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  1. I love this lens :) Ciel étoilé de la Jacques-Cartier by Sebastien Girard, sur Flickr
  2. Thank you for all that information, it's really interesting and all the comparisons you made between the new Enhance Details feature is helpful.
  3. Hi James, What are your parameters in X-Transformer? I used X-Transformer a bit before, but only for some images having really fine details. But always used default params.. In past 2-3 months, I tried ON1 Photo Raw to get rid of LR, but finally decided to stay on LR for now, as ON1 is not yet mature enough, and I'm too comfortable using LR modules. But I'd like to review my workflow to get the best of my X-T3 files. Do you think it's an issue deleting the RAF file, if I decide to switch from LR to something else in the future? Does the DNG contains all Fujifilm information like thei
  4. Thanks for your comments. Always interesting know the 'minimalist kit that other people are using.
  5. This is a kit I was also thinking...but in addition of the 35 f2. This kit would weights a little more but would gives everything I need. I will wait for full test of 15-45, even if I think like you...but just to make sure I won't regret any purhase Anyway... I will not buy the 10-24 at its full price (1300$ in Canada). I will wait for next Fuji rebates in my country. But with that post, I think I confirmed that the 18-55 is a lense that I can't sell... its the most versatile lense.
  6. I agree. It's difficult to leave this lense at home... But I might buy the 10-24 because I love ultra wide lenses (and 18mm is the 2nd top focal length for the 18-55...which is a sign that I would have probably used an even more wide FL).
  7. Thanks for your comment. It's good that you talk about close-up filter, because I was really tempted to get one (JJC combo kit). This makes this lense even more versatile.
  8. I currently have these lenses Samyang 12mm 35mm f2 18-55mm 55-200mm I do a lot of hiking, and I can't bring all lenses. I bring almost only 2 lenses with me. So I leave my 12mm because while it's fairly light, it takes some space and it's not a versatile lense. But I'd like my 18-55 to be more wide. I'm thinking buying the 10-24. The question is: Would you sell the 18-55? Would you replace it by another compact prime (50 f2 or 60 f2.4)? I will keep the Samyang for night landscapes only. I'm also curious to see the new 15-45 but since it's the cheapest lense, I don
  9. I think the smaller size is possible because of the power zoom. Power zoom dones't make sense on higher end lenses.
  10. Hi, I'd like to know what are the best settings for latest version of X-Transformer with latest version of LR. - raw process - sharpening (do you turn off LR sharpeing?) - etc Do you apply extra sharpening in LR after? And also, do you have different settings based on photography type (portrait, landscape, wildlife)? Thanks
  11. I'm interested into that feature but we don't have enough information yet to get excited. I would like that this feature creates a DNG or TIFF to pursue development in LR or any other software.
  12. I think you are missing the best: Godox setup. Cheap, work well, updatable and have plenty of flash models.
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