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  1. Here is 16-80 compared vs. 18-135, may be it will help a bit.
  2. Size, weight and other numbers available on product page: https://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/x/fujinon_lens_xf16_80mmf4_r_ois_wr/ Planned shipping - at September.
  3. Obviously a chipped glass.
  4. IS mode 1 has significant advantage when using long tele lens and shooting object at far distance. Picture become too jumpy without constant stabilization. At short and mid distances, when picture is less dependent of camera's random movements, mode 2 become better because camera will take less power from battery.
  5. XF16 lens is significantly based to various corrections via software/firmware of camera. I.e. an old camera with such relatively newest lens but without appropriate firmware update may produce strange artifacts, at least theoretically. Worth to check. It's easy and free.
  6. Good price for good lens. Even a camera included!
  7. Looks like the camera has DR 400% setting selected
  8. What about XC lens? They has OIS but not equipped with switch.
  9. Rather than fiddling with smartphone app connected to camera, I would prefer GPS-module built into the camera (and switchable off when no needs).
  10. Check LMO setting (Lens Modulation Optimizer), somewhere in menu. When switched to ON, it helps to get sharper corners, differences are noticeable. Sadly, it works only for JPEGs.
  11. So, a gentleman with X-E3 is not allowed to the club. Sadly.
  12. I would add something. Don't use a third-party charger IF it make the battery hotter than with original charger. "Hotter" means significally hotter, 10-15C or more, what can be detectable with fingers. First, excessive heating is just dangerous, for any type of batteries. Second, lithium battery when charged at hot temperature, can get lesser charge (in contrary to estimations), and it's lifetime also shortened. No, cold also doesn't help to charge. Normal behavior of battery under charging in correct charger at room temperature - to be a slightly warm, no more.
  13. Vidalgo

    Lens Markings

    My 35/1.4 isn't marked. My 60/2.4 not marked as well. I don't have 18/2 but pictures shows no mark. Conclusion: the first lens trinity from Fujinon has no marks for some reason.
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