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Found 16 results

  1. First batch of street photos I've created since moving over from Nikon. Really enjoying the X-T10 for street and it's an absolute world of difference from running around with a bulky and attention-drawing DSLR. Am also having a ton of fun discovering what the X-Trans sensor looks like, particularly at night with artificial light at high ISO. There's something about the RAW files and what you can do with them, they feel so different. Photos below were taken in Newport, Wales - Montreal, Canada - Vienna, Austria - and Toronto, Canada with the X-T10 and either the XF 23mm f1.4 or XF 35mm f2.0.
  2. Hello, Fuji people! I hope this is the right place to ask, since it's a subjective question... For the time being I have the Fuji X-T10, 18-55/2.8-4 kit lens and the XF18/2. I'd like to get the 23 and 56 in the future, probably SH as the prices for new lenses are quite high. I also intend to use the kit for event photography (weddings mainly). My question is, should I get the 23/1.4 or the X100s instead? I know I'd be losing 1 stop of light (and get less OOF backgrounds) and probably some speed, but taking into account that I only have one body (+ a pentax k3 as secondary camera ) I reckon I'd lose a lot less time putting the x100 and firing than switching lenses. Besides, I would get another camera (with a great lens as I hear) for the price of a single lens... I'd love to hear your opinions, as subjective as they are. Thank you! alin (I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong section... couldn't decide whether to start the topic here or in the photo forum)
  3. Hi, New to the forum and new to Fuji! I have recently purchased an XT10 which, after only a couple of outings i am really happy with. It was (and still is) a steep learning curve after shooting Nikon for the last 15 years, but in general really happy with the XT10. One question i do have and i just cannot get my head around is working with RAW files. I am currently running Photoshop CS4 and i have downloaded the Adobe DNG converter. When i go to open a RAF file, they are all greyed out and i just cannot open them. Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone know of a workaround? Many thanks in advance, Lee
  4. Hi there, I'm having a really weird issue with the battery on my X-T10. With a fully charged battery, after shooting a little (30-60 shots), the camera doesn't turn on. If I remove the battery and then I insert it again, the camera turns on again. When I check the battery level it reads fully charged. It keeps doing it. I tried several batteries, original Fuji and other brands with the same issue. Apparently, the same batteries work just fine on my wife's X-T2. Has anyone else had the same problem on the X-T10?
  5. Hi there, i would like some opinions about fuji reliability/durability and real user experience. I'm a brazilian portrait/fashion/editorial photographer and i'm thinking about mirrorless because the weight and portability. I don't need the WR of the XT1. The options are: • Used Fuji XT1 (the seller is the 2nd owner and don't know how much clicks [professional use with weddings] ) + grip + 3 batteries (1124 US) • New Fuji XT10 with 1 year warranty (1124 US) • Used Xpro1 7k clicks (725 US) The Fuji Jpgs are beautiful and the lenses are somewhat affordable and have high quality. The cameras are beautiful too (the xpro is gorgeous). My questions are: • It's dangerous buy used fuji cameras? What about the shutter and price of hardware repair? • Better a xt10 new or a xt1 used? The body quality of the xt1 are really more sturdier?Or it's better the used xpro1 and buy more lenses? • The 16mp APSC would work fine in the fashion industry and with large prints? (I did a lot of research about pro photographers using fuji, but most of them are endorsed) Thank you very much!
  6. Recently bought a Fuji XT10 .I've still got my Nikon D300 and lenses, but wanted something lighter when travelling. Generally I'm highly satisfied - but haven't yet found a good way of handling many hundreds of photos - and I guess I'm missing something. I've discovered how to name photos - even though I don't thik it's in the manual. But the thing I really like on my D300 - and cannot find on my XT10 is a way to creat new folders as I shoot. So I'm in City A - take say 200 photos and they all go into the City A folder Then I go to City B - make a new folder - and the photos go into this new folder. Back to City A - and it's easy to make the City A folder active. and so on for City C,D and etc. So when it comes to processing several thousand picture on my return - I've already got the pictures all in their correct folders. I find the post processing selection much more cumbersome and tedious with my XT10 Anyone got a good solution - or have I just missed how to creat folders - which is really useful for travel photograpghy ? Thanks for any ideas David
  7. From the album: Philippines

    Line to Heaven Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija Philippines

    © Glenn Mendoza

  8. From the album: Philippines

    Dupinga River Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija Philippines

    © Glenn Mendoza

  9. crutonix


    From the album: First Couple Months with the X-T10

    Monochrome simulation with the X-T10 and 35f2. Straight out of camera with no editing.

    © 2016 Mark Likosky

  10. The fuji x T10 is doing well on Amazon.DE it is currently ranking no. 29 (CSC)....thats cool.....wow !
  11. hi fellas, my first post here, yet've been here on multiple occassions. Im about to embark on almost two years bike trip in australia/asia, hence looking for light and solid mirrorless system. basically i was all in for xt1, but the xt10 came and pretty much made some shifts in my mind. my budget is not that big - quite around 2000 gbp - around 3100 usd. opt 1: xt1 with 18-135 35 1.4 samyang 12 mm 2.0 opt 2: xt10 18-55 and 55 - 200 35 1.4 samyang 12 mm 2.0 yes, the weather sealing in xt1 is quite the big deal for my needs - i expect going through monsoon months in asia, than chilly winter in middle east. yet, the reports from older fuji cameras (especially xe2) talks much about how tough are this cameras, even without WR. and the better focal range, as well as aperature points to xt10. can you give me any recomendations? BTW: i posted similar question on dpreview, however the response tended to go away from my concern, as i am fully devoted to use fuji system (many bikepacking, traveling lads made my mind about fuji), so i guess it would be better to ask it here
  12. Hello all, Does some one know what can be the problem? i tried to change buttery, remove the SD card, pressing all buttons and pressing back+turn on to get the firmware screen, but it doesn't turn on... what can i do??? Thank!!!
  13. Hi everyone, Just came across this forum yesterday as I was researching an issue with my XT-10. Here it is... When I turn the camera on the shutter fires three times and the external controls no longer work. The focus, manual and auto no longer work either. Basically it seems like its "brain" has gone haywire. When I turn the camera off, the shutter fires once before the camera turns off. If I switch to auto mode I can get into the menu, but not when it's in manual mode. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Is there possibly a reboot I can do, or as I suspect, I need to get it in to Fuji? (It's still under warranty.) I did buy a new SD card and had put it in the day before the camera broke. I'm traveling in India so I really hope it's not a shotty/fake card that ended up messing up the electronics. Thanks in advance for any ideas and help.
  14. Hello! I’m an X-T10 user looking to upgrade to either Jen X-H1, X-T2 or the rumoured X-T3. I’m mainly a nature and landscape/travel photographer with a little video as well I have then XF 18-55, the XF 35mm F2 and the XF 55-200mm I was wondering whether you think it’s worth going straight to the X-H1 and bypassing the X-T series? Thanks in advance guys
  15. I'm just new member of fuji-x-forum. I want to share some of my shots taken in Switzerland that I called Bus window project. All photos in this project, I've taken from bus window while it's running. So I used hyperfocal distance at f8-11 with high speed shutter(500+) for testing fujifilm mirorless camera performance(speed, focus and high iso). Cameras: X-T10 & X70 trip-2016-switzerland-x70-160413-00174_lr_full by Wanderer Bear trip-2016-switzerland-x70-160419-01397_lr_full by Wanderer Bear trip-2016-switzerland-x70-160419-01388_lr_full by Wanderer Bear trip-2016-switzerland-xt10-160413-00227_lr_full by Wanderer Bear trip-2016-switzerland-x70-160417-00815-lr_full by Wanderer Bear
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