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  1. And do you get the problem writing to both of the cards? And both of the card slots?
  2. That is one of the reasons I always buy new - you never know what previous owners have done - just sold on my X-T3 in perfect condition - completely reliable since being bought on release date.
  3. Can you link to sample files (both shots)? (The settings are stored in the EXIF metadata)
  4. I have used UHS-II in one slot of the X-T3 and UHS-I in the other but shoot in sequential mode so the UHS-I would only be used if the first slot fills. If you shoot in backup mode the camera will write at the speed of the slower card.
  5. He is probably shooting in raw - that way he can shoot in black and white and then convert the raw to whatever he likes.
  6. The Shutter Count tag used by the online viewers doesn't exist in files from the X-T100 and X-T200 - I don't know of any way of getting shutter count from those cameras. (Not to say there isn't some way to get the shutter count from these cameras - but if there is I can't find it - if you discover something please post here)
  7. The Shutter Count tag used by the online viewers doesn't exist in files from the X-T100 and X-T200 - I don't know of any way of getting shutter count from those cameras.
  8. I have no insight whatsoever - but I wouldn't bet on the X-H2R using the CF Express card. - the X-H2S is built for speed and would get greater benefit from the much faster card.
  9. That sounds like you have imported jpg only - LR will only be able to develop the complete set of profiles from a raw file
  10. Can you find somewhere to try holding the cameras? They are quite different in size and layout and that might help you make up your mind. The X-E4 with the 27mm lens is very small and easier to carry around.
  11. You are probably shooting at 200 Mbits/second and copying the video file from camera to Mac via USB cable. There is a 4GB limit copying files to the Mac using a cable. The solution is to use a card reader attached to the computer.
  12. I doubt it - it probably needs the faster processor - more likely to wait and implement in the X-T5
  13. I don't have any opinion of DNG vs TIFF - its just that the Adobe DNG Converter is always a good (free) option for converting just about any raw format to DNG and the seem to keep it up to date - while others - especially Apple don't.
  14. I've not seen anyone develop an app which would convert compressed to uncompressed (and I have looked). The other alternative would be to convert to DNG rather than TIFF using the free Adobe DNG converter (but they would be larger). It's a shame that FujiFilm haven't published the compressed format to make it easy for third parties to uncompress their RAF files - or provided their own utility .
  15. Well - yes - there is a lock function that would do this - but it would have been difficult to do it by mistake: https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-t4/menu_setup/button-dial_setting/index.html#lock
  16. Is there a reason to not just set this on and forget about it? I rarely use third party lenses without an intelligent adapter but on my X series cameras I always have this setting on.
  17. Face/Eye detection on
  18. It should - but is it? Have you confirmed that it works this way?
  19. I've never noticed that 'exp compensation when in M mode' option before - and it doesn't work for me either. When in M mode and you have a specific ISO setting then you get the Film Simulation using the dial - which sort of makes sense as you wouldn't want exposure compensation to work when you have set Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO. But when in M mode and using auto ISO the dial doesn't seem to do anything - I was expecting it to adjust the ISO but it doesn't. Maybe someone else has found the answer.
  20. Most likely you have accidentally set the camera for taking multiple images: https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-t4/taking_photo/multi-exp/index.html If you have to press the Menu/OK button to continue then you are likely to have Image Display in Continuous mode: https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-t4/menu_setup/screen_set-up/index.html#image_disp
  21. Ignore this comment - the forum wouldn't let me edit or delete it - I missed the key part of your heading when you mentioned Capture One. Did you shoot raw+jpg maybe and load the jpg into Capture One?
  22. You're going to have to give us some more information. What do you mean by "upload from card" and "show as jpgs"? If you are using a computer and copy the RAF files (using a card reader) from card to computer and then access those files with a program that can read Fujifilm raw files (such as Lightroom) then the image you see will be converted from raw.
  23. If there are a lot of files you could also use the free Fujifilm X Raw Studio to control the re-processing from a computer
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