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  1. Well, make a drawing. I have a cnc router. ๐Ÿ™‚ But seriously, I keep the camera in the bag with the filter and the lens hood on, with only a wrist strap on it. I take it out to take the picture(s) and put it back in. The hood prevents the bag touching the filter. And I have a blower and a cleaning cloth to wipe the filter if need be. I have different size bags that I use depending on the camera/lens etc.
  2. Iโ€™d say just put a filter on. Sky or polariser.
  3. Virgil, would you be so kind to share with us what was the problem and how was it solved. Thanks.
  4. Congrats & Welcome ! Share some pics !
  5. Brilliant idea to turn it upside down ! Well done.
  6. Thank you sir, you are very kind. It is finally snowing properly today, hopefully it will be cold enough and the snow will not melt straight away. Edit: It did melt straight away. I remember the time when we used to have real winter.
  7. Apart from the original Fujifilm charger, the Nitecore FX1 is also well regarded. It has a small size and can charge two batteries simultaneously. I have one and I have no issues with it. Look here for instance. I would not use any of the cheap aftermarket chargers (without temperature metering). Cheers.
  8. I know, you had to do all the hard work all by yourself recently. Sorry. Too damn busy nowadays.
  9. Sorry guys, I do not have the same equipment as you do, but to encourage you I want to say that I have no issues whatsoever with my X-T2, Godox XPro-F, AD200, V-862F. Works like a charm. Nick, you wrote โ€œXT2-Nโ€. Was that a typo or are you trying to use the Nikon version on a Fuji ? Kirk, google somewhat, I think you will find a solution for your setup. Cheers, all the best.
  10. Jeepers... and the people on the pavement seem to walk by totally unperturbed ! Hey bergat, is this a real shot or are you pulling our leg with a photomontage ? ๐Ÿ™‚ Share some details of the circumstances pls.
  11. Well, we are surely not the only ones who did this so if it wonโ€™t work (I am afraid it wonโ€™t) I presume PhaseOne will deal with it and return the difference, or provide some other upgrade path from Fuji to โ€œfullโ€. Kind Regards my friend.
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