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  1. Hi, Bought a 70-300 mm Fujifilm zoom a while back on the good review of Dustin Abbot. Couldn't be happier, what a great zoom with super image quality. Good price to for such a capable lens.
  2. Welcome. A wonderful camera is the X-T30 and priced right as well. Made the same move a while back and only negative was getting used to Fujifilm's camera menu. Top notch camera that does everything well. Hope your happy with it.
  3. Fujifilm X-T30 240mm Fujifilm70-300 F/5.6 ISO 400 1-1000 sec No Flash
  4. Fujifilm X-T30 ISO-160 F-Stop f 5.6 Exposure time 1/250sec
  5. Fujifilm X-T30 200mm F4.8 1/1000 Fujifilm 70-300mm
  6. Hi, would like to ask the forum about the memory cards recommended for Fujifilm cameras as listed on the forum. I am often puzzled as to the list pointing to a specific size such as 128 GB. Would that mean one should not buy a smaller 64GB or 32GB or a 256 by the same manufacturer with the same specs listed? Wouldn't they all be the same quality. Thanks anyone
  7. I am the happy owner of all three. Landscape is what I shoot mostly and if forced to pick just one it would be the 55-200mm. Just appears to give me a slightly greater number of nice looking images than the others. Nice and sharp for a zoom as well.
  8. Sure looks and sounds like a winner. Wish it was just a longer range when using it as a prime. Great video about it from Fujifilm posted on Fuji Rumors. Fantastic images
  9. I think he influences a lot more than nobody as Ken has well over a quarter of a million subscribers. Not a statistic that says he is correct in all his views, but he certainly has a large audience that choose freely to listen to them. Regards, GO
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