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  1. I was delighted to see the that latest Firmware (V3) has addressed this issue by allowing RAW shooting when in Advanced Filters. Anything shot by accident in Advanced Filter mode ( as above !) would now be recoverable provided Image Quality is set up for RAW & Jpeg. What happened to some of us need not happen to anyone else again. THANK YOU for making this amendment FUJIFILM !
  2. What a shame when there is a such an obvious design flaw involved (btw "pleas" and "queries" I understand, but "prayers" - don't believe in that rubbish)
  3. Yes, it is a curse ( and I did my bit to warn others ! ) http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/4391-advanced-filter-disaster-%E2%80%93-dont-let-it-happen-to-you/ Interesting potential remedy suggested but its unclear what else will be affected. Wouldn't it be great if a Firmware update gave us the ability to disable the Advanced Filter simply ? Any chance, Fujifilm ?
  4. A few weeks after purchasing the X-Pro 2 ( my first Fujifilm camera ) and trying it out in varying situations to arrive at a set-up that suited me ( based around Aperture Priority, RAW/Jpeg, Auto ISO ), with technically impressive output, I confidently set off on a long awaited holiday to India to take some serious pictures. A week in, I noticed a sudden change in the camera's performance and in the appearance of subsequent images displayed on the LCD screen ( grunge colours, vignetting, strobing of skies ). The camera had switched to just shooting Jpeg in both slots and various Menu items where no longer available. As a relative novice and not realising that it had been something I'd done I carried on shooting for the rest of the trip vainly hoping that the Jpegs would be of a decent quality and that the fault was as much in the LCD display as anything. Needless to say, it wasn't ... I HAD SWITCHED FROM 'STILL IMAGE' TO 'ADVANCED FILTER' MODE BY ACCIDENTALLY DEPRESSING THE 'DRIVE' BUTTON ON THE BACK OF THE CAMERA When I got home and downloaded the images to my computer the full horror of what I had done hit me. Not only had Advanced Filter been unwittingly selected but it had defaulted to the 'Toy Camera' option – just about the worst option in the list IMHO ( not that I'd ever be interested in using any of these filters ). Unless I am mistaken there is no way back for these images ( there are no RAW files ). I've tried to rescue some in PS by removing Colour Cast, Desaturating, Cropping, and Cloning, but there are limits to the extent the damage can be hidden. Plea to Fuji – make the default the LEAST OBTRUSIVE filter when Advanced Filters are selected, deliberately or otherwise Plea to other new Xpro2 users - be careful and watch for with this ( its worse than the Exp Comp dial curse that is widely reported – at least if you shoot RAW you can remedy that one ) …. Time to crawl away and cry …...........
  5. Thanks Chucktin, Opteron & adzman808. Don't think I'll be using UHSII - as I understand it they are far faster than I'll need @ upwards of 160 MB/S ?).
  6. I recently purchased the X-Pro2 and am really enjoying using my first mirrorless camera. One of the things I like is the dual memory card slot feature and intend using slot1 for Raw images and slot 2 for their Jpegs – possibly using not only Smaller but also Slower cards for the Jpegs ( to save some cash ! ). Does it matter if SD cards with different Write Speeds are used in the 2 slots. My instinct tells me to keep them the same, but does anyone have experience of using different cards simultaneously in the X-Pro2 to any detriment ? Are there any other considerations to be brought to bear when choosing SD cards for Raw & Jpeg use in this way ? Thanks for any advice on this. Pathpix
  7. Thanks Dalto - I'll certainly have to be more rigorous with housekeeping given the larger file sizes !
  8. Hi Begi Thanks for the input. Looks like I'm stuck with converting Folders as right clicking an individual File doesn't work for me ( possibly because I'm using an oldish version of the DNG Conveter to retain compatibility with my dated OSX !). Its only a minor irritation until I finally upgrade everything … Thanks anyway
  9. Hey Val Thanks for the follow up. I've been digging around as a result of your suggestion and have now downloaded Adobe DNG Converter to convert folders into the appropriate RAW format for PS. Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like only Folders can be specified for converting at any one time, not individual Files ! I can live with that anyway. Converted files seem approx 50% larger ( though still half of the size of a corresponding TIFF). I'll test it out a bit more to determine whether disc space that would be saved specifying 'lossless compression' in the conversion leads to any significant detraction from image quality. I suspect not, but will pursue it nonetheless. Pat H
  10. Val, Many thanks for your reply. A few days in, having mastered the viewfinder and taken plenty of shots, I have established a workflow of sorts. I load the RAW images on to my Mac directly from the SD cards ( as suggested above ). Then using Fuji's Raw Converter I save the files in TIF format ( I agree with you about the UI, but being optimistic I hope to learn better how to use it from the manual ! ). Then I'm back on home territory - opening them up with PS and editing accordingly ( I tend to do little more than crop and, sometimes, tinker with exposure and boost contrast ). I do very little sharpening - it doesn't appear necessary. All in all, I'm really enjoying using the X-Pro2. I find it easy to handle, providing great definition and dynamic range. I'm impressed too with image quality with high ISO's. So far, though, I've just been using it with the 35mm f1.4 lens. One gripe - the battery life is shorter than I was used to with Canon dslr's. Still, overall I'm glad I made the purchase. Cheers
  11. Many thanks Gordon for the detailed reply. I note that you did not include Photoshop in your software list. I have always used PS ( the 'Elements' version at that ! ) as well as DPP for post processing ( including RAW ). Is PS not an option ?
  12. Hello Fufi X Forum users, After years of Canon dslr use I've made the switch to Mirrorless and Fuji (X-Pro 2) so like many others I have a sharpish learning curve to tackle. Here's a pretty basic enquiry that I hope someone can help me with to set me on my way : Can anyone tell me whether Fuji has its own proprietary software: 1) for Downloading images from camera to Mac (equivalent to EOS Utility) and 2) for initial processing of RAW files (equvalent to Digital Photo Professional). If not, any pointers / advice on this would be very welcome. Many Thanks
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