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  1. So, where shall we go next ? How about this:
  2. Thanks, you’re very kind. These are from the recent trip with X-T2 / 18-55. The same shoot-and-run scenario as before 😀. I had a polariser and I wonder if the skies turned out a bit too dark. We have sunshine here, this week Merlin did not steal all of it for himself, but -2 deg. Celsius in the morning, so we are still good to go with winter themes, aren’t we. I like your adventurous edits from March 10, the trees on white and the deep blue water.
  3. https://livejapan.com/en/article-a0002432/ 4 shops in Tokyo that sell quality used cameras. Good luck !
  4. Good to see you back in action ! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Free parking (if you can drive up a steep snow covered slope to ~ 3.300m above sea level).
  6. "The resulting pattern on the snow is known as corduroy, and is widely regarded as a good surface on which to ski or ride." Wikipedia: Snow Grooming. This one is from Slovakia, 2013, Canon.
  7. Thanks ! After they prepare the ski slope by the ratracs, that is what it looks like before the skiers ski on it.
  8. Sorry, I do have the Magmod but no "speedlight" type Godox flash at hand at the moment, so I can't help. But tapping it w/o the magnets seems not to cause it to fire, so I would not consider this a warranty case.
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