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  1. Interesting - thanks for posting this
  2. Keep scrolling down - connection settings are in the sub-menu accessed using the symbol with the double arrows underneath the spanner.
  3. If you long press the disp/back button you should see which function is associated with each of the buttons - scroll down and see if Q is associated with Q
  4. Which lens? There has been comment that its not supported by XC lenses - but I don't have one so can't confirm
  5. I don't have the Atomos Ninja V - but does it record in F-LOG? This would override any film simulation.
  6. This is about a limit of 4GB (binary GB) in transferring using the cable - as you have noted the workaround is to use a card reader. Its not clear if this is a FujiFilm issue or an Apple issue - or both. FujiFilm could do a better job of making this well known as it just happens without any error message and it isn't obvious it has happened until you try and run the chopped file (or look at the size).
  7. Hmm - I used to have the original X-T30 and X-T3 - and as you say you get extra features with the X-T3 versus portability. If things like weather sealing, two card slots, better viewfinder and tilting screen are priorities go with the X-T3 - but if you want something that is almost pocketable (at least with lenses like the 27mm) go with the X-T30 II - they are both good cameras. The X-T30 II also has the complete auto function that is handy if you are lending the camera to someone else who hasn't had time to learn the controls.
  8. Do I have a defective firmware ? No - you just have an old camera - Color Chrome Effect wasn't introduced until the X-T3
  9. I don't believe it can be done - it doesn't have the counter in the EXIF that other X series cameras have
  10. It doesn't work like this on the X-S10 or X-H2S - if you set a single ISO when not in one of the C1 settings it will switch to whatever ISO was set in C1 (including Auto ISO)
  11. No - switching to a UHS-II card won't make a difference - its the processing time that causes the lag when using some of the Advanced Filters - not the time it takes to write to the card
  12. Have you tried using the Fujifilm X Acquire app? Export the settings from one camera and import to the other. (I don't know for sure this works as I've never had two cameras of the same model to test)
  13. The XT5 images are supported by Lightroom on the iPad - the only place you will see the blank square is when you are importing from the Photos app which doesn't support the XT5. Once the files are imported into Lightroom from Photos you will see them. Apple takes a long time to support new Fujifilm cameras - X-H2 isn't supported yet either (and of course compressed raws aren't supported from any Fujifilm X series camera).
  14. No - this has recently been discussed on a different forum - its not clear what "modes" mean or which of these modes might trigger the action
  15. On the Fujifilm firmware download site there are pdf manuals showing in detail what has changed for each release - they might be helpful in answering your questions
  16. I configure my X-H2S so that the joystick centres the focus point - but I tend to stay in wide/area tracking with subject detection so don’t need quick access to the point/zone size.
  17. https://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-t5/taking_photo/autofocus/index.html#focus-frame perhaps it could have been clearer but it does say "Use the focus stick (focus lever) and rear command dial to choose a focus area." Its quite complicated because you can change the way the focus stick works by changing options in the setup menus.
  18. My opinion (as an amateur) is that the subject detection makes the AF much better than earlier generations of Fujifilm cameras for acquiring and tracking wildlife - but it’s not magic and you still have to put some effort in - especially in those difficult situations like busy backgrounds or erratic creatures. I’m happy with my purchase - it appears well built and isn’t excessively heavy - I walk long distances with camera and a converted Canon 200/2.8. The overall speed and AF detection means I get shots I wouldn’t have in the past.
  19. The latest firmware (released today) seems to have fixed the problem
  20. The camera is probably in full Auto - turn the switch next to the shutter speed dial away from the Auto setting and those menu items should appear.
  21. You can update firmware by transferring it from computer to SD card and using the card in the camera. On most recent Fujifilm cameras you can also update using a smartphone (not specifically sure about X-T2)
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