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  1. Here is the list of compatible cameras: https://fujifilm-x.com/en-gb/support/compatibility/software/x-raw-studio/
  2. The Command dial "3" option works in exactly the same way as options "1" and "2" - assuming you have all three options set up then you toggle between them by touching the front command dial. If this isn't working for you then my guess is that your third option isn't consistent with your other settings - perhaps you have Exposure Compensation as option "3" but you don't have the Exposure Compensation dial set to "C" (as an example)
  3. Let us know how you get on - I'm using a Canon 200/f2.8 with a Fringer adapter and it works well although there are times when some sort of image stability would be useful.
  4. Yes - my bet is that it will be the phone doing this - it might also have compressed your images (depending on settings) and deleted the metadata so its not an ideal way of doing things.
  5. Its doubtful that the camera is doing this. More likely the software you are using to move or process the files.
  6. As Wolvesgang said can you post links to the originals? Its impossible to tell anything from these low res images.
  7. Which AF Mode are you using? Menu: AF/MF Setting => AF Mode SINGLE POINT should allow you to move the point with the joystick (unless, as Olaf says, it has detected faces and you have face detection on). If AF mode is set to ALL in the Menu then you can select which specific mode to use by touching the joystick once briefly and rotating the rear command dial.
  8. Most image viewers will show you the jpeg (Faststone etc.) - its a medium size, normal quality jpeg. If you are interested to see the raw data this will create three files : https://greybeard.org.uk/hdrextract/
  9. Are you sure you have Face Detection set in the Movie menu rather than the AF menu?
  10. It would appear that the HDR RAF file contains a JPEG, one set of EXIF metadata and three sets of the RAW CFA data - presumably from the three bracketed images taken by the camera. I would assume that Adobe have not changed Lightroom to process and combine the three separate raw images.
  11. You can, however, add the face selection options to the Q menu
  12. The name isn't stored with the metadata. I suppose you could look for a combination of settings in the EXIF and reverse engineer to get you name but not ideal.
  13. I guess they are worried that you might corrupt the filesystem when you delete images in a computer - the filesystems used on these cards are not as reliable as filesystems normally used on a computer. A lot of people are reluctant to delete files even using the camera. If you do this it would be good practice to make sure all your images are backed up. It would also be good practice to regularly move all your images off the card and format it.
  14. Not any of the Fuji cameras I've used - does the Leica let you do that?
  15. I don't think so - the variable aperture is just a physical limit of the lens when wide open. If you set a specific manual aperture you'd want it to stay the same (if possible) across the zoom range.
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