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  1. you must be in America, I am leaving tonight to go to Cuba where these vultures aren't uncommon
  2. it all depends what you call macro and if you want autofocus. If you want autofocus you can practically only buy the fuji lenses, the 60 and 80mm are your only option Th second being the most modern lens ). If you want to go adapted lens and/or vintage your choice is practically limitless. Extension tubes and close up lenses are a very good way to make do with what you already have. There are also telescopic extension tubes (with an extending barrel) I use one on a screw mount lens with Fuji bajonet on the camera side.
  3. it’s a long way to the top ☺️
  4. this appears to be a group detachment. As you may know, they are glued. A physical lens shock or a thermal shock may be responsible for this.
  5. Obviously there are no electrical contacts in this type of adapter and the aperture of the lens is also electrical so it will only work at its most ope aperture
  6. After many years of use and no serious malfunction. I have had the shutter jammed, locked in its upright position while shooting in continuous mode and fast shutter speed. Maybe my aging camera wasn’t used to this 👹, after all it is used mostly in single shot, but it locked down ofter 150 shots. The message to restart camera with on off button appeared a few times and then even that one wasn’t working. So I enjoyed the rest of the car race and looked at the camera today. The camera was still turning on (but not off) after replacing the battery. It would shoot twice but then the shutter would be jam shut in the upright position. It was not a button problem, it was a shutter jam. So I concluded that this required some old fashioned “ persuasion”. I slapped the camera with my flat hand on the bottom a couple of times, prior to that I had put the shutter on T. Fortunately the shutter was able to put itself in place and then the T shutter position was now operational. I am not sure that everything is working fine but preliminary tests show the camera working. I hope the problem won’t come back . Maybe this will be of some use for fellow X-T1 (or other cameras, I am afraid that this may be more common than most people may think.
  7. It al depends from the thickness of the system. I don’t see why not. I have an X-T1 and I am still using it. I am no longer using the 60mm macro.
  8. yes, a spacer, not an adapter, there are special spacers, this serves the purpose to allow focusing without impeding the movement of the lens (which is causing the error) of course the spacer has to be thin. I had this problem when I used my 60mm with a different lens hood than the gigantic original one. I used UV filter by B&W which was thin enough not to jam the focusing movement when focusing at infinity or longer distances.
  9. The solution is using a threaded spacing ring that just puts a space between a too thick filter mount or lens hood. I have been successfully doing this with an extra thin B&W filter on a 60mm macro which displayed a focus error when used on infinite (or thereabouts). This is an example of a spacing ring which has the same thread back/front and thin mount in between (you need to find the right thickness)
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