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  1. So I don't usually shoot video with my beloved X-T1. But, in the past few days, I figured I'll try to shoot a few videos of the kids. I know I couldn't use auto focus, so while using the manual focus, I found it very difficult to insure focus using either the EVF or the LCD screen. The focus peaking feature doesn't seem to work while shooting a video. Any advice/tricks? Thanks, Omar
  2. Sweet, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks @yukosteel
  3. I'll get in contact with you as soon as I receive it back and open it up. I found this online guide that I will use in the repair job. This should be fun! I found your post (below) which I will follow.
  4. Thank you @yukosteel for your reply. Regarding the symptoms, after attaching the lens, I get an error message asking to restart the camera (X-T1). The camera will not work while the error message is on display, and I couldn't dismiss the error message. I cleaned the contacts and tried to rotate the lens slightly in both directions while the camera is off, then started the camera again, and the error message persisted. I tried to do that while the camera is on, with no success either. I think I'm going to ask Fujifilm USA to send it back, and go with your recommendation of buying another one for about $200 instead of repair it.
  5. I have the same problem. I sent it to Fujifilm USA, was quoted $170 + shipping and taxes. I don't know why it is failing though. Any advice? is it worth repairing? or should I request/buy a replacement? I had this lens for a long time, but barely used it. I started using it after buying an X100F, then discovering that an X-T1 + XF27mm has almost the same form factor. So I sold my X100F and stuck with my best friend the X-T1 lol
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