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  1. milandro

    Help Manual Focus

    what do you define with the term “ defined”, you may want to say “ confined” ( forse Lei vuol dire “ Limitato " in Italiano?) I don’t feel confined at all, but obviously you won’t be as quick as with autofocus. I don’t use the split image but simply use the focus assist (which, by now, you realize it enlarges the area indicated by the rectangle) . I have a number of non autofocus lenses which can be used only this way and Ive shot lots of pictures this way and shooting none of them made me feel any more confined ghan I have ever felt with any manual focus lens. You do need excellent eyesight to be able to focus ( you are looking at a high resolution screen, but still it is a screen). If you are using that king of sensitivity 3200 ISO you will have lots of noise on the screen and unless you really need to that would confuse your focussing.
  2. milandro

    Have I damaged my Xpro2 sensor?

    last time OP was here was in May 2017
  3. milandro

    Buy XT1 or XT2

    The 12mm and 50-230mm are indeed great recommendations. I have both and I love them. The 50-230 has to be the best bang for the buck of any Fuji lens out there. Granted I don’t take a lot of long focal photography but given its quality for the absurdly low price that you can buy one of these for (often together with cameras and 18-55) is very good value for money.
  4. milandro

    Buy XT1 or XT2

    I don’t think that you could describe the 16-55 as a “ kit lens” since it is a very expensive piece of kit and certainly belongs to the more expensive series of the Fuji range. It’s a huge lens which I had briefly and didn’t really like for its size. It offers minimal advantages over the 18-55 in terms of maximum aperture ( my opinion is that maximum aperture had a meaning in the years before autofocus to facilitate focussing and in the portrait lenses to isolate the subject but in an autofocus zoom this is of little consequence because there aren’t many instances when you are going to shoot pictures at maximum aperture ) and wider focal length range and of course it comes with WR, which may or may not be of importance. I have gone back to owning the 18-55 and have no complaints. I own a XT-1 and will only replace it when it dies ( I am not looking forward to this) because it gives me everything I need. But if your question is if I would buy, now, as a first time fuji buyer, an older camera? No I wouldn’t. Despite the fact that I don’t need 24Mp or any other of the characteristics, I would buy a more advanced model and live with it until this will die. Whether this more advanced model is the X-T2 or something else is a problem that I don’t have and will only face, if and when, my XT-1 ceases to operate.
  5. well, have you read what I wrote? I think that you didn’t, so let me extract that things pertaining to your point. “...The aperture , normally, has to be, for a number of reasons, placed somewhere in the “ middle” ( take this word with a grain of salt since was used for simplicity) of the lens. Apertures in that position serve the purpose to, yes, reduce the amount of light and increase the apparent depth of field, but also help correcting aberrations and generally improve the lens performance. So, Is there really a function that an aperture iris put between the camera and the lens can perform? Not really! If you are looking to do the same thing with these adapters that you can do by turning on a normal lens the aperture, no, you will be bitterly disappointed. These adapters are very quickly inducing vignetting in your lens though you are using a full frame lens on a APS-C sensor (so some of it will fall outside the image circle). But if you are looking at the occasional use of an EF lens that you are using completely open anyway, or a lens like the Petzval (which does have its aperture but where you can add this second aperture) this can be leading to some interesting (see my other thread) results.   http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/747-petzval-85mm-f22-in-fujifilm-mount-anyone/page-3..."
  6. milandro

    Trading to 18-55 over Canon 24-105?

    one of the best lens ever made in absolute terms and relative ones.
  7. milandro


    exactly, in my camera, XT1 this only changes the name of the files produced (I gave my initials to it) but in no way I could put my entire name on it, I can add a maximum of 4 letters. Anyone could replicate this on his camera by the way, so how would this be a “ copyright”?https://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/6840-copyright/?tab=comments#
  8. milandro


    Fuji doesn’t offer this function. You can change the name of the files into some sort of initials (mine are) and reset the counter . If you do anything processing your Raw files you can set your program to do this for you. Not that any of this cannot be bypassed anyway...
  9. milandro

    Black Backgrounds on Electronic Finder

    I have a X-T1 and all what’s visible information in my screen is white against the black frae OR it is white in the picture (like the distance scale). I have tried the X-Pro 2 but I can’t remember that it was black and if it is, isn’t it something that you can set up in the “ display custom settings”? But when I look at various videos and read the instruction (with images) the information in the EVF is shown, like in my camera, in white. http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-pro2/menu_setup/screen_set-up/index.html#disp_custom_setting
  10. milandro

    Convince me

    no need for any apology😉
  11. milandro

    Convince me

    I didn’t suggest you’d need to buy anything not even in the glass department, that was Mike G suggestion. On the contrary, I got the impression that you already had all you need and some. good luck.
  12. milandro

    Convince me

    “ money is no object” does seem to suggest that OP doesn’t need to chose between any particular camera or optics , he can clearly afford both. The thing is that you can only use one at the time and most importantly, it is not the camera you use but what you do with it. Maybe he prints large prints for his exhibitions in the museums around the world of very important and unique subjects or maybe he looks at his pictures on the screen of a computer to pictures of his grandchildren, who knows...
  13. milandro

    Convince me

    I really think that you don’t need any other camera than the ones you already have, in fact, I believe that you have already too many cameras. Use the ones that you have and be happy, go and sin no more.If there is any way for you to be happy with what you have, please be. I have a friend whom is forever buying cameras and audio equipment, but he also buys clocks. They are fetishes of some sort for him.You can only use one at the time and as you get older your ears are absolutely not capable to enjoy the finesses of yet another stereo system. I see pictures shot with expensive cameras and lenses which could have been taken with cheaper ones to no detriment of the outcome. In fact I see very poorly processed pictures shot by people whom ruin them (and possibly don’t ever realize they do). It is not that I am jealous of his or yours capability to spend but is there anything that you will want to do and can’t because you don’t have the extra camera? When I was younger I was buying clothes, for example, just for fun and because I wanted something new. These days I often question myself reasons to buy yet another jacket every time I see one that I fancy. If you really don’t have any use for your money set up a scholarship which would award a camera to a deserving poor student whom cannot afford one. Good Luck.
  14. milandro

    Supported mount for Fuji X Series

    what’s TPA? I looked it up an nothing pertaining lenses came up. If you mean third party adapter ( I really think that the use of acronyms should be as sparing as possible ) there are lots ( cheap or expensive and there are many threads on those already so use the search ) but of course the great majority don’t allow for autofocus or transferring any electrics or electronics from lens to camera. There are only a few and incredibly expensive ones which can do that.