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  1. Sorry I misspoke when I said set the SS to C, I meant T as @flamidey pointed out. So the SS can only be change using one of the command dials if the SS dial is set to T or a particular SS value where the adjustment is two third of stops up or down. But I understand your frustration, but I think the way it is set up is how it should be. When it is set to A, the camera determines the app I just got my X-T4, but haven’t played with it enough. I would like to have the option to toggle between different auto iso settings most of the time instead of the iso values honesty. I hope this feature is added soon to the X100V.
  2. If the SS main dial is set to A:=Auto, you can't change it using the front or the back dials. Set the SS main dial to C:=command, and then the front of the back dial should work. And notice that when the SS main dial is set to a specific value, which ever of the front of the back dial that you have set to modify SS will only shift the value slightly, try it. In my opinion, this is an amazing feature, because it allows the user to slightly adjust without the need to change the main dial if needed. I hope this helps, let me know if it doesn't.
  3. Hello Casper, I used to shoot Nikon until 2015 when I bought my first Fujifilm X-T1 which I still use today. I think you will find the reduction in weight and size very advantageous, enjoy it. Omar
  4. @mikecroshaw, would you please try to use it for more than 20min after turning Boost mode on? I would really like to know if this is a defect or this is normal. Thanks
  5. I have noticed the same thing, I'm not sure if this is an issue, but it certainly is noticeable.
  6. For those who are in Austin TX, Precision Camera and Video contacted me, and they are filling some of their early pre-orders tomorrow. So I know that if I pre-order early with them, I’ll get the camera on the release day
  7. Hello folks, So I like to shoot in both RAW+JPEG for the usual reasons. After importing my files to Lightroom (Lr), I sometimes like the JPEG and would like to export them, I don't want to export the edited RAW file, how can I do that? What I currently do, which inefficient, is manually hunt for the JPEG in the original directory. I don't prefer to re-configure my Lr to treat RAW and JPEG as two separate files because its is annoying to me using the capture-time stacking approach. Any tips? Thanks
  8. Look into the Godox V350F, V860II, or V1F. I just bought the V1F for off camera shooting, and I'm so happy with the results. I don't shoot professionally, and I use it with a remote trigger on my X-T1 Good luck
  9. I have an X-T1 as well, and already placed my pre-order for the X100V. I contemplated the X-Pro3, but its too large for the purpose that I would want it for. I think the X100 series is hard to replace if you want something small but mighty. If you want the X100V for the size, the X-Pro3 is noticeably larger even when using it with the 27mm (I had the change to check out a pre-production unit). Don't forget, the X-T4 is also about to come out, I think I'm going to sell a kidney, and get me one of those too lol
  10. Hello guys, I'm very excited to receive my pre-ordered X100V (placed with my local store), but does anyone has experience which vendor usually delivers pre-orders first? Amazon, BH, or others? I'm a little impatient lol. I speculate the difference in delivery time will not be more than a week unless Fujifilm USA prioritizes some vendors over the others.
  11. I've only had the X100F for a two months (Nov 2019-Jan 2020), I thoroughly enjoyed it, but sold it when I found out how soon the X100V will be released. This passed week, I went to my local camera store (Precision Camera and Video, Austin TX), and they had a pre-production X100V for showing (see attached photo). It was great for the two minutes that I tried it. So I'm very much looking forward to my X100V.
  12. Perfect, I'll try that again. I would recommend you add this to your blog post (article) and state that this is an adhesive that you are trying to overcome. For someone like me with no experience, such information is very valuable.
  13. Hello @yukosteel, I wanted to start the project right at this moment, and looking at your guide, you don't specify how to pry open the name plate? Is it adhered to the lens body using adhesive? how to pry it off? I tried to pry it off using a Jimmy, and noticed that I had incurred some minor damage so I stopped. Omar
  14. This is wonderful news, I am very excited about this. My X-T1 needs a younger sibling lol Thanks Patrick and J.
  15. Interesting, I’ll look that up. I am just learning about this. Thanks
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