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  1. I am sorry that you have a bad experience, nothing comes to mind that I could advise you except ask for a replacement. I have no problems whatsoever with my 5. Every now and then a problem happens with a product from any manufacturer. A few years ago I got a bad (soft) 90f2. I took it back to the shop and got another one that is perfect.
  2. I second what Jerryy and Jorge said. A certain (very small) percentage of even the best products of even the best manufacturers can occasionally be faulty and when that happens, it gets talked about a lot. Happens also to every camera manufacturer. Everything in my signature (to borrow this way of putting it from Jorge) has been working perfectly well for years. Except for the X-T5 which is fairly recent obviously and which for its price is a no-brainer, I think. Go grab one and enjoy ! A lovely piece of kit. And post some photos for us to see. Cheers J&J !
  3. Now terrible times in Ukraine is what you meant, I hope.
  4. Hey, cheer up my friend. I was just joking, I did not want to bring you down. Don’t worry, some other new camera will come that you will like. Maybe sooner than you think, time flies by too fast anyway. I am still happy with my X-T2. But I know you don’t like the DSLR style and you’re waiting for something to replace your X-E2S, am I right ?
  5. Says the guy who added added REL T-Zero to his Rega to listen to Audiolab M-DAC+ ....🤨
  6. Hi Louise, Jerry, mdm, I am late to the party but: You have to divide the transfer speed of your Wi-Fi standard by the number on your ocular. 🍷
  7. I do not have that camera but if the sound is coming from the lens, it could be normal.
  8. I hope you will get some nice Fuji lens eventually. You can see in my footer what I have, I put it there so that others know what items I might be able to give some advice about. I had Canon before but I really love Fuji. George
  9. So do I. So you will be using the X-T30 for science ? Aahhh, I was looking forward to some Scottish landscapes. 🙂
  10. You solved it all by yourself, the two of us were no help really. Great ! I am glad it works. My son is studying what I would call "genetics" to keep it simple at Edinburgh. I did radioelectronics/telecommunications, I graduated 1986, but I switched to computers early on. That means you can't be old ! All the best, cheers. George
  11. Yes that is right, Glasgow Uni, but not the Barony Hall, it is in the Gilbert Scott Building I think. Good luck with the file transfers ! Let us know how you fared, please.
  12. I've been no help but to make good I have another one from Scotland for you. I wonder if you know where this is.
  13. Louise, "little old lady" you say ? With MAC filtering on her network ? You're dangerous. I use it on my Ubiquity APs and Mikrotik Routers, but it did not occur to me to consider that. Jerry may be right, a firewall setting on your PC could be blocking the connection of the PC_Autosave. Could be in a security/antivirus sw that you have or in the Windows OS. Maybe a message popped up to ask for permission that you missed. I suspect you know this without me telling you and you will know how to add a rule. I agree with Jerry on the WPS thing, I never use it.
  14. Jerry, do I remember correctly that you have an X-T30 ? Recreation is an impossibility indeed from now on, you have a job on hand. Click here for starters: 🔊🔊🔊
  15. When you have some, let us start an official Scotland thread ! With my X-T2 and X-T10, transferring to IOS devices worked well, but I have no experience with PC Autosave. If I had the same camera as you, I would try it out but with different cameras there is no point I think. Do you get an error message, what does it say ?
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