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  1. Thanks Jerry.......I live near NCR Trail and Conowingo.......vultures everywhere!
  2. low light high ISO, best I could get.
  3. I agree, I just purchased one about a month ago and I find it to be superb. Even better than my 70-300.....which is also pretty darn good.
  4. I bought this lens new last year and mine has never come off.....maybe I'm just lucky.
  5. playing around with ND filters, Indian River, DE
  6. eagle was backlit with intense sunlight, waited a bit for him to take off
  7. sort of astro.........screwing around with my new 8mm, the stars are starting to trail, thought the tree was cool at night
  8. Hawk in the snow. X-T5 70-300.
  9. Photo I took right before above, less cropped.
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