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  1. You‘re welcome, great to hear it‘s working fine now. Enjoy your X-T20.
  2. This looks really strange. Since the first photo looks ok, it seems to be a wrong setting. Wich film simulation do you use and did you switch off the adding of grain?
  3. Welcome. Tell us more about your settings or give us an example photo, please.
  4. So true. Thanks to @Greybeard ! A big Sorry to @buzz5343 for sending you down the wrong lane.
  5. Since this is an international forum, you will more likely get an answer if you give us an English translation
  6. Sorry to hear this I guess you mean the shutter speed selection button? You can select the shutter speed using the app, I just tried it with my X-T2. It will override the selcetion of the button in top of the cam.
  7. Though it's probably not due to the SD card - if it was me I would try a totally new one. SD cards age physically, just as SSDs do.
  8. Just a guess, check the SD card. Maybe it's quite full and slows down. Try a another one.
  9. Thanks! Impressive picture qualitiy of this old lens
  10. Can you specify which items are greyed out?
  11. You have to tell the camera to use a different phone. IIRC it's the down button in the WiFi menu
  12. If you set the camera to RAW plus JPG (use „fine“ setting for JPG) and a monochrome mode, you‘ll get a black and white JPG and a coloured RAW. You can use the RAW file for different kinds of development inside the camera or with external software.
  13. I'd like to see some example photos taken by this combination
  14. Becoming a "Pro" photographer depends on your photography skills rather than the gear. And, you don't mention if you want to shoot people or other motives in your studio. It's quite hard to give a recommendation without more information. Did you use any cameras before?
  15. Found it here: https://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/procedure_flash.html Just attach the flash, turn it on, then turn the camera on with the display button pressed
  16. Maybe someone with an X-H1 could test to lock the menu/cursor buttons (long press on MENU/OK). This disables the Q button on my X100F. To unlock the buttons use the same procedure.
  17. I think „Auto“ follows „22“
  18. Guess you have to select the lens model rather than the camera. The X100 models simply show up due to their built in lenses
  19. An interesting preview of the XF16-80mm lens by Jonas Rask
  20. These lenses are not built for manual use, unfortunately. They need the electronic connection with the camera to control aperture and focus.
  21. Are you sure your latest X-T2 is genuinely Fuji and not some fake?
  22. Rebooting the device and the camera (remove the battery and put it in again after some seconds) might help. If it doesn’t, do you have another device to test the transfer?
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