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  1. Welcome to our forum. Perhaps you are using the electronic shutter and the bulb mode only works only with the mechanical shutter. But I must admit that I'm only guessing since I don't use bulb very often.
  2. You comments are moderated on our Facebook side. We will not discuss this further publicly.
  3. Welcome to our forum. I've inserted the photo from the link into your comment, hope I've got the right one.
  4. Could be a manufactoring damage. You‘d probably should get it checked.
  5. Take a look at the label of the charger. The supported voltages should be specified.
  6. Welcome to our forum. I‘m glad you figured it out!
  7. Make sure to use the mechanical shutter. Using a flash is not available with electronic shutter. Perhaps this is the reason for the problem. Another could be contacting problems between camera and flash. Check the contacts and if the flash is seated well.
  8. In my experience the battery indicator does not work correctly with some non-genuine batteries. You could test how long the camera will actually work with one bar battery indicator, the battery might be fully loaded.
  9. Sorry for my misunderstanding. You could try to take out the battery for a longer period of time, keeping the power switch in the on position. Or try a factory reset.
  10. What steps did you take for pairing? Did you connect to the camera‘s wifi?
  11. Happened to me once and I needed some time to figure it out 😉 Glad to have helped.
  12. Welcome! Did you check the switch at the side of the camera?
  13. Did you active the key lock accidentically? If yes there should be lock symbol on your display.
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