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  1. Grandfather used to say, one is never wise enough, so we are all novices at different levels, aren’t we. A few things that maybe could help: NR at -4 is the lowest NR, I think. Why -4 ? Also, I think it only affects JPEGS, not RAWs. Do you shoot Fine+RAW ? Do you use some Post Processing software, which one ? Or are we talking about JPEGs ? You can make different versions in-camera and try out different settings after the shot. Did you not switch on Grain by any chance ? Don’t combine Grain with Acros, it has its own way of doing things. What is your setting for Sharpening ? How low is the light that you have in mind ? Are these long exposures ? Does Long Exposure NR become relevant or not ? Fuji is generally highly regarded for low-light capabilities and the look of low-light images. The grain is considered “organic” and “film-like” by many. Maybe you are doing something wrong. Anyway, I have the 35/f2 and it is a great little lens, esp. for the price. The 35/f1.4 is even better for low light (if the lower DOF is not an issue at 1.4), although slightly more expensive, bigger and focusing slower (which is probably irrelevant). Depends what you want to use them for. Let us know how you got on. Cheers.
  2. ... and layers. I agree with mawz. And the paid version is also worth it for the layers feature and the intelligent masking modes (luminance etc.) They have very good tutorials, have a look.
  3. OK mdm, I give up. I’ll dig out my father’s old Leica. I’ll have to get the shutter moving though, it is stuck by the dried up lubrication grease. 😀 Cheers my friend.
  4. You say lots of people, but this is probably just a tiny percentage of all X-T4s sold. All brands and all types of cameras, DSLRs included, have had a certain percentage of faults, even the very best ones. You see posts only from users who have problems, that distorts the perception of the issue. And in this instance, most of these issues are probably caused by memory cards. And you are covered by warranty. The upgrades are not that often, you can always read what they address and decide if you want/need to apply them. And you can wait for some time to see if anybody reports some problems before you do upgrade. They are a welcome feature of Fuji cameras because they have brought many new features and improvements to the various models, adding to their value for their owners. A card reader is a useful thing anyway, regardless of upgrades. I have never had any issues ever with any Fuji gear.
  5. Two different lenses, two bodies, same problem ? This is interesting. Does it happen in Auto WB too ? Do you have some colour tint set in Manual WB ? (should not affect only a part f the image, I know) Why 6300K ? Does it not happen in MF, only in AF ? Is it there in the RAW or only in the JPEG ? If yes, what film sim ? You say certain lighting conditions, you are not using some artificial lights in these instances, are you. Not using any filter on a holder, the same one for both lenses, are you. Could this be just purple fringing on the contrasty edges as it is a fairly high-key image ? Scratch my head, dunno. Could you post some more examples ? Are these all similar images or does it happen in a variety of different scenes also ?
  6. You’re welcome, Jerryy. 😀 Post the pics, Lakshmi, we will try to help you more.
  7. I am sure no one is laughing at you. Not many of us have a GFX, neither do I, and I only just read this. Anyway, I am glad you worked it out. Share some pics ! Cheers.
  8. RTFM. Read the Fuji Manual. Normally you would leave the ISO at 200 (unless there is not enough light) and adjust the exposure with Aperture and Shutter, depending on the DOF you want or whether you want to freeze movement of an object or not. Leave Image Preview on and you see the changes. Use the histogram. Adjust Shadows and Highlights to your liking and depending on the scene. Etc etc.
  9. Disable Clarity.
  10. 🤦‍♂️ Grandpa used to say: “One is never wise enough.” There is always something new waiting to be learned, isn’t there. Good for you. I never had a screen saver with a border, all of mine were just a sheer film. Cheers.
  11. This is strange, I never saw anyone complaining of the same problem with any model of Fujifilm cameras. Try resetting the camera and if it does not help (I don’t think it will), hopefully PayPal has got you covered. Bad luck. Great little camera. I hope you can send it back and get another one.
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