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  1. The manual is available online as pdf or html - also has the new features added by firmware that wouldn't have been available with the original manual https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-pro3/?_ga=2.179408423.2043135253.1668879588-1483796254.1656574248 anything you would need from a CD-ROM would also be available on the Fujifilm web site to download
  2. Was the camera purchased from a Fujifilm authorised retailer? In the UK the situation is a bit ambiguous - it doesn't specifically say if grey imports will be accepted for paid repair: For products that are under warranty - Many countries have different warranty terms therefore we would review all warranty claims on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our support team on 0344 553 2321 or email csd_uk@fujifilm.com and a member of our team will be happy to help. For products outside of warranty - Please visit our website to book a chargeable repair. If your product was found to be purchased from a non-authorised retailer, it may be considered to be a grey import. In these cases, FUJIFILM UK reserve the right to reject the warranty.
  3. Make sure you have Dynamic Range set to DR100 (on the second page of the Image Quality Setting menu)
  4. Check the size of the file - even 4-5 minutes can be over 4GB which is the limit using the cable
  5. The best way to move movies is to use a card reader. There is a limit to the size of file (4GB) that can be moved via cable - you don't say how long those videos are but it could well be the reason you are having problems.
  6. OK fair enough - if you follow the various Fujifilm forums discussion of tilting vs flippy screen is a sensitive subject - people have strong preferences. I like the tilting screen but rarely take selfies or use the camera for Youtube like videos so don't need it to completely rotate.
  7. Wouldn't it have just as easy with the old style (X-T3) tilting screen (without the screen being off to the side of the camera)?
  8. Sounds like you have HDR set https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-t30-2/menu_shooting/shooting_setting/#hdr
  9. Card reader seems to work - no wires and there are plenty of USB-C card readers that would work with Thunderbolt. If you mean using wi-fi then its pretty limited.
  10. I was going to try and help - but too late it seems
  11. Sparrows are small and erratic and fly against difficult backgrounds - I've been OK with gulls flying against a background of sky or water.
  12. I don't understand the big deal about this - ISO can be assigned to the dpad - press up and ISO goes up - press down and ISO goes down - it shows in the EVF but it doesn't fill the EVF and disappears as soon as the change has been made.
  13. Are you current with firmware updates? When you use the card reader what size is the file on the card (using Finder on the Mac)?
  14. You need to use a card reader to transfer files over 4GB - there is a size limit when you connect camera to computer via cable
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