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  1. George_P

    Fall pictures

    How much red paint did you spend on that tree ? I was in the east of our country in October and they had the most spectacular colours there. But I was on a business trip and I had no time for a walk. On our end of the country, this year fall was a joke - the leaves stayed all green and then they fell off, just like that.
  2. George_P

    Winter Landscapes

    Serves you right ! No, just joking. Stay nice and dry and look for some older ones to post. That will do nicely.
  3. George_P

    Winter Landscapes

  4. George_P

    Winter Landscapes

  5. George_P

    Winter Landscapes

    I like the twisted trees. Beautiful sunny weather. My shots are not amazing. The mountains, yes.
  6. George_P

    Winter Landscapes

    Merlin ! You´ve got some mighty big fridge.
  7. George_P

    Winter Landscapes

    Close enough. Accepted. But I wonder what will Merlin do, he will have to scrape some snow off the inside of his fridge. 😀
  8. You are welcome. That shop is not far from the routes that I travel. If they will have the Fuji version on stock, I will try again. I am interested to know, I am considering getting the small one myself. Yes, I learned several good bits of information from this site when I started with Fuji. I am just a blundering hobbyist, but there are some highly knowledgeable folks around and they post some very beautiful images, too.
  9. George_P

    Winter Landscapes

    All kind of creatures...
  10. Are these ads from a potential client that you are interested in ? Send them a fine print from an image taken with your Fuji, with an explanation that for that kind of work your not-full-frame camera is more than fine enough and other things matter much more than the size of the sensor.
  11. George_P

    Winter Landscapes

    @sixtygp This is really beautiful, thanks for sharing. Welcome to the party. Where is it from ?
  12. George_P

    Winter Landscapes

  13. George_P

    Winter Landscapes

  14. George_P

    Winter Landscapes

    Now this one is weird. It is SOOC (except for a slight lift of the shadows to brighten up the trees a little). I did nothing at all regarding sharpening (sharpening zero) and I took the JPG, not the RAF. I just resized it to smaller size and that is what I put here. I dunno how it looks like on FullHD screens (I have a 4K monitor), but on my screen it looks so insanely sharp that it is too much I think, both the full size and the resized one. What I find interesting is, usually with C1 when I open a RAF it looks better or at least as good as the SOOC JPG, with defaults. But with this image and a few similar ones from the same series there is no way I can tweak the RAF to get the same amount of detail (is micro-contrast the popular term?) as the SOOC JPG. Somehow the RAF looks way softer than the SOOC JPG, no matter how I try with sharpening, structure etc. Anyway, here it is:
  15. George_P

    Winter Landscapes

    Do not worry Jerryy, chasing our sons keeps me warm all right. But you ought to dip your feet in some snow (nudge). I know you are the king of Fall Pictures, but the fall season is over ! This is an open topic ! 😎