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  1. this I did not do. I usually try to temper my noise reduction because l want to control it in post but I will give this a try and see if it keeps its sharpness.
  2. OK. I will look into that as a temp solution. Hopefully, a perm solution will come up.
  3. Ahh man. I was hoping you would not say that. I hope thats not what is needed. Servicing can take weeks. Just had this thing for a month.
  4. Thanks Olaf. I did the pixel mapping last week. With that said, these photos are taken in late evening and most long exposures. Not all my photos have them. Sometimes its a bright green pixel somewhere in the image and some brighter spots that look like noise but they stand out more prominant and not really in the lower left but lower left is most dominant at times. Again, this doesn't happen but maybe 1 every 10 shots but its on those shots that I don't want this.
  5. I would make sure your not in "Sports Finder Mode' This will crop everything. Also I would try just straight RAW mode vs F + Raw.
  6. What could be causing this in my X-T3. 160ISO, 20 sec exposure, 16-80mm at 22 mm. Attached is a crop. Looks like red and green hot pixels. My film sim is the std default as well. All photos are raw and edited in lightroom.
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