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  1. Don't mean to be flippant, but... have you called Fujifilm? I've found them very good for problem-solving (my registered products) - though don't know if they're fully staffed/up during COVID-19 times, as they're in NJ, which is hard-hit now. But I have two XT-2's, never experienced anything like this, and when there's an occasional glitch, staying on or non-responsive, or display awry, often just removing the battery (camera off position) and in again/on has reset it. If your processor is fried, it's time to repair/replace. You don't mention if this is new or ancient, but obviously if under warranty, get thee there! From what you say, virtually no response on either display, but clearly on, something's up, sadly. Good luck.
  2. Another possibility, of which I was just reminded in going out with my 2nd ("new"ish) X-T2 for a quarantine break after 1/4 year. A bit rusty. But I had just the experience as you, in terms of viewfinder vs. output to computer. Then I remembered my experience while shooting the images (using viewfinder mostly). That is this: I was in the park shooting spring nature, bracketing 3 "film" types as I do. While looking into the viewfinder I found everything overly vivid compared to both RL and what I imagined as the digital product. And I've just remembered this - note to self: must correct! With my first X-T2 I made a point of choosing the viewer mode, both the saturation level and whether it displayed the film emulation in the preview, or not. Those are settings which directly influence what you see vs. what you get. So on the off-chance this is the culprit, the good news is you can customize what you see so it better suits you.
  3. FenFotos


    Images from the streets and parks of New York Spring 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic
  4. As so many others have said, for basic use it's quite the deal (as a kit or separate purchase) to get the 18-55mm (2.8-4 f) For critical work in pro applications, maybe the 16-55mm is needed/worthwhile. FWIW, I've been using several lenses for a few years now (both tele for birds and this lens for "street", shedding the grip I use with longer lenses or shoots). And this lens really rocks for me, certainly at the sizes I print and resolution I post at online. Not only that, it's almost miraculous what it can do in near darkness. The camera itself - with high sensitivity and ability to boost exposure in several ways - nicely pairs with this "kit lens". Just because I have a very recent example which I enjoy sharing, here's New York City 2 weeks ago, in a complete power failure "blackout". With this lens, not only did I get some amazing images (so I'm told) with the natural existing light (headlights and food trucks), but I actually - with a wide-angle in New York, unheard of! - captured sharp images that night of a full moon, planets, red star, and constellation. Hand-held! (ISO 10,000). So, IMM, no need to go beyond this lens for things like you list, parties, low-light situations (with far greater light than a total pitch-black power failure). Samples - with X-T2 and 18-55mm: Still photos: http://www.fenichel.com/blackout19.shtml Video: http://bit.ly/NYCblackout19 Good luck!
  5. So glad a new (2nd) X-T2 just arrived - thank you Fuji 50% sale, which I missed by a day or two last time round... Because a glitch far from home without a backup body can be catastrophic for sure! I agree that it may quite likely have been situational - i.e., overworking, over-heating, or some combination. In the past few years, when I've had similar problems - freeze or refusal to respond to setting or shutter, the suggestion by Fuji itself (and others) has usually done the trick: turning it off and removing battery, and then trying again, battery (or new one) in place. Can be a pain with the grip attached, but that was the "fix" in the field for me once or twice. Out with the camera battery (in the battery). And then in again and re-start. Hasn't failed yet. FWIW. As for the original (NP-W-126S) versus "other", including the old/discouraged 126 and other brand replacements, I think there's a possibility of something involving this in your (one-off) glitch. Might have gotten heated, or whatever. I've made it a habit given the occasional glitch like this, to be sure the camera has an authentic Fuji 126S in it (as the grip will use its two first anyway), and if I have enough batteries with me (necessary!) I'll favor the Fujis to start off, and when I'm staring battery-death in the face I start using (in the grip or camera) Watson & Wasabi, mindful that if shooting 4K it's going to be a big drain and potential source of heat, in which case I try to be using the 126S batteries as long as I can.
  6. Re: XT-2 Repair &/or Replacement Cost -- *Build issues* Sorry if this is slightly OT (specific to buy/sell new vs. keep X-T2) I've been wanting to ask forum folks this, but not seen much activity. (I lasted posted over a year ago, and before that when considering the X-T2). I've been considering a 2nd X-T2 vs T3 vs. used X-T2. BUT -- Having a real issue with X-T2 build quality (casing screws) and wondering if it's only me. Within about 18 months, while in the field with camera and big (Fuji) lens, I noticed the tripod screw mounting area on the camera bottom was loose, and the tiny screws holding it in place, gone. I returned home and had intended to send it in for service (the casing was concerning me - poor integrity, to say nothing of "weather resistance). I used the camera one more time as an event was happening, and that was the end. The board fried, apparently when contacting the now-looser tripod mount assembly which was unanchored to the camera shell. So... a $450 repair for a fairly new camera (IMM) for "loose screws". I've just gotten it back and went out in the street for a long walk - no tripod, just 18-55mm lens, straight from repair. So far so good. I'm *hoping* for the best. Still... coming from SLR's and DSLR's, while I've lost weight and gained some wonderful things (like film emulations), I'm thinking something is wrong with this build - This has never happened to me in a half century of camera ownership. Did I just get a lemon? So that's my overall feelings at the moment about the X-T2, despite loving the electronics and image results and glass... And this might relate to re-sale value, to circle back to original post. And full-circle, I had the same question about getting a 2nd X-T2 (maybe used, though now I'd have more concerns), or XT-3. I decided for my purposes the X-T2 is more desirable than the 3 (ergonomics, downgraded tilt screen, etc.). I've been comparing other X models too, which are compatible with my now-grown collection of lenses, a real investment. **UPDATE/EDIT** Aug 2019 - I ended up buying a 2nd X-T2 body because not to take advantage of the big sale is something I'd kick myself for later, as I did missing out on a big discount on a lens in the past, and regretting it. I passed on the X-T3 for reasons of size, the EVF downsize and downgrade in swivel-ability of the monitor. Mostly, I think the X-T2 is a perfect camera, despite my (thankfully one and only) issue with the first I had coming apart after 2 years. That's my own story. <....> So, in response to decision-making, one vs. another, I think it's very personal in terms of need. (In fact that's what I researched, but won't digress here.) FWIW, I've been using the XT-2 with a kit of 18-55mm, 18-135mm(WR), and 100-400 (WR), and it works great for me, though neither individually or as a combination I don't see too many others in love with the 18-135, and rare reviews of the 100-400. [For me that lens has been great, but... after one repair early-on too - for... build! (Ring fell out!) But golden since and nice lens. E.g., http://fenichel.com/birds/rookery.shtml ] Anyone else see some missing screws on the bottom of your X-T2 or have experience with the case loosening as screws fall out? Grrr... Good luck with all the decisions! As long as the stage and light and inspiration are right, almost any camera can do!
  7. Shelter from the Storm Trinidad, Cuba Buckets of rain brought everyone - even statues - onto the covered porch of the church on Plaza Mayor. This day justified my having the 18-135 WR Fujifilm lens on the camera. Wet out there! [ 1/90s f/3.5 ISO 800 - handheld, soggy, natural light ]
  8. Bridalveil Fall in August Fujifilm X-T2 XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS Another smoky-bright day in Yosemite National Park. Most of the falls are bone-dry by late summer, but there is still a small stream, with little mist on the trails below.
  9. Tioga Road (near Mono Basin) Fujifilm X-T2, 18-55mm, Panorama
  10. Reflections and Mist Yosemite Valley near the Mist Trail trailhead The haze was actually smoke, from nearby wildfires. Smoky-bright light can be interesting. For b&w too. X-T2 with Fujifilm 18-55mm / Provia
  11. South Tufa Formations on Mono Lake Something a little different - an XT-2 Panorama. A bit tough to get right, but in the end "better than an iPhone" panorama. (IMM!) I couldn't get close enough for the other of only 2 lenses I had with me (hiking light among wildfires), so I used the dreaded 18-135mm.
  12. One more Fuji-X cityscape - again with the much-maligned , but generally great in daylight, 18-135mm Fuji lens. This one in color. Again, the context/backstory. This is the heart of Times Square, where there is currently a public space occupied by this: "All Over the Place". Which it is, with Disney characters, tourists, and passersby stopping to rest here on a hot summer day. Bonus: This piece, co-sponsored by the Queens (NY) museum, comes with a sound-track, mostly talking with a backdrop of wonderful NY images: http://bit.ly/SoundtrackMel More information about the artist @ bit.ly/MelChinAOTP
  13. Here's a little snippet of cityscape with Fuji-X, from this past sunny weekend in Times Square, NY, USA. Wide grand shots of the colors, and this microcosm, a classic New York Deli, in glorious Acros-sim black and white. This hand-held exposure (XT-2) was, by the way, using the much-berated 18-135mm (and WR!) Fuji lens. Sad note, incidentally (don't shoot the messenger) but Fuji has announced this lovely film (on a roll) will be allowed to die this October (2018). The news: https://petapixel.com/2018/03/30/fujifilm-acros-100-film-to-be-killed-off-in-october-2018-report-says/
  14. Old Friends - Trinidad, Cuba XT-2 w/ XF 18-135mF3.5-5.6 LM OIS WR Exposure: ƒ/5.0 55.6 mm 1/125 200 ISO [ Sound track: "Old Friends/Bookends" ]
  15. Havana Cityscape Not much in the way of skyscrapers... but oh those colors! Exposure info: Fujifilm X-T2 XF18-55mm F2.8-4 R LM OIS ƒ/5.6 46.3 mm 1/1100 ISO400 0.33 EV
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