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  1. Well, we are surely not the only ones who did this so if it won’t work (I am afraid it won’t) I presume PhaseOne will deal with it and return the difference, or provide some other upgrade path from Fuji to “full”. Kind Regards my friend.
  2. I have neither the V1 nor the X-T3... You mention ES. Do you have it set to MS+ES, if yes did you try MS only ? Are you using HSS ? TTL, M, Multi... ? Try to give us more details about your setup, maybe someone will then come up with something.
  3. spooky scary beautiful
  4. Hi, mdm. I wonder if you made a mistake. Will the update to Pro (full) 20 that you bought actually work to upgrade your Pro Fuji 12 ? Or will it work only for owners of Pro (full) 12 ? And you as a user of Pro Fuji 12 ought to have bought the update to Pro Fuji 20 for $87 ? And what will happen when it does not work ? Will you be refunded the difference between $119 and $87 and sent a different code ? Or what ? Can’t blame you, though. I did the same without thinking, while busy with something else. Now I have second thoughts. The offer is very confusing and nothing is explained. When you click the link in the e-mail, you get to the page with all three offers as you showed and it might be misleading you to think you can choose any one of the three options. C1 is great and I am a satisfied customer, but this upgrade campaign is rather poorly executed, I think. Also, no mention about new features or improvements in the V.20, at least I see none, as is customary when proposing the offer to upgrade to a new version of a software. Good luck to both of us. Cheers !
  5. George_P

    Light Painting

    Prof. Taylor has awesome images on his Flickr.
  6. No, as far as I know. I just prefer to transport it that way to avoid the bumping. Many people have asked about this movement/noise and it has raised concerns but as far as I know there have never been any problems reported with this issue and the lens is widely regarded as excellent
  7. Try a different (fully charged) battery. I had an old one (third party) that caused similar symptoms. It seemed to charge ok but when in camera it did not work well. Good luck.
  8. Yes that is normal. I transport mine in a vertical or tilted position to avoid the internal movement.
  9. Beautiful images, Sebastian. Thanks for sharing !
  10. Good initiative from Olaf. Highly qualified technical insight, as usual, from Doug. Cheers.
  11. I am sorry to read about your loss. Life can be cruel at times. You have done the right thing, caring for her and you are doing the right thing again, getting back on your feet. Good luck and welcome back.
  12. Bob, correction: It was not my research, it was Dom-X´s. I just praised him for his effort (see above). Which e-Bay seller did you buy from ?
  13. Well done, compliments. And now Loctite 222 🙂 There were a few cases of loose screws near the stative thread at the bottom and elsewhere. I fixed mine and wrote to Fuji about it back then.
  14. You are welcome. It is not HSS specific, really. This is an important difference between mirrorless and DSLR - you can see the exposure (and WB and film emulation) before the shot, depending on your settings. If is too dark (the exposure will be altered by a flash or you do a long exposure), you can switch "Preview Exposure" off to be able to compose. I use it often so I mapped it to a button as I said above so I do not have to go into the menu to switch it. The paragraph in the manual is rather brief. NB there are three settings that are cycled if you map them to a button: Preview Exposure and White Balance - Preview White Balance only - Off (Preview neither Exposure nor WB).
  15. Page 217. I seldom use AE-L so I mapped it to that button.
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