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  1. Don't mean to be flippant, but... have you called Fujifilm? I've found them very good for problem-solving (my registered products) - though don't know if they're fully staffed/up during COVID-19 times, as they're in NJ, which is hard-hit now. But I have two XT-2's, never experienced anything like this, and when there's an occasional glitch, staying on or non-responsive, or display awry, often just removing the battery (camera off position) and in again/on has reset it. If your processor is fried, it's time to repair/replace. You don't mention if this is new or ancient, but obviously if und
  2. Another possibility, of which I was just reminded in going out with my 2nd ("new"ish) X-T2 for a quarantine break after 1/4 year. A bit rusty. But I had just the experience as you, in terms of viewfinder vs. output to computer. Then I remembered my experience while shooting the images (using viewfinder mostly). That is this: I was in the park shooting spring nature, bracketing 3 "film" types as I do. While looking into the viewfinder I found everything overly vivid compared to both RL and what I imagined as the digital product. And I've just remembered this - note to self: must correct!
  3. FenFotos


    Images from the streets and parks of New York Spring 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic
  4. As so many others have said, for basic use it's quite the deal (as a kit or separate purchase) to get the 18-55mm (2.8-4 f) For critical work in pro applications, maybe the 16-55mm is needed/worthwhile. FWIW, I've been using several lenses for a few years now (both tele for birds and this lens for "street", shedding the grip I use with longer lenses or shoots). And this lens really rocks for me, certainly at the sizes I print and resolution I post at online. Not only that, it's almost miraculous what it can do in near darkness. The camera itself - with high sensitivity and ability to
  5. So glad a new (2nd) X-T2 just arrived - thank you Fuji 50% sale, which I missed by a day or two last time round... Because a glitch far from home without a backup body can be catastrophic for sure! I agree that it may quite likely have been situational - i.e., overworking, over-heating, or some combination. In the past few years, when I've had similar problems - freeze or refusal to respond to setting or shutter, the suggestion by Fuji itself (and others) has usually done the trick: turning it off and removing battery, and then trying again, battery (or new one) in place. Can be a pain wi
  6. Re: XT-2 Repair &/or Replacement Cost -- *Build issues* Sorry if this is slightly OT (specific to buy/sell new vs. keep X-T2) I've been wanting to ask forum folks this, but not seen much activity. (I lasted posted over a year ago, and before that when considering the X-T2). I've been considering a 2nd X-T2 vs T3 vs. used X-T2. BUT -- Having a real issue with X-T2 build quality (casing screws) and wondering if it's only me. Within about 18 months, while in the field with camera and big (Fuji) lens, I noticed the tripod screw mounting area on the camera bottom was loose, and th
  7. Shelter from the Storm Trinidad, Cuba Buckets of rain brought everyone - even statues - onto the covered porch of the church on Plaza Mayor. This day justified my having the 18-135 WR Fujifilm lens on the camera. Wet out there! [ 1/90s f/3.5 ISO 800 - handheld, soggy, natural light ]
  8. Bridalveil Fall in August Fujifilm X-T2 XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS Another smoky-bright day in Yosemite National Park. Most of the falls are bone-dry by late summer, but there is still a small stream, with little mist on the trails below.
  9. Tioga Road (near Mono Basin) Fujifilm X-T2, 18-55mm, Panorama
  10. Reflections and Mist Yosemite Valley near the Mist Trail trailhead The haze was actually smoke, from nearby wildfires. Smoky-bright light can be interesting. For b&w too. X-T2 with Fujifilm 18-55mm / Provia
  11. South Tufa Formations on Mono Lake Something a little different - an XT-2 Panorama. A bit tough to get right, but in the end "better than an iPhone" panorama. (IMM!) I couldn't get close enough for the other of only 2 lenses I had with me (hiking light among wildfires), so I used the dreaded 18-135mm.
  12. One more Fuji-X cityscape - again with the much-maligned , but generally great in daylight, 18-135mm Fuji lens. This one in color. Again, the context/backstory. This is the heart of Times Square, where there is currently a public space occupied by this: "All Over the Place". Which it is, with Disney characters, tourists, and passersby stopping to rest here on a hot summer day. Bonus: This piece, co-sponsored by the Queens (NY) museum, comes with a sound-track, mostly talking with a backdrop of wonderful NY images: http://bit.ly/SoundtrackMel More information about the artist @ bit
  13. Here's a little snippet of cityscape with Fuji-X, from this past sunny weekend in Times Square, NY, USA. Wide grand shots of the colors, and this microcosm, a classic New York Deli, in glorious Acros-sim black and white. This hand-held exposure (XT-2) was, by the way, using the much-berated 18-135mm (and WR!) Fuji lens. Sad note, incidentally (don't shoot the messenger) but Fuji has announced this lovely film (on a roll) will be allowed to die this October (2018). The news: https://petapixel.com/2018/03/30/fujifilm-acros-100-film-to-be-killed-off-in-october-2018-report-says/
  14. Old Friends - Trinidad, Cuba XT-2 w/ XF 18-135mF3.5-5.6 LM OIS WR Exposure: ƒ/5.0 55.6 mm 1/125 200 ISO [ Sound track: "Old Friends/Bookends" ]
  15. Havana Cityscape Not much in the way of skyscrapers... but oh those colors! Exposure info: Fujifilm X-T2 XF18-55mm F2.8-4 R LM OIS ƒ/5.6 46.3 mm 1/1100 ISO400 0.33 EV
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