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    I’m looking for a black Fuji XF10 (black). …shipping to Toronto, Ontario Canada. Many Thanks!


  2. Have you tried formatting the SD card in camera?
  3. Has anyone used the OWC Atlas Pro 128GB SDXC UHS-II (V60 & V90) SD Cards with their Fujifilm cameras? https://www.owc.com/solutions/atlas-pro-sd-cards OWC is a solid company, however, relatively new to SD Cards. They may not have the reputation (yet?) that a company like Sandisk or Sony does when it comes to SD cards, but they are a solid leader when it comes to computer peripherals, memory and storage. The performance & price point of their SD cards make a very interesting option. What do you think?
  4. The seller sent me a screenshot of the JPEG EXIF information report… 30,000 shutter count/actuations is what was reported. …see attached No mention if it was mechanical or electronic. The seller did indicate that he used a mix of mechanical and electronic.
  5. Looking for some advice. I have the opportunity to buy a X-H1 with 30,000 actuations/shutter count. Cosmetically, the camera looks almost new. The seller reports absolutely no issues with the camera, that it’s been used primarily in studio. Should I be concerned about the actuations/shutter count? …is 30,000 too high? Many Thanks!
  6. Use a good quality USB cable that is capable of data. …do not use a USB charging only cable (does not pass data) For best performance, the manufacturer recommends that you plug the USB cable directly into the computer. Plugging it into a USB hub that is used with other devices may cause signal degradation or interference. Personally, I prefer Anker brand USB cables. …I have also found that AmazonBasics USB cables are very good. I believe that you need a USB-C to Micro USB cable for the X100S/iMac connection Hope this helps.
  7. May still be a cable issue or a connector issue. I’ve experienced similar issues myself. I would still try another data cable. You should also try another USB port on your computer. …make sure all your USB ports are free of dust or any foreign matter (use a flashlight and check them) If you’re using a Windows based computer, try running a Windows Update. Make sure that the USB device (camera) is a trusted device (usually an option when you plug in a USB device). If it’s still an issue, try connecting your camera to a different computer (if that’s an option).
  8. Sounds like your USB cable is a charge cable and not a data cable.
  9. I’d like to see it make a comeback or for the admins to start a new ‘For Sale’ section.
  10. The XF 18-135 is my go to travel lens. It’s not too heavy, not too big and a great has a range from wide to zoom.
  11. Send the camera body in for repairs. …or (as previously mentioned) buy a new camera body
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