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  1. No thunder stolen. If you read to the end of my article you'll see (in the section "Resources") I have a link for Simon Weir's site. I also have two other links on there with various IR tests. My article is only Fuji-centric because that is my system of choice though I've done a ton of IR work with Sony FF as well. I consider the sites for which I provide links to be complementary and I wish there were more sites out there evaluating for infrared. Although I test for infrared quite thoroughly I can only afford so many lenses. The eight Fuji mount lenses shown in my article I bought myself. In fact, same with the Sony and Micro 4/3 with the exception of the two Sony APS-C zooms that were rented. Also when I get new lenses, I'll update the article on my blog. I can't update the PetaPixel one as they just republished what was on my blog at the time. I have recently shot with the Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f1.2 Fuji-X and 7Artisans 35mm f0.95 Fuji-X. After trying 2 samples of the Voigtlander I returned them both but mainly for their strange and unacceptable (for my work) performance with resolution. Regarding IR, the Voiglander is free of hotspots from 1.2 through about f3.5. I'm impressed with the 7Artisans overall but it only works for IR at wider apertures (f0.95 through about f2.8.) Then again that's why you buy an f/0.95 lens. Thanks for the feedback. Happy shooting! Joel
  2. This is interesting. Similar to you, I have close to 300K images cataloged in LR as I have yet to find a better database. I'm diligent about key-wording so I can find any image or shoot I need in a second or two. I start my workflow in Photo Mechanic for a couple reasons: 1. It's super fast. 2. When key-wording and rating in PM, it writes to both the RAW and JPEG (I shoot raw+jpeg) which the LR import module does not do. I plan to try a migration of my LR images to ON1 Photo Raw and C1 to see how they do. Based on others' experiences I sort of expect C1 to fail but in talking with ON1 I think Photo Raw should be able to handle it. The question is how it will perform once there are a few hundred thousand images cataloged. I'll post my results here once I do it. So do you do your culling and rating in C1 along with the editing? And then move them to your "Roundtrip" folder for subsequent import/cataloging into LR? Thanks for the input. Happy shooting! Joel
  3. Hi All,I recently published a Fuji-centric article on the best lenses for infrared photography. Most of the lenses I tested and reported on are XF mount. I did include some Sony FF and Micro 4/3 as well. I include several images too, of course.You can see the article on PetaPixel or my blogHope you find it useful!Happy shooting,Joel
  4. Hi All, I spent the last couple weeks throwing tough files (Fuji X-Trans 24MP, Sony 42MP) at the Luminar Jupiter update that was officially released yesterday (12 April) Skylum gave me an advance copy to do the testing so I wrote a review of this new release of Luminar, which I just posted on my blog and was also picked up by PetaPixel. I did my testing on an averagely equipped laptop and a fast desktop, both Macs. I have been hearing that Windows users aren't seeing speed increases as dramatic as on Mac platform. In case you saw Skylum's charts in their marketing, they make it look faster than my real world tests. But in all fairness, I don't know how they conducted their tests. I did mine with a digital stopwatch. I also covered most of the other significant changes in the update. BTW, this update is free to current owners of Luminar 2018. In my article I also have links and codes that allow you to piggyback discounts if you have an interest in purchasing or upgrading from the 2017 version. Skylum is also including a bunch of extra freebies, many of which look useful. Hope you like the review- the data part is empirical but of course I express my opinions about other aspects, both positive and not positive. Joel
  5. I just added some more info to the Fuji section of my review. As soon as I finish my comparison of different raw processors for Fuji raw, I'll post it here. In my last raw processor comparison I mainly focused on image quality but in my next one I'll address things like color accuracy, workflow efficiency, etc. Joel
  6. Hi All, I recently returned from presenting at the Arizona Highways photo symposium in Phoenix. One of my topics was A New Age in Raw Workflow with ON1 Photo Raw. Based on this I just posted a review of the new 2018 version being released today (Nov 9, 2017) I also have a Fujifilm section in it. Of course the rest of the review also applies to a Fuji-X-Trans-centric workflow. If can't wait to read the review or don't want to here's a free 30 day trial- full release version. ON1 is also offering a bunch of freebies if you buy it or upgrade. Hope you find the review useful! Cheers, Joel
  7. Last night I updated my custom preset for Aurora 2018 and really like the results! I provide it for free- just follow the details in my article. If you got it before last night (23 Sept), let me know and I'll send you the new one.
  8. Hi All, I just posted an article about using Macphun's new Aurora HDR 2018 as a single image raw processor, especially for Fuji X-Trans. After using it to process several types of images I developed a custom X-Trans preset (for free- see my article) that I feel is helpful for about half of the images. Macphun is also offering a deal on pre-orders- I have links in the article. I'm not a big HDR guy and I didn't initially think of using it for X-Trans raw processing until I started my review process. It's noticeably faster than Luminar and I think it provides a great starting point. I still am using LR for cataloging, ON1 for culling and some processing tasks but it provides a nice option that can really save some time for raw optimization. Hope you find the information useful and let me know what y'all think. Cheers, Joel *I've posted this on another Fuji forum so sorry for any cross-forum redundancy.
  9. I agree that Luminar would not make a good primary raw converter at this point without lens corrections. The idea behind my article was to show that they are on the right track and compared to a few months ago there is a big improvement in Fuji files. So for you and many Fuji users out there the best workflow is my Fuji Option 1. That is if you want to make use of all the useful filters in Luminar. I think the important thing to remember is that there is no one processing solution to fit all situations. It's OK to use multiple products, especially in light of how inexpensive many tools are now. I use ON1 and Lightroom for raw processing along with some other adjustments. But I also make use of the specialized and time saving tasks available in Topaz products, Luminar, etc. It's interesting you mention Apple Photos. I've only been using it to store my iPhone photos. But you've piqued my curiosity so when I get some extra time (haha) I'm going to do a comparison with it. Thanks your your comments! Joel
  10. You're welcome. Glad you find my preset so useful! Cheers, Joel Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. An update- good timing. Luminar just came out with a new update that does a nice job of processing X-Trans. BUT you have to use the right kind of sharpening (I provide a custom preset in my article I just posted about it yesterday.) The other consideration is that Luminar doesn't yet have lens profiles so if you want to process raw then you may have to do some corrections on your own. All that said, I personally think Luminar is worth it just for some of the filters even if you process your raws in ON1 or elsewhere first. They also have a good deal going right now and you can find a coupon code in my article as well to bring the price down farther. Cheers, Joel
  12. Hi All, Macphun sent me their Luminar update a few days ago for me to evaluate. I told them truthfully that I have have always loved the interface but that previous incarnations of Luminar didn't do an acceptable job processing Fuji X-Trans files. So I tried it, was pleasantly surprised and posted this article. At first the images looked too soft but then I experiemented with all different kinds of images and sharpening and developed a custom preset for sharpening the images (link for free download in my article.) So far, they look great. If any of you want to try Luminar and my preset or your own sharpening and let me know, I will be happy to provide the feedback to my contacts at Macphun. Hope you enjoy the article. Cheers, Joel
  13. Hi Adam, Thanks for the kudos! I didn't really mention the value part of it, but you're right it is a lot of software for the money. I think ON1 has done a good job of providing many of the best features from the Photo 10 and earlier software into a raw processing package. They've also added some cataloging and search features for those who want to spend less time in LR or even switch completely over. I'm still using Lightroom for some things and Photo Mechanic for fast culling though this version of ON1 is much faster than LR for culling. It seems to cache several images at a time and is instantaneous until it uses up that cache- then with about a maximum of 4-5 sec on a recent MacBook (i7/8GB/SSD) compared to up to 20 sec. per image at full resolution on LR... Perhaps one of the best aspects is that ON1 is paying attention to Fuji users which is saying something when you look at market share. Cheers, Joel
  14. I just updated my review for the final release with changes and additions such as nine new Fuji lenses added to the list of automatic corrections! ON1 also gave me a coupon code good for 20% off including updates. This comes out a few dollars better for new purchases than their launch special and still includes the Master Series videos. But you have to remove the pre-applied code first and then enter jw17on1 and click apply. Updates come out the same. Hope you find my updated review useful. Joel
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