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Found 18 results

  1. Hi everyone, This is an issue that I need to understand because the price of the repair is almost the price of the Xpro-2. So I'll repair it myself. The issue result : Black pictures with no visual information in post prod (exposure max with raw files etc.) When this happens ? : in conditions of high luminosity with mechanical shutter What are the settings when this happens ? : -Exposure mesure modes- Every ones (spot, multi etc.) -Exposure compensation- Every ones (+-0, +1, -1 etc.) -Aperture modes- wide apertures but sometimes at small apertures (even with High ISO or ISO auto) -Shutter type- mechanical only (and of course M+E when it switch automaticaly to M mode) -Shutter speed- high values from 1/8000 to 1/1000 but sometimes even 1/500 (in some situations it works till 1/1000 and it works in every situation for 1/250 and slower) the A mode sets directly high values in high luminosity. -ISO mode- Every mode and value (even H or L) 5. What did I do to verify if I can fix it ? : reset, format SD cards, update firmware, sensor cleaning, defibillation etc. 6. My question is : is it a shutter issue AND why this works sometimes at 1/500 and even sometimes at 1/1000? . Maybe the shutter is ok but the transmission is not ok between the sensor, the motherboard and the shutter. So the problem may be the sensor or the motherboard. The sychronisation between the sensor and the shutter may be not the same. Indication : the sound speed of the shutter is the same at 1/125 and faster. I've read every post talking about shutter and expostition issues and decided to ask about this special problem. So I hope that someone can help me And help others in the same case. Thanks !
  2. Hey there, i got my x-t4 about a month ago and have been really enjoying it so far. I dove into some fuji film jpg recipes over the weekend and noticed that shooting in single frame mode really slowed the camera down when using recipes. What seems to be happening is that after taking the picture the camera screen goes black, says "storing" and shows a little loading icon, after about a second its ready to take the next shot. So it seems as if the camera cant process the data in the background. So there is a "blackout" after taking photo where i cant take another photo. 20200706_104910.mp4 When using CH or CL or the BKT mode, shooting speed is not noticably slowed down and the jpg processing seems to be done in the background, even between two BKT- Shots there is no delay / processing screen and the camera is snappy as i think its supposed to be. A friend owns an x-t2 and has no speed issues when using jpg processing + single frame shooting, so i think this might be down to firmware. Has anyone heard of this, can confirm this, knows whether its a bug or a feature, knows if fuji is working on it, or has even found a solution? Thank you. (the fuji recipe i use)
  3. I've owned my X-Pro2 for a couple of weeks with no obvious problems, until a few days when I did a shoot in a room with high windows lit by the evening sun. I shot on this occasion entirely in jpeg, with a 56mm f1.2 R lens fitted. Most of the shots were fine, but a number showed broad, diffuse yellowish bands in them. At first I thought these were shadows or reflections in the room, but on closer examination I am convinced they are in-camera artefacts. In landscape-format shots the bands are horizontal, in portrait-format they are vertical, which confirms my suspicion. Has anyone else experienced this, or have any ideas what might cause it? Thanks Alan
  4. ! UPDATE ! [Mar 28 2016] - Issue finally got resolved and that official US Fuji Dealer accepted return and sent full refund. --------------------------------------------------- Original post starts here [Mar 18 2016] : I've recently purchased Fuji 50-140mm from one of official US Fuji Dealer. It was good price deal on eBay for "open box" item in "truly mint" conditions, with 1 year US Fuji warranty. Unfortunately I received different lens sample, with damages on the lens body and on the front cap, despite "truly mint" description. But the worst thing - the lens has SN: 48A1.... , and box/receipt have SN: 55A0.... I've contacted store through eBay, and seller representative replied that he personally checks all SN, and the lens I received should have SN: 55A0.... Again, it's official US Fuji Dealer. They sent me wrong sample. And they say "Do you have more than one 50-140? Perhaps that is the source of the confusion.....". I feel very upset. But I'm going to investigate this case with all the possible ways. Looks like SN: xxA.... should be prefix of US models, and I hope US Fuji Support may may tell who was original dealer of this sample. 48A1 looks like very early production. I'm also curious where is the lens with SN: 55A0.... , and what's the point of having it without it's official warranty. What would you recommend to do further in such situation? What would you do in case SN doesn't match the item purchased from official dealer?
  5. Just got 2 times a black frame. Single shot (1fr/s) with 35f2 and 18f2. The camera heats Up fast. Even sd card got warm after 15min. Didnt took burst. Shot RAW + jpg Fine in 2 sd cards, lexar 2000x sdhc II and Samsung pro+ sdhc I with original Fuji battery
  6. CV 40mm f1.4 is one of my favorite adapted lens on Fuji-X bodies. It's small, fun to use and make interesting shots. Yesterday I've received "MINT" sample from eBay US seller claiming the lens is used only once. The lens has tons of hidden issues, and I'd like to expose them so you'll not buy (or just return) similar lens. Please feel free to ask questions or add suggestions. My case with that seller is not over yet, he still insists the lens is perfect and I'm wrong : ) Ok, so discovered issues list: 1. Checking the focus ring. It should rotate smooth on all Voigtlanders. I was surprised there are no grease and ring rotates sometimes stiff sometimes very loose. 2. It looked suspicious, so I inspected rear side. There are shiny black painted areas on disassembly threads. Make sure you inspect it on your Voigtlander/Zeiss/Leica, etc. lens 3. Typical inspection with strong flash light under different angles unveils more details. You can see a lot of dust. 4. And now we came to the most scary part : ) I found someone's fingerprint under the glass. After noticing that I also checked the box - styrofoam inserts was from another lens. No manual. Plastic bag is "100y old". Also white paint on lens became yellowish - one more indicator of the lens age. Optically lens works excellent, but all that issues make overall experience very bad. Hope this short review helps someone purchasing better options.
  7. Hi guys, I've got problem with my Xt1, normally when I turn on my cam and start photo, the first few images were good and no issue. However, when a certain period of usage, I noticed very fine horizontal lines on the screen. It is not just on the screen or evf. It was visible as well in the output photos. Hope do you have any idea what's happening with my Xt1. Please see the attached sample image. Any advise for resolution. Thank you.
  8. I have recently bought X100F and use card reader only the first time. Now i tried the usb cable that was shipped with the camera. It charged the camera but it didn't connect. Because i have had this issues before with other things, i can give my solution. 1. It is rarely a driver issue, don't go there first! 2. Use a good thick cable with a RF-filter on. It wasn't on the cable i got but it is a cable with a visible outgrowth, usually on one side only. 3. Don't use a USB3. Use USB2.0 (the one without the blue inside) 4. Don't connect to monitor or a hub. Connect directly to MAC/PC/Laptop 5. Connect to camera first, then to PC and last turn on the camera. And reverse this order when the camera is going to be de-attached. I hope it helps!
  9. Hi, so I shoot mostly using the LCD, from the hip, and I encountered a program today with my XT1's. Somewhat similar to an old post: https://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/1948-x-t1-lcd-fails-when-articulated/ But my situation is a little different. When my LCD is completely flush, in the normal position against the body, it will be totally blacked out/looking like it's off. I've cycled the 'viewmode' and nothing has helped. I did a factory reset and updated the firmware. But I believe I have a body-to-LCD ribbon short. If I pull the LCD away it will work, but only in a limited range. From angled slightly upwards to completely flat facing upwards to the sky. If it's totally parallel with the body to facing downs toward the ground, the LCD will black out/turn off. I can still take photos when it's like this though. I'm pretty sure it's a short in the ribbon — if I push the ribbon around very gently, the screen will go on and off. But anyway, I would like to put this problem out there and see if anyone has encountered it before. The camera has seen a lot of use in the last 3 years, but no drops/damage. Luckily the EVF works normally and used XT1s are pretty cheap now. Let me know if you have any suggestions, thanks!
  10. Hello everybody. I am new here. I switched to Fuji from Panasonic and Blackmagic. Quite happy, but I have a big issue with the XF 10-24. Please see the attached video, the issue starts at 3". Any idea?
  11. Recently bought a new XT3 off of adorama. However, I noticed that the shutter collar/on and off button is questionably loose. The collar/button does not sit flush on the bottom, and it can be pushed up and down a tiny amount (see the video). There's also a tiny indentation on the button. The camera otherwise looks new (shutter count was 0) and there's no noticeable wear anywhere, so it probably wasn't ever used. I've read a few other forums where people had more or less the same issue, but they never mentioned anything about the collar not sitting flat, which makes me a bit worried. Cause for concern? If I do end up sending it back, hopefully they'll even consider this an issue? shutter collar.mp4
  12. Hey guys, I recently purchased a used fujifilm x pro 2 which looks really in great condition. There are only 1-2 really small and not really noticeable scratches. So the problem I have is actually that the camera sometimes doesn't turn on. I switch it off between taking pictures while walking and sometimes when I try to turn it back on it doesn't light up. I've read here and there that a few other people also encountered this issue but didn't really update us on it. So my question is if someone has dealt with this and what could be a solution to it. If there's no solution I actually really like my fuji x pro 2 and would be interested if the issue becomes worse with time or it stays quite the same. Thanks in advance guys!
  13. Hi, I'm having some weird issues with the Fringer EF-FX Pro II on my Fuji XT3 and I hope someone can help. When using the adapter with my Canon and Sigma lenses the image on the camera LCD is not showing the correct depth of field for the selected aperture unless I half-press the shutter button. The dof in the image remains wide open unless I half-press the shutter. The exposure of the image is shown correctly and changes accordingly when changing the apertue on the lens, the aperture numbers on the screen also indicate the correct selected f-stop, but the dof in the image remains shallow, as if the lens is wide open, unless I half-press the shutter. Half pressing the shutter also no longer affects the focus of the image. I'm shooting in S mode with settings full manual- ss, iso, aperture. I've formatted the camera, updated to the latest firmware in camera and adapter (1.7) and the issue still persists. Is this there a menu fix I'm missing here? Has anyone else experienced this? Or is this possibly a Fringer issue? Thanks for your help! D
  14. I need help, i dedided to purchase a x-e2 as a starting camera, as i fiddle and learn it, it seems that i noticed something. whenever i take a video, this purple tint shows up and its affecting the video quality. it shows as well whenever i press the scroll button to focus, but then i took a photo its non existent. it only affects video. 😔
  15. This is a bit of a weird issue but in certain lighting situations, especially with grass or brush in the frame, there is a distinct pink/blue discoloration wherever I am focusing my image. When I am focusing my camera whether it is in the viewfinder or the LCD screen, you can see the discoloration while focusing and on the final image. Happens in AF-s or AF-Cmode. I have sent the camera to Fuji twice now and the first time they did nothing because they couldn't replicate the issue. I sent it back again and they replaced the sensor and I am still having issues with both of my lenses (23mm 1.2 and 56mm 1.2 - the discoloration is more obvious with the 56mm 1.2). I even rented an XT-3 body as a backup for a shoot and it did the exact same thing with that body. I shoot fully manual and white balance is typically set to a custom temperature, usually 6300K. Attached are photos showing what is happening. Curious if this has happened to anyone else or if anyone might know what the issue is if it's not the sensor. It's incredibly frustrating and proving unreliable.
  16. Hi! I need help, my XE2 automatically shuts down whenever I am trying to do a wireless transfer via application. The connection lasts for 30sec. or so and transfers 1 - 3 Image and then shuts down. *Its not the battery since it only shuts down whenever I do a wireless transfer? Thanks!!!
  17. Hello. I've recently noticed that when i half press the shutter to focus on my x100v, the screen flickers until acquiring focus. It mostly occur between f 2.2-3.2 in AF-S mode, in dark indoor enviorments. Outside in daylight it doesn't manifest. Also, of i put the camera in Manual or AF-C the 'flicker' goes away..it only affects AF-S mode. It does not affect the quality of the photos or the exposure or anything else, it's just a visual thing Firmware version 2.12 (latest). Video: https://streamable.com/afxgwb https://streamable.com/odcu40 I've seen this issue addressed on other x system cameras where the LCD/evf was going bright but it doesn't look the same on my camera. Mine is darkening the LCD/evf instead of brighteening for a fraction of a second and it kinda makes no sense. It's like the exposure drop a couple of stops for a fraction of a second. Looking at the lens while focusing it opens completly wide and closes back to the set apperture really fast while half pressing the shutter...so it should do exactly the opposite, bumping the exposure, not dropping it. When I switch aperture to f4 or above, that dark-bright flicker disappear 🤔 really weird stuff. If this is not a normal behaviour I suspect it to be firmware related because I didn't noticed this before the 2.12 version..or it was there from the start but didn't notice as i mostly shoot over f 5.6. Does anyone encounter the same on their x100v or any other fuji camera or can test it with their x100v in the same conditions? Dark room/dim light, f 2.2-3.2, AF-S mode? Does anyone know why is this happening? Any tip or solution that can make this 'issue' go away will be really appreciated! Thanks!
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