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    Olaf W. got a reaction from myblackboxrocks in Hello from Brighton, UK   
    Welcome to our forum !
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    Olaf W. reacted to soundfanz in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi all,
    I joined this forum back in 2017 when I owned a first version of the X100. Sold it a few years ago, and had planned on buying a X100V for my street/out and about photography. But the hugely inflated prices currently being asked have put a damper on that, so I decided to buy a barely used X-T1 and 23mm f2 WR lens as an alternative. 
    Only been out and about with it once but am very impressed, especially with the functions available on top of camera. Just about all I need without having to delve into menus.
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    Olaf W. reacted to cosinus in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi from Norway. I have been shooting Fujifilm for a few years now. Started with an X-E3 and just recently upgraded to X-T5.  I have 18-55, 16-80, 70-300, 27WR, 56 1.2R, and Samyang 12mm.  
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    Olaf W. reacted to AntoineNL in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi everyone, hello from The Netherlands. Happy Fujifilm photographer here, with an X-E3 because it is small, and four lenses: 14/2.8, 23/2, 33/1.4 and 50/2.
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from Blue Zurich in X-T200 Brand new....can't get it to take a picture using the shutter button.   
    You have so set „Shoot without lens“ to on in the setup menu.
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    Olaf W. reacted to MARRIEDGUY9 in Introduce Yourself   
    Hello from Maryland, thanks to pal2tech for recommending.  I look forward to learning and sharing.  I am very new to photography and recently got an XT5 as I'm nearing retirement.
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from Blue Zurich in New to Fuji   
    Welcome to our forum!
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    Olaf W. reacted to Edp in Introduce Yourself   
    I’m going to be in your neck of the woods in two weeks!  Love to hear some tips on where to eat and go for street photo opportunities.   
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    Olaf W. reacted to ricflyier in Introduce Yourself   
    My name is Riccardo and recently bought an xt5. in precedenze i used nikon d5000, Canon ( film ) and Yashica.
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    Olaf W. reacted to David Holland in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi all,
    Used to be on here. Left - now I'm back.  My photography has improved a little..
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    Olaf W. reacted to JaviDiaz in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi everyone.
    New to the forum, I am Javier from Spain (Madrid).
    Amateur photographer with many things to learn yet.
    I use Fuji XH1 and XT2 with several lenses and adapters, AF and manual (legacy).
    My interests are on landscape and street photography. 

    Very glad to be here.
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    Olaf W. reacted to paulo.maxim in Introduce Yourself   
    Hello Everyone, i hope you are doing fine.
    My Name is Paulo Pereira and i from Portugal.
    I came from Dpreview and hope to participate in the forum.
    currently have one Fuji X-t4 and several Lens.
    all the best!
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from markm7 in Fuji X: Tips & Tricks   
    A lot of hints concerning the Fuji X Cameras can be found in this and other forums. Some are given as answers to questions  others are posted as results of just exploring the cameras. Not everything is printed in the manual or is at least not to be found there easily. On the other side, these hints are not quickly accessible since they are hidden inside (long) threads.
    Beginning now, we will pick up hints from different sources and place them in this special thread which will be complemented from time to time.
    We are sure this will help everyone using their Fuji X cameras. Please leave us feedback or additional hints to add to our collection. Thanks to everyone who gave these hints in threads of our forum.
    As far as possible, these hints are verified using an X-T2 or an X100F.
    AFL Button not working
    If the AFL (Autofokus Lock) Button does not show any response it is most likely due to active face recognition. Disable face recognition and AF-L will work again.
      Shutter not working with adapted lens
    Inside the menu there is a setting SHOOT WITHOUT LENS. Turn it on to shoot with an adapted lens.
      Flash not working
    Most likely the electronic shutter has been activated. Only the mechanical shutter supports flashing. Go to the menu setting SHUTTER TYPE and select MS or MS+ES (on some models it might be necessary to select MS). 
      Can’t select ISO100
    Another issue when using the electronic shutter, ISO setting starts with 200. Use the mechanical shutter for ISO100.
    Generally, it is not recommended to use ISO100, since the sensor is designed for ISO200 (I will spare you the technical details). Rather dim the light reaching the sensor by using the ND filter wich is implemented on many models, or use an attachable ND filter.
      Bands in the photo or fringed edges on moving targets
    The electronic shutter is responsible here, too. Using it can result in interferences with some light sources and give you banding in your photos. The banding is not necessarily visible in the viewfinder or on the display. Rather use the mechanical shutter when shooting with artificial light.
    Another issue of the electronic shutter is called „rolling shutter effect“. To put it simple, it takes too long to read out the complete sensor while objects are moving fast. Again, use the mechanical shutter with fast moving objects, e.g. when doing sports photography. If you need to dim the light reaching the sensor to go get slower (mechanical) shutter speeds use attachable ND filters and/or the built in ND filter.
      Autofocus not working anymore
    If the little red box resists to become green even though there is definitely enough light for the autofocus system, there are two possibilities: The little switch on the front (on the side of the X100) is set to M (manual focus). Switch it to S or C. The lens stopped working properly (autofocus function crashed somehow). Put the little switch to M and back so S or C and most likely the lens will work properly again. Alternatively, switch the camera off and on, but this will take more time than the first procedure.
      Locking D-Pad and Q button
    Press and hold the MENU/OK button until a lock symbol and ON appear. This locks the D-Pad and the Q button. All other buttons are still operational, even the D-Pad works when you go the the menu.
    To reactivate D-Pad and Q button press and hold MENU/OK again until the lock symbol and OFF appear.
    If you own an X-H1 you can configure the buttons which will be locked using LOCK SETTING inside the menu.
      Deactivating the annoying Q-Button
    On some models the Q button is placed quite adversely so you might press it accidentally. Just deactivate it using the procedure described above (lock cursor buttons and Q button).
    Until now only with the X-H1, you can disable just the Q button with the LOCK SETTING.
      The viewfinder is not working / the display is not working
    Most likely you pushed the button VIEW MODE. It’s quite easy doing so accidentally on some models. This results in changing the default behaviour, which is switching between viewfinder and display automatically (using an eye sensor next to the viewfinder).
    So, if the viewfinder or the display seems not to be working tip the button VIEW MODE until an eye symbol and SENSOR appear on the display or viewfinder, respectively. And be careful not to trigger the eye sensor with your hand during this procedure (as a left handed person, this happens to me all the time).
      The camera appears to be dead
    If your camera doesn’t do anything after switching it on and the battery is definitely charged you may have loaded a defective or incompatible SD card. Unload the card(s) and try to switch the camera on. If the camera is working now servicing is most likely not necessary, just use another card.
    Another option is to remove the battery and wait for about half a minute before putting it back in. Try without inserted SD-Card first. If it works the camera just needed a kind of reset, like other computers do 😉
      Dead or stuck pixels
    If the viewfinder or the display (or the resulting photos) show some dead (black) or stuck (coloured) pixels, they should be gone after a while since the camera is doing a pixel remapping by itself from time to time. You can also start the remapping process from the menu on recent models. If the stuck or dead pixels resist this process servicing is needed. However, not all models do support pixel remapping.  Indicator lamp blinks green and orange after shot
    Probably you have IMAGE DISPLAY set to Continuous. Change the setting in the Menu under SCREEN SETTING.
    If you'd like to add or correct something, feel free to comment.
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    Olaf W. reacted to Manthos Koukakes in Introduce Yourself   
    Hello there!!! My name is Mathios Koukakis I am from Greece Crete.
    I am a semi pro photographer and my favourite gear is Xpro2 and FujifilmXH1 with various lenses
    I finaly found a place where I can see and discuss also take some inspiration about photography through the eyes of Fuji photographers!!! 
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    Olaf W. reacted to maddoc2023jp in Introduce Yourself   
    Hello from Nagoya, Japan. I am new to Fujifilm cameras but not to photography. Trying to document what interests me, I carry a camera almost every day with me since I moved to Japan. After using Leica rangefinder cameras and almost exclusively B/W film (self-developed, sometimes printed in a make-shift darkroom), I recently switched to Fujifilm Xpro3 and some prime lenses. To me, the Xpro3 is an almost perfect alternative to a manual RF camera and I am keen to learn a couple of new tricks here. 
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from Oussamaoui in Noisy and pinky pictures   
    Sounds like a defective sensor or loose connection inside the camera. But try another SD card first, just to rule out this factor.
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    Olaf W. reacted to OzGordo in Introduce Yourself   
    Hello all, I’m Gordo from Australia and haven’t even received my first fujifilm camera yet (it’s on its way). I have used a variety of cameras over the years though but look forward to my Fuji journey. 
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from Samriz in Can I convert my old fuji Camera to a DSLR   
    Welcome to our forum.
    Short answer: no.
    While a very few companies offered a kind of digital part to put on the analog camera instead of loading a film, Fuji never did.
    Since there are a lot of challenges like shutter synchronization and handling the old glasses the results will most likely not satisfy the demands of today’s photographers. The developing costs also would be too high compared to actual digital cameras.
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    Olaf W. reacted to tokyo.photo in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi All! New to the X System here, but have been a photographer for most of my life. Just picked up the GFX 50S ii and am really excited to have a digital medium format. This completely divorces me from film and being locked into Bronica Zenza, which has been very good. I also use full format Nikon z6ii, z7ii, D5, D3, and F3 for assignments when I am not shooting portrait, landscape, or architecture...
    Glad to be here and sure a bunch of questions will come up and look forward to participating in this forum.
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    Olaf W. reacted to camtropicalantpie in Introduce Yourself   
    Hi! New here. Used to Nikon D750 then switched to Fujifilm X100.
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    Olaf W. reacted to Troz in Introduce Yourself   
    Hello. Comparatively new to Fuji and mirrorless digital. Until early 2022 I was shooting LF film (Horseman 45FA) scanned on a Flextight II, and MF digital (Hasselblad V-series with 50MP digital back). Decided I was too old to cart the LF gear around, so traded it in on a used GFX-50R and 32-64mm. Really liked using the 50R on an extended overseas trip, so bought the 100-200mm OIS to go with it.
    On my return to Australia, I realised that I was mostly using the 50R in preference to the Hasselblad. So after 20 years of shooting Hasselblad I sold it all, and spent the money on an X-Pro3 with 35mm, 16mm and 100-400mm.
    I do have a question about the X-Pro3 which I have posted in the appropriate subforum.
    Edited to say: my favourite ever 35mm camera was the Contax G1 and I've spent a while looking for a digital equivalent. I think that I may have found it in the X-Pro 3.
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    Olaf W. got a reaction from implicit-solarium in Hello!   
    Welcome to our forum !
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    Olaf W. reacted to LordOfThePryanik in problems with settings   
    Guys, I didn't even see that little lever near the wheel.  Thanks everybody!
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    Olaf W. reacted to Grizzlified in Introduce Yourself   
    D here, used to shoot with a Canon 7D and switched to the Fuji X-T20 from 2017 but haven't done any photography for close to 5 years now and am going back to photography with it :)
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    Olaf W. reacted to LRNT NVLL in No image visible on the screen   
    Great indication !  That was it. There is the "view mode" button on the right side of the viewfinder which I had never seen before. It allows you to switch from one mode to another to select the screen or the viewfinder or both.
    Thank you very much.
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