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  1. Sure looks and sounds like a winner. Wish it was just a longer range when using it as a prime. Great video about it from Fujifilm posted on Fuji Rumors. Fantastic images
  2. I think he influences a lot more than nobody as Ken has well over a quarter of a million subscribers. Not a statistic that says he is correct in all his views, but he certainly has a large audience that choose freely to listen to them. Regards, GO
  3. You missed the point entirely on the image quality. It is also obvious from your tone that you are not a fan of Ken. No problem, he is quite controversial but a great admirer of Fujifilm products, except for this camera and a few other items. I'm glad your happy with your camera, it was a great disappointment to me. Not because it is a bad camera but a departure, in my view, from the XH-1 form factor and quality which is my favorite camera so far. I was holding out hope for the next model due in Sept but as Ken mentioned it has already been anounced it will have the same body, perhaps the new sensor will make it more to my liking. Regards, GO
  4. Isn't that a lot like two folks who bought the same car stating how much they love it? Thee video was addressed to folks thinking of buying it. You gents saw features you liked and bought the camera. Glad it is to your liking. Someone like me finds it lacking and wanting and will not buy it. No big deal.
  5. Hi Patr, I'm sure its a cracking camera but as Ken would say "Compared to what?' That what he claimed, the image was no better or worse than previous much less expensive models. Regards, GO
  6. In your first comment you have misunderstood my reply to another member. In the second you seen not to be aware that Ken addressed the issues which matter to you in the video. As to Ken and his personality, many folks don't like his style, nothing wrong with that. We are all different in our likes and dislikes.. Regards, GO
  7. I get your drift but I find a world where only my opinion has any worth a bit one sided should I say? Regards, GO
  8. It's all about what you expect for the presentation of a Flagship 2500 dollar camera and the attitude of the manufacturer towards their customer. You are oversimplifying his take on the camera by pointing to just one of his points. You also missed his point entirely on the charger as well. Regards, GO
  9. Ken owns every Fujifilm camera and most of the lenses including the Medium format line, if you wish to consider # of cameras owned as a guidepost to expertise. You have a different view than Ken on the camera and I'm glad your happy with it. Regards, GO
  10. I get your drift, but my posting was about his view of the X-H2s, not his views on the merits of Einstein vs Tesla. Personally. I only find his camera and lens reviews to be spot on. Regards, GO
  11. Understood. There are so many facets to a new camera that it is bound to create much different opinions, especially when it comes to what was added and deleted over prior models. Glad your enjoying your H2s, that is really what it is all about, enjoying our hobby no matter what our taste differences., Thanks again and regards, GO
  12. Ken can get a bit long winded but he gets his points across. The concerns that he has which you consider trivial are important to me and obviously Ken as well. His take on no better or worse image quality, murky he and others called it was most important in my view I am an X-H1 owner and adore the camera and its build quality so no doubt I am a bit prejudiced, but I really expect much more from a 2500 dollar flagship over two years in the making Greybeard.. Thanks for your input. Regards, GO
  13. Yes, the world will continue to spin. Thanks for your input. Regards, GO
  14. Ken Wheeler also known as the Angry Photographer has just posted a scathing review of the X-H2s. Politely claims it is a piece of junk and not worth the money. He is a well known Fujifilm fanboy, which makes his review one to be taken seriously. Comments on his take welomed I have already drawn pretty much the same conclusion about it.
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