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  1. Jerry, you need one too ? A youngster like you ? What is happening with this world. @Greybeard, @jerryy Thanks, guys. Cheers !
  2. X-T10 X-T2 X-T5 So now we know where the problem is. In the date of production. Namely, my own !!! I need a tripod for my brain. That is where the bug is. I doubt any firmware update is available for that. Anyways, it used to be half-press IS on in both AF-S and AF-C on the X-T10. I wonder why they changed it, I quite liked that.
  3. I stand corrected. But, if I remember correctly and I don't need to get corrected again, before it was so that when you half-pressed, the image stabilised. With a long lens It was easier to precisely frame the shot while you were half-pressing before you took the shot. Now in AF-S, IS set to "Shooting Only", half-pressing does not stabilise, but @Greybeard, sir you are right, the actual image is stabilised as the shot is taken. In AF-C, the behavior is as I remember it, with IS set to "Shooting Only" half-pressing stabilises the image. You can clearly see this in the viewfinder. With miniscule movements of the camera, the image moves with the camera while half-pressing, but the camera moves versus the image while not. I don't know if this was changed with the most recent FW or earlier. Heck, I am not even sure if I remember this from Fujifilm X-T10, X-T2 or from my previous brand. I haven't been using long lenses for quite some time. Am I right ? Or was this only in AF-C from the start ? Thank you.
  4. Artur, if the camera does not retain the settings, the internal backup battery (built-in) could be bad and you would have to have the camera serviced.
  5. Please correct me if I am missing something, but as far as I can tell the image stabilisation (IBIS and OIS) has been affected by the recent FW update to V4.00 on X-T5 (and so it seems, to V4.40 on X-T2). I expect the same problem on X-H cameras after the recent update, maybe someone would like to test. Previously, you could choose to have IS on full time (“Continuous”) or only when you press the shutter button to focus (“Shooting Only”). Now this works only in AF-C. In AF-S when you switch to Shooting Only, IS does not work. Continuous works. In AF-M I have to try yet. I tried with the XF90, XF18 F1.4, XC50-230, XF18-55. Seems to me like a bug in the new FW that could be corrected in future updates. Has anyone else encountered this or has anyone perhaps found some relationship to other settings that could influence this behaviour ?
  6. No worries John, a pleasure. From the on-camera flashes, the ones with Li-Ion accus are the V860II, V860III, V1, V1Pro. Make sure you get the “F” versions for Fujifilm. The 350, 685 are powered by AA batteries, avoid these. But recently, rechargeable Li-Ion accus in the size and shape of AA batterries are a thing so that might change the previous statement if someone needs a smaller or cheaper flash than the ones in the first paragraph. Also, if you buy the remote control, X-ProII or X3, you need the “F” versions. You can add studio flashes to this system, also portable Li-Ion ones like the AD-200, they will work with the remote no matter which version (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm) you have, so if you also use another camera you just buy the corresponding remote and the flashes will work.
  7. John, The response above is an automated response by this site and it is just an advertisement, presumably to help cover the running costs. Regarding your question, I am not a pro so take this with a grain of salt, but I have been using Godox flashes for a few years without any issues. The Li-Ion powered ones are strong and a charge lasts long. I have the X-ProF radio remote, the V860IIF (hot-shoe) and the AD200. There are newer ones in the meantime. They are very good value for money, I think. Cheers, George
  8. George_P

    Fuji X-T50

    92•F is 33•C and that is pretty damn hot where I come from. If the camera was on the whole time, maybe it could have reached the warning limit without actually having a fault. I don’t know. You did not say which country you are in, I presume USA. The number would be 1-800-800-3854. https://fujifilm-x.com/en-us/repair-and-product-support/
  9. George_P

    Fuji X-T50

    Congratulations on your new camera ! I wish you that you may enjoy it for a long time.
  10. Yes, I hope @cyns will let us know how he fared.
  11. I agree with @BobJ re. the 50f2. I have put lots of pics in the Winter Landscapes thread, all taken with that lens, have a look. This site accepts only resized pics, if you want I can send you some raws or fullsize jpegs to judge. Small, light, WR, a great lens. If I could have only one lens, that would be it.
  12. This is really bad luck, sorry to read this. In my country the warranty period is two years. Talk to Fuji, have it repaired. I hope you can resolve this for a reasonable price.
  13. Jarek, your English is way better than my Polish so no worries. That camera definitely needs to see Bratislava and I am good for a lunch or dinner while you’re here. Cheers and welcome to the forum.
  14. I also think the issue is different. I have the X-T5 at V3.01 and the 50-230 at V1.10. I have not used that lens in a long time so I tried it (in CAF) but it worked normally. It focused on the eye that either I chose or the eye the camera chose automatically (when I activated that function). I had my son wave his hand in front of him but still my camera had no problem to focus on the eye just like the green quadrangle was indicating. This was just a brief test now in the evening (inside, so btw definitely no ideal lighting conditions) but I could not even reproduce the V3.01 bug that has been complained about. @cyns had said that he used a tripod, so for entirety I would like to mention, what we all know, that it is recommended to switch OIS and/or IBIS off while on a tripod (this lens has OIS too besides the IBIS of the X-T5) but I doubt that has anything to do with the problem when I look at that image and he surely took also shots hanheld. So baffling, yes it is. Could it be a faulty IBIS ? Maybe try to shut it off and see what happens ? I don’t think so.
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