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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I downloaded the new version of Capture One 11.3, which supports tether shooting on GFX cameras, but I'm having some trouble getting things to work properly. When I connect up the GFX 50S to my MacBook Pro the software sees the camera and lets me trigger it remotely. But the RAW image that's transferred over only shows up as a VERY low res preview. The rest of the image is missing. The files have transferred, because I can see them on Finder and open them through Lightroom/Photoshop. Whatsmore, I can shoot Raw files to card and open them in Capture One 11.3 OK. Anyone else had any problems? Ian
  2. I imported X-Pro2 files into Capture One Pro yesterday for the first time since I installed I use an XF 35 f/2 lens, and was shocked to see lens corrections applied when I started to crop one of the RAF files! I'm curious if Phase One has added support for any other lens profiles on the quiet.
  3. Hello dear fellow Fuji-x community, I'm a happy X-pro2 user, that's no doubt. Unfortunately I would like to refer a problem I have with capture one. After about 2 months of shared mailed with the customer service of C1, it appears that the raw files lens distortions of the X-pro2 can't be corrected for now. I also have to state that in the meantime they released 2 updates (9.1.2 and 9.2). Until now they stated that the problem was more complicated than expected and requested my patience. Somebody has the same problem I have ? to be honest I doubt it's a difficult problem to solve, and I begin to be very upset with the C1 company (I can't recommend the customer service, if someone is interested I can post the mail exchange I had). Thank you for reading, Quentin
  4. Just got an X-T10 and looking for a way to shoot tethered to Capture One 9 on a Mac. Noticed some old posts from awhile back but figure there must be something in the works. I understand it's more of a street camera but looking into it's capabilities to replace my Canon. I don't use Light Room but will if I have to set up a Hot Folder or whatever. Thx.
  5. I'd like to suggest that with the release of the new Capture One Pro 9, perhaps Fujifilm could bundle the program in the way Sony has, instead of Silkypix. If you agree it would be a better alternative, maybe you could add an encouraging comment. Fujifilm is happy to improve the firmware, why not try to achieve a better image processing arrangement? The bundled Silkypix is pretty much ditched on opening by most people, being about as popular as scabies. The Adobe processing is still not the best. It'd be a real enhancement to Fuji's prestige to have such a comprehensive image editor that produces such superb results and users would gain better file handling, no longer having to pass files back and forwards between apps as they often do just now. Sony has done it. Surely Fuji can make it viable also. What do you think?
  6. Hi! My Capture One 9 Analog Film Styles Download here: https://db.tt/1x9OFZvf Capture One Analog Style.zip
  7. After being a long time Lightroom user, i am finally switching to Capture One. (probably) While i didn't like it at first (long time ago), i decided to give version 8 another go. Could be that i was not impressed with the direction that LR (or Adobe for that matter) seems to be going (or lack there-of!). But i'm glad i did, because CO8 really seems to have matured a lot, and 8.2 is even better. Honestly the more that i use, the more that LR starts to feel like some 'consumer' program. Also of course the fact that it seems to handle xtrans so much better, though not perfectly either, a lot better anyway. If you're not experienced with Raw software, it is probably a bit overwhelming. In any case there is a lot to get used to, simply because it isn't LR, so things will be different. But for me it looks like it will be worth investing the time and effort, because it really appears to be a step up for both its features and speed/performance, or even customer support. Quite impressed with the default rendering, while i always turn off the DNR and most of the sharpening, the color and contrast just seems right. And it should because they claim to create their camera profiles by physically getting each and every camera they support into the studio to calibrate the raw conversion perfectly, and it's no cheap software. So you get what you pay for i guess. Really great new Color Balance tool, the highlight/shadow recovery has been revamped, there is this great 'structure' slider under Clarity that reveals enormous amount of detail without the need for sharpening, particularly awesome in B&W, and most adjustments can be done locally with Layers for endless possibilities! Also of course has all the 'normal' tools that you'd expect like lens correction, keystone, levels, curves, etc. Oh and Focus Mask is awesome too, kind of works like focus peaking for quickly selecting shots with the best focus. Anyway, if you're curious i would suggest to watch some of the feature videos on the site, and then get the 30 day trial version like i did: http://www.phaseone.com/Imaging-Software/Capture-One/Tutorials.aspx or https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDMRz3ssFQH6eHHX5Pw2Lf0DO8UB5siyH But as mentioned, don't expect to find your way around on the very first attempt, give it time.
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