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  1. These lenses are not built for manual use, unfortunately. They need the electronic connection with the camera to control aperture and focus.
  2. Are you sure your latest X-T2 is genuinely Fuji and not some fake?
  3. Rebooting the device and the camera (remove the battery and put it in again after some seconds) might help. If it doesn’t, do you have another device to test the transfer?
  4. Did you have this problem from the beginning or did it work at some time? Did you try to reset your wireless connection (remove device, reconnect)?
  5. Unfortunately, Photos will not detect them as duplicates. In my experience it is the best way to delete the photos in Photos (you can recycle them from the bin for 30 days) and start a new import. Personally, I prefer to use a card reader and put the photos into dedicated albums when importing.
  6. No much to see, I'm quite out of ideas. You could try to use the touch display to focus. Did the camera ever work correctly? What is the distance between the camera an the subject, did you test different distances?
  7. By pressing the button AF-L on the back. You can configure in the menu if the button has a toggle function (on/off) or has to be kept pressed. Could you upload a photo of your camera's display? Maybe we find something. Was the camera / lens working at some time or do you have a new one?
  8. Some more wild guessing - did you activate the focus lock? EL means "exposure lock" and flashes if half press the shutter.
  9. And check if the lens is attached properly
  10. I had a similar effect sometimes with my XT2, but it helped to toggle power or switch the front focus button to M and back to S (or C). Another reason could be that the the object is too close to the lens.
  11. The little box is in the middle of the display? Does it change to green when you half press the shutter button?
  12. Did you check if you shifted the focus point to a side position?
  13. Tell us more about your focus settings
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