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  1. Welcome here. Since your comment was quite off topic in the thread you posted it, I splitted it to a new thread
  2. This looks really bad, the camera needs a new housing IMHO. You should contact the Fuji service or your dealer.
  3. Nearly the same problem as here Start to configure Wifi access from scratch.
  4. I guess after the update the IOS device is recognized as a new device by the camera, so you have to configure the Wifi access from scratch.
  5. Glad yor figured - or should I say fiddled - it out 😉
  6. Did you try to add the iPhone as a new device during the wifi joining process?
  7. No problem. Glad that my suggestion helped.
  8. Sure it‘s not the lens hood?
  9. Welcome to our forum. Hope you find people from Seattle here.
  10. Welcome to the Fuji world and to our forum.
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