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  1. I been toying with the idea of getting a compact camera, I was thinking the XF10 like the tilt-screen and aperture ring of the X70. Just wondering if the IQ would be similar if I use it along my XT3. I think it has all film simulations but Acros and Classic Neg, am I right? Thanks!
  2. I have one and I agree with rmcp20... My copy is super sharp, the only neg would be the slow AF in low light. For the price I think is worthy. Just remember is NOT a real macro lens.
  3. Thank you very much glad you like it, those Chinese mountains are amazing. I had it printed on cotton paper @ 11x32in, and I will receive it next week, I hope it will look great on paper too .
  4. I had a blast those days is rural China, amazing sceneries and amazing people. This shot was taken with my trusty XT3 and the 18-55mm zoom.

    © Ricardo Villagran 2019

  5. Hello everyone, New to the forum and new (again) to the Fuji system. My first one was the original X100 limited edition, beautiful camera that I regret selling it. You know, victim of G.A.S. Many systems later and after reviewing those beautiful files I found from my old camera, I decided to get back in track and bought myself a silver XT3, with the 18-55mm, 23mm f2, 35mm f1.4 and 60mm 2.4. I took it for a spin last November in China and I enjoy it very, very much. I am ready to learn and share our passion, glad to be here! I am leaving one of my favorite pics (panorama made with 3 RAW files) taken with the XT3 and the 18-55mm. Ricardo
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