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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I'm reading Fuji Rumors almost every day and I read many time about this forum. I think it was now time to register and hang out a bit with you guys. So who I'm? #Belgium #31yo #Newdad #Pro-photographer(part-time) #Videographer #Metal #Rocks #XE2 #X70 #35mm1.4 Get it? If you want to check my works, here are some weblinks: _ my website: http://www.quentindemeuter.eu/ _ my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/quentindm.photography/ _ instagram:https://www.instagram.com/quentin.dm/ _ instagram vlog (in french): https://www.instagram.com/qdemeuter/ _ instagram (street, candid, on the go): https://www.instagram.com/wildqdm/ Please to meet you guys :-) :-) :-)
  2. Hello My second post. I wrote the same in the sub forum but think that was my mistake, apologies Mods. I'm an experienced photographer, starting at university with film and quickly moving up and getting an M3. After that it was a love affair with Leica and she remains my mistress. I live in North London with wife and two children. My pal just got a x100t and I had a play last night. A very nice thing so yesterday I bagged a x100 for £205 from gumtree. It's about four years old and comes boxed with one spare third-party battery. I'm happy with the out lay and look forward to using it. I'm keen on a hood but the original one seems £££. Any ideas or anyone selling? With best, ShivaYash
  3. Hello, I am Anne from Holland, I live in Noord Brabant near the border of Belgium. Since february I own a X-T1 and I'm in love with that small camera I also own de 18-55mm, 55-200 and the 35mm f1.4 and especially the 35 is my most used lens. Before shooting with Fuji I used the Nikon D800, but sold the camera and my Nikon 24-70 f2.8. I am still using the nikon D300, mostly for when I am strobisting but I'm gonna learn to do this with the X-T1 As a hobby photographer I especially love the light weight and the many many settings I can make for shooting in JPEG of that little miracle camera. Greetings from Holland "Houdoe" (means goodbye in Brabants dialect) ) Anne
  4. Hi there, Just joined the Forum and will be interested to see how it goes. I p/x'd some of my canon gear for an X-Pro2 about a year ago and am very pleased with it. Then bought an XT2 with grip and a couple of long zooms. Generally very pleased with the change of gear which mostly matches my change of photographic interest. The size and picture quality certainly outweigh the couple of issues I have found in still trying to shoot nature/ wildlife. I am however adjusting my shooting style and am getting used to the change in functionality. Once the faults in my gear have been sorted under warranty I will be fully back in action. Just wish the support was a bit more switched on. Cannot compare with Canon on this front with personal experience however, but a friend had awful issues getting problems on his new Canon sorted out. Hopefully Fuji are better. I accept problems with new items of any sort but what makes for a good manufacturer to my mind is the quality of their support when problems arise. I look forward to a successful outcome with my faulty Fuji gear.
  5. I will try to upload more photos on my instagram profile chkrap
  6. Hello everyone! I am excited to be a part of a great community and have recently purchased some used equipment. I was able to snag the X-T3, 56mm f1.2, 23mm f1.4, and 16mm 1.4 through various ebay deals. I took the family to the zoo and put the 56mm f1.2 through it's paces and enjoyed it thoroughly. I am still learning the system and all of the settings. I think I had one or two good shots that don't need a lot of post work, but never the less it was a lot of fun to use.
  7. Due to circumstances, I will be isolating over the winter (6 months from now) as many of us are and I have been gifted an upgrade from XT2 to XT3 - is this a big bonus? It seems a massive step up as I never really got completely into the 2 but do love the images I have produced so far - with a huge mass of time I have a long term project ahead. I do not have the hardware in hand yet so I have an additional couple of questions - I presume that the lenses from XT2 will be interchangeable and will my extra batteries work with the upgrade? Thanks So much for being there and so much for any supporting Ideas you may have - Dragonfly!
  8. Hello everyone! I am looking for the best solution for my specific scenario/ needs. Currently I shoot with a Canon EOS M50 and have the FF-equivalent lenses for 18-35mm, 35mm, 50mm. Everything is fine and dandy with the kit, but I wish I could get just nice Jpegs out of this thing. Before I switched carreers I was a professional photographer, doing portraiture and documentary style weddings etc. Always been a FF Canon shooter. But, I was also an X-Pro1 early adopter! What pulled me in was the look and feeld of the camera (so nostalgic, "retro") but also the SOOC Jpegs. I wanted this camera to be the hassle free, pure photography camera to take everywhere and have a finished "product" after pressing th shutter button. Well, the camera was nice but lacking in many aspects, especially in speed and AF. I purchased the M50 with the 22mm F2 lens as a pocket snapshooter, added the 11-22 for wideangle work and sold my FF kit. Bought the 32mm F1.4 when it came out and like the kit a lot. It is small, lightweight and the picture quality and AF is absolutely enough for my use today. I'm a casual shooter, mainly photographing the family and outings with friends and whatever els snapshots I take. Now the thing is, the M50 takes just OK SOOC Jpegs, but nothing really worthwhile. I've tested custom picture stiles and the likes but was never satisfied with the outcome. And honestly, I don't want to work on RAWs anymore. I'm just tired of it. I want the same approach that I have when shooting film... finished product. I accept that I cannot change a whole lot with my scanned negative, but I am happy with it, because I like the tonality, the color and the imperfections. They fit together nicely and feel "real" in a sense. In the digital world I think that Fuji Jpegs come closes to what I need, so the picture quality is already there. Now I see Fuji has brought a whole bunch of new and improved cameras to the market and I am looking for something that will be the end-all be-all camera. My Requirements: Newest Sensor and Processor with Color Chrome effect Classic Neg and Acros film sim Fixed or exchangeable lens, preferably 28mm FF equiv. or around 28-45mm Bonus: Set specific Shutter Speed for Auto-ISO (Canon has a fixed threshold of 2x focal length for shutter speed, so with my 32mm lens will keep the shutter speed at or above 1/60th second which may be too slow sometimes) That's it. I don't care about APS-C, FF or MF - as long as it delivers great photos and is easy to setup and use. I was looking at the X100V as it is the easiest to grasp as a concept. The other series are so convoluted that I am honestly having a difficult time finding out which one is still a current camera or already discontinued etc.
  9. Hi, my name is Steven. A Kiwi/New Zealander expat currently living in Singapore. Have been shooting analogue for years then took a break with just my point-and-shoot, and have just bought an X-T3 - my first really serious camera and digi setup. So, still learning the camera itself as well as the technology. Just realised I made myself sound about 80 years old, which I’m not!! Looking forward to absorbing the collective wisdom of the members and viewing some amazing work.
  10. Hi there, I've been using Fuji since the X-E1 days and graduated through X-E2, X-T2 and am now enjoying the X-T4. I had been shooting Canon 5D Mk III but loved the light weight and small size of the Fuji X system, and when all my Canon gear was stolen during a house move I never replaced it. Landscape and architecture are my favorite things to shoot, but with lockdown I have ventured into macro and still life. Looking at Lightroom stats, the XF10-24mmF4 is my favorite lens to shoot 🙂closely followed by the XF18-55mmF2.8-4, which is way too good for a "kit lens". I recently got the 7Artisans 60mm macro and it's amazing value for money with great image quality and bokeh. I'm dating myself here, but I started out learning how to develop and print black & white 120 format film. I came up via the Russian Zenit SLR, Braun Paxette 35mm viewfinder (and external light meter) and Minolta SLR in the film world. I graduated to digital with the Olympus E-10 and then Canon 10D. I grew up in the UK but spent most of my career in the US, recently returning to live in Oxford.
  11. Hi all, I do a fair amount of wildlife photography using Canon gear. I needed a smaller lighter camera to take better photos than what I could get with my iPhone, and hence bought a Fuji X100s a while back. That was the turning point, and the X100s has become my go-to camera for everything other than wildlife that requires a lot of zoom and fast autofocus. Iv recently sold my X100s for a XT-10, and decided to go all in on Fuji for landscapes, travel, portraits and every day photography. Looking forward to partaking in the Fuji X forum. Cheers Marco
  12. Hello everyone, My name is Matt, I am from France and a newcomer into the world of photography. I love travelling, and just spending time in nature so I decided to try to learn how to take proper pictures to print them when I come back home. And that's why I am here ! After spending hours looking at cameras, trying to decide how much I could afford to spend and how I was gonna use it, I ended up looking at 2 kits in the same price range and I need some advices. I am planning on going to Iceland during this winter, of course like everyone I would like to take some nice shots of landscapes and Northern Lights (if I am lucky) so which kit would be the best for it : X-S10 + XF 16-80mm F4 R OIS WR or X-T3 + XF 18-55mm F2,8-4 OIS I know the X-T3 is WR but not the lens coming with it, and it look like this lens is better for Northern Lights but not really good for landscapes. And it seems like it's exactly the opposite for the X-S10 kit. (WR lens but not the camera, and it is really good for landscape but not for astro)😅😅 Sadly I can't afford to buy another lens yet. Thank you in advance for any advices !
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