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  1. I'm a general photographer meaning I generally shoot whatever I see that's interesting except weddings. Don't do those anymore. I own 14 Fuji and non fuji lenses and the one's I use most are the 10-24 (OIS), 16-55 F2.8, 70-300 (+1.4TC), and the 150-600. Those cover everything I do, the other lenses I've paired up with the various fuji cameras I've owned that the lenses they're paired with were developed together.
  2. Red-tailed Hawk preening. X-H2S, 150-600.
  3. Corvalis, OR. X-T10, 16mm F2.8.
  4. Corvalis, Oregon. X-T10, 16 mm F2.8.
  5. On The Beach In Fog. X-H2s, 70-300+1.4TC, Acros+R, slight grain added.
  6. I've been using my X-H2S for several weeks now and have had very little luck getting it to lock on and focus for BIF (Birds In Flight). It does a fair job of locking onto a sitting bird but absolutely will not recognize a small (think sparrow size and smaller) BIF. Yes I'm using the bird and subject recognition features but other than large slow moving birds I've got zero BIF images. I'm using the X-H2s with the Fuji 70-300 and sometimes the 1.4TC and am curious to know what settings those of you who have attained usable images of BIF are using so please share. I'm not going to list mine now as I'd like to know what others are using first then do a comparison. Please let me know your settings and lens used. Thanks!
  7. Great Egret With Nosh, X-H2S, 70-300+1.4TC.
  8. Great Blue Heron, X-H2s, 70-300+1.4TC. As a rule I don't like bird photos in B&W but this Oregon coast day was so gray and dreary very little color showed up so I went with B&W minimalism.
  9. B&W of driftwood on Yachats, Oregon beach. X-T1, 10-24.
  10. I've been on the fence about the X-H2s primarily due to price. I preordered the 150-600 and cancelled the order because I wasn't seeing any wildlife (primarily birds) photos that I thought were any better than what my X-H1 and 70-300+1.4TC are producing. Perhaps my success rate of BIF and the ability to zoom in closer would have made photographing birds a little easier but shelling out $4,500 for the out fit is a little too much for a retired hobbyist on a fixed income. I've decided to see what the 40mp model will do with the sharp Fuji lenses I've acquired and specifically an X-T5 which should be a little less expensive.
  11. Black-headed Grosbeak 1st winter. H-H1, 70-300+1.4TC.
  12. Douglas's Squirrel, X-H1, 100-400.
  13. I agree with the X-E1 there's magic in that camera and if you like that analog look go for the X-P1. If you want to go fixed lens the X-100s is a consideration.
  14. X-H1, 16-55 F2.8.
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