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    Moved from Canon full frame to Fuji 2016
  1. Ok any one tell me what the advantages of IS mode 1 and IS mode 2 the book not very clear on thisI know its on all the time in 1 and 2 only on when shooting.But what are the advantages one against the otherThanks…
  2. I agree why not just get video camera?
  3. Gaz55

    Fuji IR

    Just started IR not sure if its quite right yet but its a start
  4. Gaz55

    Fuji Fisheye

    Nikon10.5mm 2.8 fisheye on XT-2 just got it
  5. Hi if you new or just looking for ways to set up the menu,Worth a look
  6. Thank you very very much addicted2light very helpfull all sorted thanks again
  7. Hi Mine seem to be around 50.5mb, I using uncompress files hope this helps.
  8. In my copy of lightroom 6.6.1,In my lens profile box at the bottom of the lens profile box it says Unable to locate a matching profile automatically. This is using Raw files. Is this correct or am i doing something wrong . I am using a XT-2 and tried different fuji lens. And each time it the same
  9. Bestbyte It is very fast with the lens I have 14mm,18-55mm,16-55 2.8 and 55-200mm I think everything seems faster and smother if that Makes sense Great Great upgrade from my XT-1
  10. Thanks for that Not seen the web based one before
  11. Thanks Mike yes it is metal just on the side of one of the houses,As I said theses are not great pictures I was just want to try it out for the 1st time so just popped up the road for 1/2hr before her indoors had my list of jobs to do Lol. How you getting on with yours mike?
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