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  1. Alex, I use only auto-ISO when I find it useful. I almost never use auto-SS or auto-Aperture. For action shots, I don't know what camera you are using or how you have it set up, but maybe zone focusing could help you if continuous focusing does not cope with your situations.
  2. Hullo big boats. Over to you, jerryy.
  3. I used to do a fair bit of sailing many years ago, often with sailors from Austria. I had a skipper license, owned a part of a boat etc. The legend had it that two Austrian sailors, "world-famous" as my Austrian friends would describe them, who sailed all over the world and wrote a book about their ventures, after visiting their next port of destination and spending time in the port and in the city, would meticulously record the B/F factor into the nautical charts, with the purpose for the other sailors to know which port is more worth visiting than the other. The way they calculated it was that Baraviczka would count all the pretty girls he saw and Vatermann would count all the girls he saw and then they divided those two numbers and there you have it jerryy, the B/F factor. I hope I will not be scorched to death for this not PC post. No offence meant to anybody, just some old-fashioned fun.
  4. The B/F factor must be very high upstream. I bet you don't know what that is.
  5. Well I certainly hope that my son threw them away and did not try to chew on them. Or maybe the pirates took them.
  6. Thanks jerryy. I hope you appreciate that I went to Scotland just to help you here with this boat and ships thread. I have a few more for you coming (whether you like it or not 😀). I am properly photobombing this thread that you had all for yourself for too long.
  7. I totally love my X-T2 and even my X-T10. But please enlighten me, in what respect is it “much better than the X-T3” ? To the best of my knowledge the difference in “ISO performance” as you called it is considered negligible. I am not buying the X-T3, maybe not even X-T4, because for what I do I am fine with the X-T2. I am just a amateur hobby photographer after all. But others have different needs and that is legitimate. It is nice that there are so many options, isn’t it.
  8. I was not here when this thread happened and I did not take part in it, but having read through it now I would say that although epscott held his stance in a very military manner, which some others obviously could not tolerate well, he stated his opinions to which he had his full right and he did not deserve the negative reactions that he got. He addressed Fujifilm in his post and his requirements are obviously valid for a big enough group of users and that led to Fuji creating a camera with those features present, alongside other cameras without them for users who have other priorities. Technically his opinions were correct. +1 epscott. My 2 cents.
  9. I'll skip in for Olaf and say Welcome and enjoy your new kit !
  10. If we take displacement into consideration, I need to post dozens of photos for each one of yours.
  11. This one can't be bothered either.
  12. While the others are eagerly waiting for the water to rise, this old chap can't be bothered.
  13. Too late. The tide is rising, it is under water now. These guys are dipping their feet in the water already. Anyway, forget the gobie, that white-red-blue big fat mudskipper is prettier for sure.
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