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  1. Make sure you have Setup => Button/Dial Settings => Shoot Without Lens => On I believe the greyed out settings in the Mount Adapter Settings only apply when using the Fuji M Mount Adapter. (But its worth setting the focal length as it affects the auto ISO settings when Min Shutter Speed is set to Auto)
  2. Sounds like you have Image Display set to Continuous Set Up Menu => Screen Setting => Image Disp.
  3. This is true for the X-T30 as well - it has been discussed frequently on various forums - nobody has a reason - its just the way it is
  4. The problem (at least for me) has always been to get my head around the fact that the Q Menu and the Custom Settings are different concepts. Just because you can see some of the Custom Settings in the Q Menu does not mean they are the same thing.
  5. Is this X-T2? Are you shooting in raw (or raw + jpg on separate cards)? In order to zoom in further the camera needs the fine jpg. Shoot raw + fine jpg on the same card (or use separate cards and switch to the jpg when you preview)
  6. Did you have it set in Boost mode?
  7. Don't forget the short cut to the format menu by long pressing the delete button and pressing the rear command dial
  8. There is no X-T30 forum
  9. This was something that bothered me as well. The sensor scan rate should be the same for both mechanical and electronic shutters - its a function of the sensor and not how its exposed. The difference is that with ES the sensor is exposed to light for the entire scan whereas with MS the shutter blades control the length of exposure. With MS the scan process can continue even though the sensor is no longer exposed to light Both ES and MS must introduce distortion (due to the sensor being unevenly exposed) but ES distortion is greater than MS because the scan rate is slower than the focal plane shutter speed. If anyone has a link to a knowledgeable article on this entire subject it would be appreciated.
  10. More information please. Do you mean the dng file is black and white? What makes you think its black and white? Are you looking at the embedded jpeg? Did you shoot in a B&W film simulation?
  11. Have you tried Lossless Compressed under IQ=>Raw Recording in the menu?
  12. You are probably in AF-S mode - turn the dial on the front of the camera to AF-C if you want to avoid this happening.
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