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  1. I have both the X-T3 and the X-S10 - started with Fujifilm with the X-T2 and part exchanged it for the X-T3 - I find both the X-T3 and the X-S10 AF performance about the same.
  2. I migrated from X-T2 to X-T3 (and now mostly use the X-S10)- the AF was a big part of the decision to move away from the X-T2 - especially for tracking moving subjects.
  3. I think shutter count is useful if you have always owned the camera - it’s not 100% trustworthy if you are buying a secondhand camera. as you say the X100 series does things differently but I’ve never had one of those cameras and don’t know how reliable the shutter count would be.
  4. Looks good to me - maybe its how you are viewing the image. I notice that your link shows a low res version until you click on the show full resolution message. Try downloading the full resolution image and viewing it - maybe try a viewer such as FastStone if the default Windows viewer is giving you problems.
  5. No that’s not correct - I think the rumour started because the first bit was set out of the factory for cameras before the X-T4 - but all cameras count up to 64K
  6. Do you mean for stills? The value you set is stored in the metadata. You could use this link or download Exiftool and run it from the command line Fujifilm X Series Metadata
  7. Preferably a link to an original SOOC image file so that we can see the settings
  8. I hesitate to give advice about safety but it does tell you in the manual to charge using a cable https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-s10/first_step/battery_charge/
  9. The NP-W126S batteries replaced the original NP-W126 about 5 years - supposedly they manage heat better - especially useful for 4K video. I use an external charger but it's probably more habit than anything else. After taking photos I remove the card and the battery. Stick the battery in a charger and the card in a card reader.
  10. SD card reader - you have hit the limit on transferring with a cable
  11. yes - the clarity function takes significant processor effort
  12. Yes - you right - it happens with firmware v2.0 as well. I just compared X-T3 and X-S10 with a Fujifilm 50mm lens. The X-T3 prefers a minimum of 1/75 (as expected) whereas the X-S10 prefers 1/150.
  13. I think it’s enough just to have the battery in the camera. Maybe the service people do have access to counters that aren’t visible to the rest of us - I somehow doubt it but would be very interested to know if you find out.
  14. Yes - this is almost certainly due to the capacitor - you might try leaving the camera with a fully charged battery and see if that fixes the capacitor problem - otherwise you may have a problem. As far as I know you can't get the shutter count from an X-T3 once it has been reset. Even if it hadn't been reset by the capacitor the shutter count you get from the EXIF won't be reliable with a well used camera - the highest value that it can store is 64K and then it rolls over.
  15. If you can get access to the camera you might check for marks on the sensor - here is an article: https://photographylife.com/how-to-spot-dust-on-your-dslr-sensor I had marks on a X-T30 sensor that I couldn't remove with a cleaning kit
  16. If you want to see the camera slots change the Connection Setting/PC Connection Mode to USB Card Reader You have it currently set to USB RAW CONV./BACKUP RESTORE https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-pro2/menu_setup/connection_setting/index.html#pc_connection_mode
  17. The most you can do is to run reset in the User Menu: https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-pro2/menu_setup/user_setting/index.html#reset You can't reset firmware I don't have an X-Pro2 but the PC view you are seeing would seem to be the default - what were you expecting?
  18. It should only change when you exposure is outside the auto ISO range you have set. If it isn't zero then the camera thinks you will under or overexpose if you take the picture.
  19. I don't think its possible to disable the setting of the orientation flag (at least not on any X series camera I've used). Your Exiftool solution seems reasonable - you could just apply the command to all images as part of the pipeline - you don't have to worry about what the current setting of the flag is - Exiftool can figure that out and only make the change if necessary.
  20. This is strange - I don't have an X100V to test - but for the X-T3 the image width and height do not change when orientation changes - this is true for both JPG and RAF. Do you have sample files?
  21. Are you in full Auto mode?
  22. You probably have the Clarity setting on
  23. Select a different drive setting such as Still Image or Continuous. The HDR options are only going to be in effect if you choose HDR.
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