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  1. I feel you man. It’s not about having an issue or that the 50R isn’t great. But the world keeps evolving and spinning. Fuji used to offer MF point and shoot rangefinders for analog film. I like the look and feel of the 50R. But it doesn’t even have OVF. Having an XT4 & XPro3 I can see the appeal of a 100V. I’d love an easy EDC in medium format.
  2. Right. GFX50R has been discontinued though. And it’s an interchangeable system.
  3. Is there any interest in a medium format point and shoot? With how popular the X100V is, I can't but help thinking there could be a very successful market for GFX in the point and shoot range. After hearing of a possible 40mp sensor, I feel like that would lead to diminishing returns on an APSC (what's the point?). But! Dialing down the megapixels for a GFX point and shoot almost seems too good to be true. Not to mention, the GFX50R has been discontinued; a MF point and shoot would almost perfectly fill that gap in the GFX range. Fuji really does ride their own wave, so I'd love to see something like this in the future.
  4. Maybe just remove all functions from the dial? That may be a decent work around.
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