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  1. You should post your settings (aperture, ISO, shutter speed).
  2. It seems to me that you’ve underexposed the material. Depending on the settings, the LCD in most cases does NOT show the actual result since it‘s supposed to help focussing etc. Watch the exposure meter on the LCD while shooting. This will give you the necessary information if your video or photo is exposed correctly.
  3. Sounds like you are using the optical viewfinder. Make sure you‘re using the electronic one.
  4. Did you check the alignment of the eyepiece? It‘s a common source for problems with the sensor. Concerning the noise, it seems very loud to me. I have a 100F which is much quieter during power or mode switching.
  5. Check for a misaligned eyepiece or dust on the eye sensor of the viewfinder.
  6. Welcome to our forum! Since this topic is discussed in another thread I‘ll close this one. Send a message if you want it reopened.
  7. Welcome to our forum. I've copied your corrected post into the opening comment.
  8. Please discuss this controversial topic without personal attacks towards people inside or outside our forum.
  9. It‘s not an „official“ advice. I gave you an answer why I think it‘s not possible. Fuji might be able to provide you with an„official“ answer, feel free to share it with our community.
  10. Sorry, I‘ve been mistaken.
  11. Take a look around in this forum. Some people already got the X-H2.
  12. The lens is only part of the contruction. Even if the X100V lens would physically fit the results might be worse. And I guess it would be cheaper to by a complete X100V. But why are you not asking a repair shop directly?
  13. Welcome to our forum. I‘ve moved your topic to the X100 section. You can for example check European Amazon Stores for the availability of the 100V.
  14. Unfortunately, your attached photos are not visible. Regarding your question - normally only authorised service centers are provided with such parts. You could ask Fuji by mail, though, if they sell this part to you.
  15. You did not mention what kind of disk you are using. Could be the culprit.
  16. Welcome to our forum!
  17. Welcome to our forum. Your topic has been separated from the thread you used. You should use a pc to copy your files. And keep in mind that you should always have a backup of your photos since SD cards can and most likely will fail after some time.
  18. Small details get lost due to the compression. Hence (most of) the grain disappears.
  19. Instagram is compressing your photos.
  20. Not really. A try to fix it yourself will most likely result in more damage.
  21. Welcome to our forum! Interesting statement that the X-E1 works best for you.
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