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  1. Thank your for becoming an active member!
  2. The cam splits the recordings to (max.) 4Gb files. There must be more than one file on your card and you have to combine the files.
  3. Welcome to our forum! Take a look at the X-T30 section for more information about your cam.
  4. Welcome here and thanks for your kind words, Mark
  5. Might be hidden in the topic "Button/Dial" setting in the "wrench" section.
  6. The setting you need to configure is "Shoot without lens".
  7. Welcome to our forum and to the world of digital photography, @GaryZ
  8. Time to vote, again. Our previous polls missed some camera models so we're doing a fresh start. Stand up and vote! As usual, multiple choice is possible for the users of more than one Fuji camera.
  9. Please describe the steps you took to update the firmware. Did you place the unpacked firmware file in the root directoy of the SD card?
  10. Welcome here, Brian. I‘m missing the X-T4 in your considerations. It‘s the same generation as the X-PRO3.
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