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  1. Angry photographer Ken Wheeler just did a review on it. Says it is the very best and sharpest ever. Rates it a 10, only complaint is the price he says which is high for Viltrox 469 I believe and Ken said 360 more like it but highly recommended it as perfect.
  2. Yes, We only still shooters need a Fujifilm camera of excellence to call our own. Thanks for your reply Herco.
  3. A truly niche camera would be an X-Pro 4 that has no video features whatsoever, Zero A state of the art stills only camera would be a surprisingly big winner in my view. Why force folks like me to buy hybrids with so many camera models already. Do something really different Fujifilm, Please. Non video users are a part of the market to that no one is catering too.
  4. Autumn by the Lake
  5. Autumn's Last Color Show
  6. The dial around the shutter button will change the shutter speed if I understand your question correctly. It turns both ways easily.
  7. Thanks jerryy. I do visit Fujirumors often which is where I picked up the controversy of the old lenses and new sensor. There is apparent disagreement ojn this topic from members whom seem to know quite a bit about it. Your take surely seems logical .and was very helpful. Regards, GO
  8. A definitive answer to this question would be most appreciated by this amateur. Bought a used X- H1 and absolutely adore it, wish I never wasted my money on other cameras, including Fujifilm cameras, when finding my ideal. Wish to buy an X-H2 if it has a stills centric rather than video model, but hate to make my older lenses obsolete and start buying new ones, especially where the X-H2 will be in the 2 grand range for sure. How I wish an expert from Fujifilm or the ones on this FujiForum would settle this question in clear not complex techie language for its loyal customers once and for all. Thanks for any help.
  9. Switched to my FujiFilm 18-135 with my new X-H1 toy about a week ago and cannot put it down. What a camera! What a lens. Couldn't be more satisfied. Thanks to Uncle Kenny Wheeler for his accurate reviews of both. "When He Talks, I listen"
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