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  1. i`ve done a little shoot-out (sooc, iso 200, noise 0, sharpness 0, total, crop left upper, crop center) in the german forum between... schneider kreuznach: tele-xenar 1:3.5/135; 6 blade; m42; adaptor kiwi at f-stop 3.5 / 8 / 11 voigtländer: color-dynarex 1:4/135; 6 blade; m42; adaptor kiwi at f-stop 4 / 8 / 11 olympus om: e.zuiko auto-t 1:3.5/135; 8 blade; oly-bajonet; adaptor quenox at f-stop 3.5 / 8 / 11 ...imho the oly is clearly the best of these three. since i own a mint vivitar series1 1:2.5/90 macro (bokina) this is now my prefered short telephoto lense because of its additional macro capabilities.
  2. thanks - it`s part of a fountain sculpture in front of a church. on top of the sculpture is a bowl permanently refilled with water. the bowl has a plug hole creating a suck. inside the suck parts of the church and tower are mirrored. here another part of it with the same lens.
  3. another great lens is vivitar series1 2.5/90 macro. (also known as "bokina") all handheld had the same thoughts as azmmount and found by accident above lens on a flea market... it`s pretty much fun!
  4. "inside cosmic digital cloud..." xe2, iso3200, 1/125s, xf56, f1.2, media installation, "micro / macro" by ryoji ikeda
  5. "stratus - nebulosus..." xe2, iso800, 1/30s, touit12, f9 art installation "cloudscapes..." by transsolar + tetsuo kondo
  6. "single cloud..." xe2, iso800, 1/180s, xf23, f5.6 art installation "cloudscapes..." by transsolar + tetsuo kondo
  7. "back out of the cloud..." xe2, iso800, 1/125s, xf23, f5.6
  8. tried to turn it but did not succeed... what is written there behind it? @aj_nova: your picture reminds me a little bit of fx admin... anyway welcome in the forum!
  9. out of my "mirror cubist phase..." - ok, a bit old fashioned... xe2, xf23, f1.4
  10. xe2, xf18-55 @20, f8; basel, hall of railway station
  11. city lights... xe2, xf56, f1.2
  12. lake from the glacial period... (with two climbers in the wall - it took me years spotting them ) xe1, xf18-55 @18, f8.0; corsica
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