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  1. Welcome to our forum. You could consider the coming X-PRO3, too.
  2. Take a look at your settings in the camera. Maybe you have to change the device connected to the X-Pro2
  3. Feel free to ask any question You could also try the single spot autofocus which works better in some situations.
  4. Maybe in your case it makes sense to wait for the X-Pro3 which will get a better optical viewfinder than its predecessor.
  5. Just a spontaneous guess: face detection is activated. Or you're just too close to the subject.
  6. Glad you found a solution for this issue!
  7. Yeah, I meant the X70, which has a 18.5mm lens. Sorry for the confusion. And, I did not know there is a converter for the X70, too. Even though discontinued you might get one new. No information yet about a successor.
  8. Welcome to our forum. I'm moving this thread to the X-E series section for better attention.
  9. The DR setting depends on the ISO setting (DR200 requires ISO400 and above, DR400 requires ISO800 and above).
  10. This thread was moved to "adapting lenses". Perhaps it gets more atttention here.
  11. Do you use "files on demand" with OneDrive? And yes, using an external disk with sufficient space will prevent juggling your files on the system drive. You have to reconfigure OneDrive though.
  12. It seems to be discontinued. And, the 18.5mm lens of the X100 will give you 27.75mm wide ange which is quite the same.
  13. Perhaps you switched on the face detection? I've moved this thread to the X-E3 section, perhaps more people will see your question.
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