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  1. I have both the 16 and the 10-24. I like to shoot landscape and I use the 10-24. The 16 is a wonderful lens but I wouldn't find it fitting my needs in a walk in the hills here. Lake District UK.
  2. When the weather joins in it's quite stunning here. It can be stunning in all weather but you need to get used to it and wear the right clothing Yes I'm only using my Fuji gear. I can't bring myself to sell my D700 as it's in lovely condition, has a fairly low shutter count and isn't worth a huge amount.
  3. That's great and I think we know this. It's the new features guide not the new, .pdf V 3.0 manual Hopefully the manual will follow shortly.
  4. Thank you. So version 3.0 is at the moment web based and not pdf. I understand, I think
  5. I downloaded the new manual and it reads version 2.10 on the cover?? Peter
  6. Given the lightweight and compact nature of the camera, the power demands placed upon mirrorless cameras with LCD, ever active sensor and EVF and the state of play with battery technology then Fuji are making the best of things. With all the moaning I know that if a solution was viable it would have been adopted. If you want a bigger battery use the grip. Battery husbandry applies whatever brand or type of camera. Yes DSLRs are better but they are also larger, heavier and have lower power consumption. The OP struggled and asked for advice. Pouring scorn from behind a keyboard seems to be the way of some folks. Peter
  7. A quick hello. I've had a X100S for a while but I have been using full frame Nikons for my hobby, mainly landscape family, travel and motorcycling related and strictly amateur/fun. I've kept my D700 that is a loyal friend as well as my 24-70 2.8 and 23, 35 and 50 primes as well as my Tokina 100Macro. All my other gear has been replaced by an X-T2 with 18-55 kit lens, 16mm, 10-24 and 55-200. I'm so pleased with the X-T2 that I've bought a mint X-T1 as a cheap backup and I've just upgraded the S to an F! I've a 2nd hand adapter to try the Tokina out on the X-T2. So now my gear outnumbers my talents. Peter
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