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Found 45 results

  1. I am inneed of some advise. I have both the xt2 and xpro2 and wish to get a flash sysrem. Which does this group feel is the best match; Godox AD200, Nissin or the Fuji x500. Thank everyone for your consideration. Jed Best
  2. This month I decided to make an investment in a Yongnuo flash system based on high praise from this forum and others. I have 2 YN560 IV flashes, and a YN560-tx trigger, all in the cannon version and in use on my xt-1. Flashes fire fine while mounted directly to the hot shoe, and connect and can be fired from the 560-tx while mounted to my xt-1. But the flashes will only fire once from the tx. I'll fire the shutter and the tx will pop both connected flashes, wait a few seconds (adjust the model, the lights, ect), and then try and fire a second shot, but the flashes won't pop. The blue LED lights up fine on both flashes, as if the tx is still connected appropriately. They will only fire again once I adjust a power/zoom/group setting on the tx trigger. I've gotten into the habit of just bumping the power up then down on the tx before each shot, just to get the flashes to fire. But this poses a problem when I need to take multiple shots quickly, or if (as is the case when I have no model...) i'm taking self-portraits and am operating from the fuji camera remote app. I then tried operating the flashes in trx mode, firing with one flash on the camera and one off. Same thing. The flashes will fire once from camera release no problem, but will not fire again until I adjust a setting on either flash. Optical slave mode fires consecutive flashes no problem, and the pilot button works consecutively no problem as well. My suspicion is that they're wating for a half-press wake up signal from the tx before each flash release, but since I'm operating from a fuji camera, the wake-up signal on half-press is not supported, and it doesn't send it. I've scoured the forums and tutorials around the web to see if i'm doing something wrong. I've set what I think are the appropriate settings (same channel and groups on all connected flashes/trigger, flashes in rx mode, single flash, camera not in silent mode, manual shutter, single shot, live-view off). I even ordered a second trigger, but when that arrived yesterday and operated exactly the same way, I reached a particular level of despair. I'm considering returning it all and abandoning off-camera flashes for the time being. Any and all help is welcome and appreciated. Thanks!
  3. i m looking to buy flashtriggers and recievers and im afraid i dont know all options... Im using some nikon sb900 but in future i would like to use some studiostrobes. Hss capability or something like that would be great... Any advice? Thx
  4. I am new to the EF-X500..I have an X-T2 and EF-X8 (kit flash). I can use EF-X8 on camera, I can use EF-X500 on camera without difficulty. My problem is using the combination - that is the EF-X8 on camera and the EF-X500 off camera. Here are my issues: 1. Only way I can trigger the EF-X500 is in the N and P modes however I have to control both the EF-X500 and EF-X8 independently to adjust the power of the flash...that is I can control the on camera EF-X8 on camera flash within the camera menu as TTL or Manual however it doesn't impact the off camera EF-X500. Are they suppose to be in sync? If so how? 2. Also the Master Group A is dithered with the EF-X8 on Camera....do I need more than one EF-X500 to see the Group options...that is do I need at least 2 off camera flashes along with the on camera flash? 3. It seems the EF-X500 will trigger remotely in the N & P mode with the EF-X8 on camera...does it make a difference if I use the N or P mode (according to the manual it depends on pre-flash trigger)? Thanks for the anticipated help.‘
  5. Hello, My X Pro 2 suddenly stopped allowing the flash (any flash including triggers) to function in any mode but manual. If I move the flash in the hot shoe, it will sometimes read the flash as being there. Has anyone had a hot shoe come loose?
  6. Can anyone advise the optimum off-camera flash and triggers that will work with the GFX 50s. I have a Yongnou YN560 TX trigger that will fire an off camera YN 560 speedlight but the speedlight will not work directly on the camera. Any advice or suggestions welcome. Views also welcome on the EF-X500 - will it work and can it trigger the Yongnous in controller mode? Thanks and Regards David
  7. When I sold my Canon gear a year ago, the one thing I missed was its outstanding flash capability. On full auto, it rendered consistently balanced, excellent exposures. As a friend put it, "Your flash photos don't look like flash photos." When I went Fuji, I had a brief, disappointing affair with the EF-42. I recently put my X-Pro2, 18-55, and my newish EF-X 500 in the hands of a relative with no experience. Full auto, bounce with diffuser, low white ceiling. I'm pretty impressed with the exposures. Shot RAW processed in LR.
  8. From the album: Fujifilm X100F

    My brand new Fuji camera arrived yesterday, X100F :-) This photo is taken with Fujifilm X-T1, 35mm lens.

    © Carl Irjala

  9. Guest

    Leica flash SF-40

    Can anyone tell me whether this flash is known to work OK with the X-T2 which I am about to buy. I will be replacing a VLUX 114.
  10. I have been working with the Metz M400 and the Serene Automation MX20/RX20 for a few weeks now. The M400 is a great fit for xseries cameras. I use it on my Xt2 and Xpro2. It has worked without any problems ever since i updated it to the newest firmware. HSS and TTL are great. Its good as a on camera bounce flash as the head swivels 180 degree in both directions (one of my biggest annoyances on the Godox TT350F which only goes 90 to the left). Recharge time is relatively fast and I use it with 4 eneloop batteries. I actually prefer the Menu to a normal Flash interface like on the Yongnuos. Build Quality is quite good. The head movement could be a bit stiffer. I had a few Problems when attaching something like a flash disk as it is too heavy. Also the battery door is a bit fiddly. I find it quite good looking. Because of its ease of use and compactness i take it everywhere and now use bounce and fill flash more often. The wireless trigger from Serene Automation just arrived today so i can't give my final verdict on it. HSS and TTL worked out of the box with the m400. Some features are a bit counter intuitive but i guess once you got used to it its quite an effective little device. As the MX Unit doesn't have display i found it useful to map the flash settings to one of the xt2 function buttons. after that its easy to use through the in camera menu. I first thought that wireless manual power adjustment wasn't working but you have to leave the flash in TTL at all times. Right now thats all i can say about the Roboshoot. I hope this was helpful and feel free to ask questions This was taken with 1600 of a second in ttl and off camera
  11. Good day, An amateur question. Can you use a non-Fuji flash on an X-t2? Is it dangerous to burn all circuits? Best regards. RT
  12. Hi, Would like some advice on the best wireless triggers that I can use on the X-T2 for use with the Nikon SB-700 for off-camera flash. I don't really want to buy a new flash at the moment and if this can work it would be great! Thanks in advance for any thoughts! Daniel
  13. Anyone have any experience with the Flashpoint Streaklight 360 flash? The reviews I've read sound promising and the price point on Adorama makes it look like an attractive portable lighting solution. http://www.adorama.com/FPLFSL360K1.html
  14. Hello, for studio work I have Elinchrom D-Lite 4 strobes.. Now I'm looking for outdoor HSS flash system.. I'm really like Elinchroms new deep umbrellas.. Is it worth invest in Nissin i60A strobe units with Air 1 commander? Then I will be able to use mount for umbrella and flash unit...
  15. Hi all. I faced a problem and tried to find the solution in internet but failed to find the answer. So may be users of this forum can help me and other Fuji X camera users to find the solution. The problem is: I have Fujifilm X-T1 and Godox Witstro AD 360 Ws. With standard Godox FT-16 transmitter and receiver everything works well. But HSS is not working. Godox recommends to buy special trigger Cells II. So I ordered that transmitter - Godox Cells-IIN, but it is also do not work in HSS mode (I switched Witstro to HHS mode of course). So I would like to ask, if someone uses HSS wireless transmitter|receiver with off-camera flashes or studio strobes supporting HSS? Could you share your experience? update: today an idea came to my head, may be instead of one transmitter Cells II-N i should buy two and use one as transmitter attached to camera hot shoe and another one as receiver attached to flash hot shoe.
  16. Hi all! I recently got my new X-T20 and now i´m looking for a suitable flash. After looking around for hours I cannot find any device thats is explicitly declared as fully compatible. I like the nissin i40, Meike MK320 because of the compact size. But I read somewhere that the Meike is not working with the X-T20. Does anybody know any compatible flash? Thanks philippe
  17. How do I prevent the camera to change the shutterspeed from what I set with the dial? For example, if I set it to 250 for flash photography, why will it internally change it to 320? What am I doing wrong? Why is it overwriting my settings, if I have everything else set manually? I'm baffled.
  18. Hi all, I have purchased an X-Pro2 and would like to use it for studio shooting using strobes/flashes most likely with Profoto B1's and an Air Remote. I once read there are certain settings within Fuji cameras that may need activating/deactivating ie. preview exposure. Anyone have some good tips for studio settings, what are you using? Thanks
  19. Hi! Im new to this but I'm trying to figure out how to use the modeling light och if it is even possible at this stage. I'm currently using: Godox AD360 II (nikon version) with Godox X1-N trigger (in manual mode). I'm not having issues in general but It would be of great help to use the modeling light function to trigger a burst of flashes to see hos my lights fall on the subject. I have tried to map the "depth-of-field preview" as well as "modeling light" but nothing happens when I bush those buttons. Do I need a designated Fujifilm trigger for this function to work with the flashes? Cheers
  20. Does anyone have this combination and use it? I know 2 EF X-20s used together can be used as Master or Slave. Can an EF X-500 be used as master or slave with an EF X-20. Fuji website states the X-500 will work with the X Pro1, but some features will not. Called Fuji but unable to find which features will not work (possibly RSS) and whether either of the flashes can be a master or slave.
  21. New wireless option for Metz. http://www.metz-mecatech.de/en/lighting/flash-units/accessories/wireless-trigger-wt-1-kit.html
  22. Hi, Long term speaking, I will probably get 2 Cactus RF-60 with Cactus trigger to build an easy to use and portable studio kit, but now, I'm searching for a compact TTL flash that I would bring with me almost everytime, combined with the ultra compact FlashQ triggers for off camera situation. I almost ordered the Meike MK-320 this week, but I noticed that the head can't turn 180 degres.... something I like, especially to be able to bounce the light where I want when using on camera flash. I know some people are using this flash on this forum....do you see an issue with this? I was also looking at Nissin i40, but since we can't do firmware update by our own, it's more subject to stop working (I mean some features) when Fuji is realsing a new body or new firmware. Also, I'm in Canada and it seems difficult to find support for this brand....and it's about 400$ CAD...not cheap. Finally, there is also the upcoming Metz M400 that looks promising. It will cost about the same as the Nissin, but at least, we can do firmware update, and they mention that it will support HSS for Fuji... Is there any other option I'm missing? Which one would you buy? At less than 100$ CAD, the Meike sounds like a no brainer compact and light flash, but if I don't like it, it's worth nothing... Note: I own a X-T1 and plans to update to X-T2 this winter... Thanks
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