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  1. There is no X-T30 forum
  2. This was something that bothered me as well. The sensor scan rate should be the same for both mechanical and electronic shutters - its a function of the sensor and not how its exposed. The difference is that with ES the sensor is exposed to light for the entire scan whereas with MS the shutter blades control the length of exposure. With MS the scan process can continue even though the sensor is no longer exposed to light Both ES and MS must introduce distortion (due to the sensor being unevenly exposed) but ES distortion is greater than MS because the scan rate is slower than the focal plane shutter speed. If anyone has a link to a knowledgeable article on this entire subject it would be appreciated.
  3. More information please. Do you mean the dng file is black and white? What makes you think its black and white? Are you looking at the embedded jpeg? Did you shoot in a B&W film simulation?
  4. Have you tried Lossless Compressed under IQ=>Raw Recording in the menu?
  5. You are probably in AF-S mode - turn the dial on the front of the camera to AF-C if you want to avoid this happening.
  6. Not sure I'd bother with the exchange (as long as it seems otherwise perfect) but I'd be a bit irritated. No cover for hotshoe. No charger (but I already had one).
  7. Well its certainly good practice to reformat the card for your new camera. Did you check that the card was completely blank using a computer? I just tried the site in your link and it seems to pick up the expected Image Count therefore maybe 6 shots were taken before you got the camera. My X-T30 had an image count of 1 for the first photo.
  8. My first frame from the X-T30 was DSCF0001. I'd recommend using Exiftool to check the image count from exif. Or this site is reliable (the tag you are looking for is Image Count) http://exif.regex.info/exif.cgi
  9. Yes - if you choose a low Tracking Sensitivity it won't switch immediately - but in general if you use zone then you need to keep the subject in the zone
  10. Have you tried removing the battery?
  11. That depends on your AF Custom Setting - Tracking Sensitivity controls how long the camera takes to switch to a different subject within the zone. But eventually if you are using AF-C and the subject is not in the zone then the camera will switch and focus on something else.
  12. It isn't clear exactly what the question is Can you be more explicit as to what settings you are using and what you are trying to achieve? Normally when you focus and recompose (either using AF-S or back button focussing) the focus doesn't change - that is the whole point of focus and recompose.
  13. I'm still using the v3 PD anchors - perfect condition and work well
  14. Assuming you don't mean in the middle of a burst (in which case its the buffer full) then do you have the camera in boost mode?
  15. Look in the menu under ISO. Auto ISO and movie ISO are both limited to 6400 but you should be able to change ISO manually to 12800 unless you are in one of the special modes.
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