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  1. Do you try to preview the RAWs with the finder? Won't work, you need an app. The Photos app should work.
  2. That‘s strange. Perhaps one of the contacts is faulty.
  3. What flash are you using? As far as I know (I'm no specialist here) Fuji has a special pin layout so you need a flash made for Fuji cams.
  4. Do you use the electronic shutter? The flash will work only with the mechanical shutter. And, welcome to our forum!
  5. You have to setup "Shoot without lens" to "yes".
  6. Welcome to our forum. IIRC the zoom is not motorised, focus and aperture are.
  7. I'm not sure about the X-Pro1, other models have a special high performance mode setting. If the X-Pro1 doesn't, try the energy setting.
  8. Check the high performance mode setting - should be on
  9. Welcome to the Fuji world 🙂
  10. If the battery was exhausted the reinsertion wouldn't have worked. Perhaps it's a heat issue due to the use of the flash. How long did you wait before turning the camera on again?
  11. A screen lag is common if not running on full performance mode
  12. I doubt that this is a version problem. You rather downloaded a firmware for another model or region.
  13. Welcome to our forum. Make sure you‘ve activated the high performsnce mode.
  14. Welcome here, @Goonerjr and @Jim Keyte !
  15. Check the setting off HIGH PERFORMANCE MODE and set it to on
  16. Moved to the right section. Welcome to our forum!
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