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  1. Hello ... bought the Godex V1 and use it on an X-T3 ... seems nice enough BUT ... it just sometimes doesn't work or rather it makes my Fuji seemingly go to electronic shutter and results are very overexposed. Solution is to turn either camera off and on again or the flash off and on again. Trawled the net but can't see to see anything. Sent in a request to Godox but they're obviously never going to get back to me. Anybody had similar issues or am I missing something very obvious? Camera and Flash have latest firmware. Andy
  2. Hi ... only had my XT3's for a week now but ... 1. You can assign any button for playback in the EVF ... I have the little one on the front of the camera, sorry don't know the name. 2. ? 3. True
  3. I only ever shoot people, weddings, portraits etc so of no use to me at all.
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