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Found 13 results

  1. Adobe released their latest version of LR and ACR today. I noticed this in the "what's new": Need to try it and see. This has been a very slow process for me at least. Hope it's faster now. Source: http://www.lightroomqueen.com/whats-new-in-lightroom-cc-2015-6-and-lightroom-6-6/
  2. A couple of days ago, Adobe released Lightroom Mobile for IOS 2.4. Big new feature is a technology preview that allows for importing, organizing, reviewing and editing of RAW-images, including RAF from the Fuji-cameras. And the really great feature is that all the photos you add to lightroom mobile will be uploaded to Creative Cloud and automatically added to your "Lightroom Desktop". I think this can be the start of a very efficient workflow when travelling light. What do you think? If anyone is interested in more details, I've written a short post about my experience so far.
  3. Hi Guys, I understand most of the discussions here are on RAW post processing. How about the Jpegs? I really love the colors I am getting from the jpegs and with the highlight tone ,shadow and DR settings of the X-pro2, I really don't need to use RAW. Except for when I am in a rush, the scene is challenging and I don't have time to meddle with the settings. Anyways, my question is, when you edit your jpegs in Lightroom /photoshop- more like retouching, cropping , minor contrast/exposure adjustments, what settings do you export your jpeg as? quality at 100% ? I'm thinking jpeg's already had compression, exporting at lower than 100% will lead to even further reduction of quality? How about sharpening? JPEG files starigh out of camera should have had decent amount of sharpening so I figured it should be zero (unless you want that really sharp look) With RAW source files i usually export to JPEG at 76% with DPI of 300 and Standard Sharpening. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi all, Behind the intentionally provocative title lies a genuine frustration of mine, which is the following: I have a Nikon kit, and a Fuji X-Pro1-based kit. I use Lightroom (5.7) to develop my Fuji RAWs. Because of the whole Adobe extort subscription scheme, I had to quit using Camera RAW to develop my Nikon RAWs, and so I also use Lightroom for those. Now, when I process a Nikon RAW, Lightroom gives me, in the Lens Corrections tab, the option to apply corrections based on the lens that was used to take the picture: This is true for Nikkor lenses, but also for compatible thirs-party lenses such as the MF Zeiss I use. I can "Enable profile corrections" or not, or only some of them. For example, for a given photo, I may choose to leave vignetting correction alone because I find it nice to keep the vignetting, or some degree of it. Now, when I process a Fuji RAW, I don't have that option. When I try to to to the same tab, this is what I see: I understand that the lens corrections are "built into"... the Lightroom software itself? the RAW file? Well, they're built into something anyway, and applied automatically. Good. One less thing to do. Yes, except that one of the reasons we guys use Fuji X bodies is because we like to retain as much control as possible, if and when we want to apply it, and the ability to do everything manually every once in a while if we feel like it. In fact, we don't mind being given more control. Right? On another forum, I was told by very knowlegeable people that it was not Fuji's fault, but Adobe's choice, and that they do that for all mirrorless cameras. I wonder why, and I wonder if there are other X users like me, who'd like to simply have the choice: . either to have corrections applied automatically "in the black box" to their photos, . or to select manually which corrections should be applied, to what extent, with the ability to assess the effect in real time as the correction is applied and adjusted, just like what happens with DSLR RAWs. This forum (and Patrick's great rumor site) is apparently listened to by Fuji, and if Fuji could be persuaded that the way Adobe are doing it doesn't make much sense compared to the way Lightroom handles DSLR RAWs, then maybe Fuji could help convince Adobe to change policy... What do you think?
  5. Here's a comparison test between two CFA with new Adobe method. Sorry, written in hungarian, but click to pictures bravely And a previous test: old Adobe X-Trans method vs new one.
  6. I recently purchased the Fujifilm Tether Shooting Plug-in for Mac, from Adobe website, redirecting to fujifilm website for downloading. Problem is that the download file is .exe, which obviously don´t work on Mac. I can´t find the download for mac, even though it says that the download is for mac. Adobe custum service sucks! Can´t get in contact thorugh chat, so I desperately ask you guys if you know what to do. The plug-in file is called FUJI_PLUGIN.pkg. http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/hsv5/plugin_01/ http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/hsv5/plugin_01/download.html Kind reagards Leidolv
  7. Hello, My RAW files are not being recognized in Lightroom Classic - I've updated it to the latest version but only the jpegs are being recognized. Am I missing something? When I go to import a download (I generally shoot in Acros B/W jpeg + RAW) the RAW files get rejected as not importable? Thank you, Anthony
  8. I just want to make sure I'm doing this correctly and getting everything I can out of this software. Having to purchase an extra plugin and opening different windows just to take a picture makes this feel like something's not right. I did watch the instructional video but it sort of stops right at the point where you start using the software. I guess aside from the tether program acting completely disconnected from Lightroom, I can't get focus to work. I'm on LR CC and have purchased the Fuji Tether Plugin Pro v 1.602. My XT-2 is on FW 2.10. I open LR and start a new tethered session; File > Tethered Capture > Start new Tethered Capture. I get a control window that pops up once it recognizes my camera and I can take pictures with the 'shutter' button. These photos show up in my Library in LR. I can also go to my menu bar and select Show Fuji Tether Plugin Pro. This brings up a window which, by default, is on Camera (USB) on the left and Preview on the right. This view does absolutely nothing. I can select PC from the menu on the left which also at first does nothing until I select LIVE VIEW on the right. Now I can see my camera and make some exposure adjustments. So, when I want to view what my camera sees, I should not use the menu that says Camera and instead use PC. What It seems I can not do is use the AF/MF Settings. Once I turn on Focus Area, I can click in my frame to designate a focus area but that doesn't actually tell my camera to focus. When I click on my shutter button, nothing happens. I can not take a picture with the AF/MF Settings turned on. In the Preferences for Fuji Tethered Plugin Pro, there's an option to "Specify action of clicking on the Live View window". The options are Move Focus Area, Instant AF, and Instant AF and Shoot. The first one is the only one that results in a proper action. If I exit out of the Fuji Tethered Plugin Pro and just use the built in LR capture tool, my camera will focus as expected. Please let me know what things I'm getting wrong. All I want to do is see a large view of my subject, click to focus, and take a picture. I've spent too much time and money trying to make this work.
  9. Hi there! I'm new to fuji and this is my first post after reading for some weeks in this forum. My brand new xt2 has arrived and is going to replace my broken pentax k5. I am very interested in mobile raw processing workflows, since iOS 10 and the newest lightroom mobile seemed to make a bis step in the right direction. I was following the tutorial of Elia Locardi on Petapixel, and I think I would be happy with this workflow (and even consider to buy an iPad pro), if it would work! http://petapixel.com/2016/09/01/pro-photographers-raw-workflow-lightroom-mobile/ But there is one thing that seems not to work as shown in the tutorial. And I can't figure out why: On my iPad Air 2 (and as well as on my iPhone 7) I am able to import the RAW files from the xt2 via the SD-lighting-adapter. But during the import (and in the photos app as well) iOS does not show/preview the pictures. As soon as they are imported from photos app to lightroom mobile, everything seems to works fine. But without seeing which files I am importing to the iPad the whole workflow is ridiculous. A bit to much being in the dark, at least for my taste. Does anyone have a good idea why it dies works as the video suggests? Matthias
  10. I have a Lightroom subscription and have been ysing it for a while now, however the RAF didn’t seem very good, certainly no where as good as jpegs..then i tried to use enhance details and found almost no difference and in some cases a much smoother image as if it got compressed...i shifted to capture one pro 12 and that thing doesn’t even recognize any photos on my laptop when i try to import...can someone please help me, I’m feeling hopeless 🤕
  11. PLEASE DISREGARD. FIXED WITH A REBOOT. Sorry I can't see how to cancel this post. I have to use Lightroom Classic for a course. I am importing RAF files into LR from my XT3. The problem is a current assignment requires me to adjust the WB in LR using the various settings. But the only options I can see are As shot, Auto, and Custom. The other 6 or so options like Cloudy are not displayed as an option. I read that if you are processing jpgs or TIFFS then only As shot, Auto, and Custom are available in LR. I am wondering if the Fuji RAF file format is seen by LR in a similar manner to a TIFF or jpeg (even though it is a raw file). I am wondering if any other Fuji users have experienced this problem with LR classic (current release).
  12. I'm new to the fuji system and just wanted to get some input on which software does the best job.
  13. I just can't image how some people claim that the newest Lightroom version CC 2015 1.1 is doing a better job with Xtrans RAF files then before. I did make some test images today, specifically looking for the "foliage watercolor problem" to see if anything has become better with this latest Lightroom update. Just take a look at this 2 photos and look at the smearing and watercolor in the foliage. It is just looking very bad (in my opinion...) https://www.dropbox.com/s/235o9vagw51o6nz/01.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/vmdt8thlz01m9yu/02.jpg?dl=0 Crops from these 2 pictures with watercolor/smearing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9gek02xc080w64h/crop01.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/yx4krq52qgsaaht/crop02.jpg?dl=0 I personally can't image anybody being happy with Xtrans RAF files being edited in Lightroom. These same images look a lot better in Capture One, where the smearing and watercoloring is gone! I find the combination Xtrans/LIghtroom totally useless. I wonder if anyone that is using this combination can show me an image with foliage without this terrible smearing/watercolor effect? I believe it is not possible... I really like the Fuji x cameras, I have an X100s, X-E2, 14/2.8, 35/1.4 and 60/2.4. I am a professional wedding photographer and I always work with Canon EOS 5D camera's and I still do today. I use the Fuji set as my lightweight everyday/travel set. But... I am now close to the point of selling my Fuji stuff. Okay, in Capture One this smearing of foliage is gone, but there are other problems instaed. I don't like the way Capture One is rendering the skin tones from RAF files, these are much more red compared to the great skintones in the OOC jpegs and the skintones in Lightroom. I also don't like the UI from Capture One and the fact that I have to buy and learn antoher raw converter because of this Xtrans sensor problems... (althought a lot of people cal it an Adobe problem, but I am not totally convinced about that). Any people here to share my thoughts? Or thinking about selling their Fuji's because of this?
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