to have along as an alternative to the 10-24 zoom but looking at Fujifilm's X Mount Lens Roadmap, maybe I should wait and see if Fuji releases the 16 XF 16 2.8 R WR lens in 2019. The 10-24 offers more versatility but it's not a weather-resistant lens if that would matter in February in Cuba. Will be staying at Casa particulars. The itinerary includes 2 nights in Havana upon arrival in Cuba followed by 2 days in Vinales. Will also be traveling to Cienfuegos and Trinidad before returning to Havana for the last 3 days of the trip. I'd like to take at least one prime for walking around 23, 35 or both? This will be my first trip to Cuba. I would like to keep the camera kit I take with me to be light but versatile. The first time I traveled to Mexico with the Canon 6D and EF 24-105 F4, it was just too heavy and bulky and I wound up not shooting very much. I haven't traveled with that camera since; hence the decision to go with the X-T3 I also haven't decided whether I should take a tripod but I don't own a small, lightweight, travel tripod anyway --and if I don't take one, I'll probably regret it. The 100-400 would be nice to have eventually. I have a nephew that is into bird photography big time and is always asking me to come along. He shoots with the Canon 7D Mark II and Canon's older version of the 100-400 and has added the the 5D Mark III to his kit. Image quality aside, for me to have to lug around a 5D Mark III or even the 7D Mark II with that lens would be like my first trip to Mexico with the 6D/24-105 combo -- I wouldn't be shooting much. Besides, I'm not really into bird photography. Although, with Fuji's 100-400 attached to the X-T3, I could learn to like it more.
  3. Dwain

    New to Fuji

    Hello Everyone, My name is Dwain and I'm new to this forum and to Fujifilm cameras but not to their film. I'm a former Canon shooter (not professional). I've decided to keep my Canon 6D, the 24-105 F4 and the 100 F2.8 macro lenses just in case. I delved into large format (Chamonix 4x5) for a short time, shooting primarily Acros developed in Rollo Pyro. My interests tend to lean towards landscape, architectural, environmental portraiture and night photography but lately, I've been itching to try street and event photography. I recently placed an order for the X-T3 and the Fujinon XF18-55 F2.8-4 lens to get use to the system and a good place to start. Not sure which other lenses to consider at this early stage. I did look at the Poll here regarding the most used Fuji lenses and two of the focal lengths I've been considering (23 1.4 and 35 1.4) seem to be the most popular despite these being older designs. The XF 16 1.4 also looks interesting. Anyway, thought I'd introduce myself. Feedback and suggestions welcome.
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