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    J'ai un penchant pour le N&B / I'm attracted by B&W
  1. SauveGV

    Fuji Flowers

    Fuji XT-1 + 50-140mm+ ext. tube 11mm @115mm, f/10, 1/75s ISO200
  2. SauveGV

    Cityscapes with Fujifilm X

    Sunset over Quebec City old town. XT-1, 50-140mm@70mm, f/5,6
  3. SauveGV

    Cityscapes with Fujifilm X

    Che meraviglia Bergat! Love you B&W processing of this Portugal coastline .
  4. SauveGV

    Fuji Flowers

    Springtime. Kalanchoe with background of Scilla Siberica XT-1, 80mm macro
  5. SauveGV

    XF 80mm - Pictures

    Here one of my first few tests with 80mm macro Frosted window pane
  6. SauveGV

    Fuji Flowers

    Funny coincidence, I've made photographs of the same flower you can see a couple pages back: Lysimachia The first one with XT-1 and 50-140mm+1,4x+MCEX11mm @196mm f/8, the second with 16-55mm f/2,8 @55mm f/5,6
  7. SauveGV

    Fuji Flowers

    Love the 3D effect of this flower and the glowing yellow heart.
  8. SauveGV

    Fuji Flowers

    XT-1 with 50-140mm+1.4x+MCEX11 Flower: Centaurea Post-Processing: ON1 Photo Raw
  9. SauveGV

    Fuji Flowers

    This is the one I prefer for its 3D feel Is this a crop from a larger photo?
  10. SauveGV

    Bokeh Club

    XT-1 with 50-140mm+1.4x+MCEX11 Flower: Centaurea Post-Processing: ON1 Photo Raw
  11. SauveGV

    Fuji Flowers

    Don't let go this lens, it's amazing. I hope Fuji will put its new 80mm/2.8 macro on the market sooner than later, although I would have preferred a 120mm macro. Also hope it has this king of quality.
  12. SauveGV

    Fuji Flowers

    Like the post-processing on the flower but I'd prefer a composition where the subject is not dead center.
  13. SauveGV

    black and white (open thread)

    Located in a garden in downtown Quebec City. LR6+Silver Effects Pro
  14. SauveGV

    Night photography

    Long exposure (16s.) Fuji XT-1, 16-55mm @16mm, F/16 Anse Ross St-Nicolas-3.jpg by G. Sauvé, sur Flickr